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Cossacks ‘commen’ (The Cossacks are coming)

By A Patabendige

All the leaders of the great white father nations who made their black money in the slave trade are in trouble, no more so than Cameron. Cameron has probably mounted a traditional watch on the ‘white’ cliffs of Dover, not to detect the ghosts of a Napoleonic fleet but to hurl threats of nuclear destruction if the Russians appeared. Meanwhile the ISIS and al Qaida are heating his pants.

The cool US Presidential candidate Donald Trump has made many of those so called western nation ‘leaders’ squirm by stating that the US system is rotten to the core and he is going to put it and the (western?) world right. He likes Putin and he has a huge following. Cameron like other EU leaders may not be able to turn him as they have quick silver tongue Obama.

When Napoleon in 1812 had defeated all his European enemies (less Spain) in his quest to conquer feudal Europe, it was Russia that defeated the all conquering revolutionary French Army at Borodino and sent it packing from Moscow in 1812. It broke Napoleon for good. The flower of Napoleon’s army lay frozen to death in Russia, done in by Generals January and February and the fighting spirit of the indomitable Russian ‘mujiks’.

‘Run Cameron, run Cameron, run run run Because the Cossacks will get you just for fun, fun, fun If the Cossacks don’t get you the Afghans will
So run Cameron, run Cameron, run, run, run

(Apologies to authors of song ‘Run rabbit Run Rabbit run run run’)

When Hitler had very nearly over run the whole of Europe with blitzkrieg and Panzers in 1940, it was Russia that broke Germany. On 22 Jan 1941 Germany in criminal violation of a Non Aggression Pact attacked Russia on a 1,800 mile front with 4.2 million troops. The Germans then besieged the great cities of Russia but by its stunning victories at Stalingrad, Moscow, and Kursk the Russians turned the tide. The hitherto unbeaten Wehrmacht ceased to exist. Of the 13 million German casualties (KIA, WIA, MIA) in WW2, 10 million were sustained fighting Russia on the Eastern Front! What did Cameron not learn at Oxford that he forgot after he became a politician and visited SL?

UK’s Churchill, having agreed in February 1945 at Yalta on the division of Germany, tried to double cross Russia at the tail end of the war when the Russians were going pell-mell for Berlin. He pressurized Eisenhower to take Berlin before the Russians who were much nearer. Eisenhower decided not to try .He knew the cost would be prohibitive. It caused the Russians 100,000 lives. It was more than what the US lost in the entire European theatre including the Battle of the Bulge.

Churchill, the war time British PM, more than anyone else, was responsible for the RAF’s crime and blunder of killing of hundreds of thousands of German civilians in WW2.He also did his best to prevent or delay the invasion of France and thus ensure Germany’s early defeat and so minimize Russia’s post war position in Europe. He had earlier been able to persuade Roosevelt against the advice of General Marshal to engage in side shows in North Africa and later Sicily and Italy to save British lives. It was like his disastrous Gallipoli adventure in WW1. The subsequent delay in launching Operation Overlord for the invasion of France by one year meant a much bigger casualty toll for the Allies and the Jews in the Holocaust. It also allowed Russia to take huge chunks of Europe. Cameron should therefore attack not Russia but Churchill’s ancestral Blenheim castle.

Churchill had an ancient hate of Bolshevism. He who had said “this sullen sinister Bolshevik state I tried to strangle at its birth” (1917) asked Stalin in Moscow at the height of the Russian counter offensive "Have you forgiven me“? Stalin replied “All that is in the past, it’s not for me to forgive. It is for God to forgive”. Is David Cameron, whose memory appears to be lapsing, trying to do a Churchill or trying to play God?

Fear of Russia has dominated the thinking of the UK political leaders mainly Conservative for over 200 years even before Palmerstone and Gladstone. (The USA’s fear of China on the other hand is not far behind. It is about 150 years old). The British people however would remember the enormous sacrifices Russia made in battling and eventually defeating Nazi Germany in WW2. It freed the West from the threat of Fascist Nazi rule and ensured Britain’s own deliverance.

In WW1 the cry went out by the Germans that the Cossacks were coming. Various barbarities by the Cossacks were reported by the Germans ignoring their own like burning the library at Louvain, the Oxford of Belgium (remember Jaffna in 1981?) and the bombardment of open cities like Lille.

The British struggling with the French to stem the headlong rush by the Germans threatening Paris, hoped the Russians would make a difference to them by attacking the Germans in the East. Reports of wild horsemen in sheep skin clothes in Scotland (in summer!) were greeted with wild cheering in Britain. Those were the days when the ‘Russians’ and ‘Cossacks’ spelled deliverance to the British and the French and fear to the Germans. The French implored Russia to open the Eastern Front against the Germans to prevent the destruction of the French army. The Russians did so. However the Russian revolution in October 1917, disengaging the Russian army, came as a God send to the Germans. They strongly believed it was a turning point in the war. It had now only to fight on the Western front. Which it did winning almost all the battles until its Government, reviled by the German public, collapsed. The repercussions led to WW2.The USA came into WW1 when it was almost over. It was the Germans and the French that carried the biggest casualties in that war.

In WW2 it was the Russian army more than any other that delivered Europe from Nazi Germany. Of the total WW2 casualties (military and civilian) of nearly 50 million dead, 30 -40 million were Russians. The turning point of the war according to Russia was when St Petersburg (Leningrad) held out against the Germans from 1942 for 900 days. Many Ukrainians supported the invading Germans whose campaign included the murder in 36 hours by the Sonder commando of the German Army Group South of 136,000 Jews at Babi Yar, Kiev in the Ukraine in September 1941. Today perfidious Cameron weeps for the Ukraine.

The Moscow and Stalingrad battles, the latter the turning point of the European war according to the allies (93,000 Germans became POWs) or even the greatest WW2 battle at Kursk when nearly 4 million troops, 13,000 armored vehicles,12,000 aircraft (75% of all of them Russian) fought the greatest tank battle ever. (The USA gave Russia 19 million tons of aid including 6430 planes, 3734 tanks, 5 million boots among other things. The Brits also gave 5,800 planes and 4292 tanks. Their combined tanks and planes total was 15% of the Russian inventory). There were 50 German divisions The Germans were routed. In contrast at the Normandy landings (June 1944) where 156,000 Allied troops landed on D Day, 5 Allied Divisions of the 21st Army Group under Montgomery consisting of the First American Army and 2nd British each having 2 Corps with 3 US divisions, 2 US and one British airborne division protecting the invasion flanks, attacked 4 German divisions.

The total (military and civilian) in WW2 was nearly 60 million killed, of whom 30 -40 million (which was whole population of France) were Russians. The other losses were Britain 270,000 military and 60,000 civilians, Australia 17,501, Canada 42,000 USA 405,000, Holocaust 12 million, Germany 5 million military and 2 million civilians killed by Allied bombing, France that surrendered had 600,000 dead, while Japan had 2 million military and one million civilian, including atom bomb, deaths.

What follows may come as a big surprise for many in SL that as a former British colony was taught that it was the West had borne the grief and burden of WW2. In fact few knew until recently how much Russia contributed and suffered. The sad fact that has been hidden is that even French Indo China (now Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) suffered 2.6 million dead of whom 2 million died of famine and disease, while the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) had a similar total of 4 million killed, due to the barbaric Japanese occupation of their countries. What is most appalling is that colonial India (now India and Pakistan) which had 100,000 military casualties fighting famously in North Africa, Italy and Burma had 2.5 million deaths by starvation and disease. It was caused by the British shipping out rice and wheat to feed the British during the ‘Battle of Britain. The rulers of independent India since have been very polite (silent) on this matter.

SL had 100,000 dead in 26 years of the Eelam conflict, an average about 4,000 annually. In contrast much effort is being made by those responsible to conceal from the West and forget the 100,000 Sinhalese killed in 1.5 years, (about 5,500 monthly), during the second JVP insurrection 1988-9.While pious and sly predictions about preventing another Eelam struggle are muttered for political correctness, the above figures may indicate a washing of spears elsewhere, if at all.

After their experience in the Crimean war, where Britain dragged the French in reluctantly and the Turks to fight the Russians and after their experience in WW1, the French would say that Britain would fight only until the last French soldier remained and then scoot. While Britain commemorates the Crimean war, France that suffered 3 times the casualties (100,000 dead) of the British, and Turkey that was enticed to fight and humiliated also, do not. Russia suffered the worst with 500,000 dead. It was launched by the ‘Allies’ ostensibly to protect the tottering Ottoman Turkish Empire against Russian designs but more so to protect Britain’s own trading interests and to bring Russia to its knees.

The Crimean war is best remembered by the British for the disastrous charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava and Florence Nightingale (Bird). Lesser known is the great British victory at Inkerman where the British were heavily outnumbered and another much loved nurse Secole who was of mixed Jamaican Scot descent. The biggest and bloodiest battle was the siege of Sevastopol which went on for exactly one year (1954-55). It was mainly a French victory over the Russian defenders. The British trailed the French in widespread pillaging after the siege was lifted. The loot can be seen in many places in Britain today. The French empathized with the Russians as they saw in the brave serf soldiers their own predicament before the Revolution. They were revolted by the British army’s frequent use of the whip on its own soldiers to maintain discipline. The main reason they supported the British was their fear of another anti French coalition.

Today David Cameron the PM of UK has put England on a verbal war footing. He launched ‘Project Fear’ about Russians at every turn to gain support for the UK to remain in the EU. About two years ago he was ironically the foremost Euro sceptic. His former military and intelligence chiefs accuse him of responsibility for the 7/7 bombings in London by his ill advised involvement in Syria (albeit with just 4 aircraft finally to impress, encourage and inveigle the US to join) and Libya which fuelled the jihadists.

To gain support for his EU initiative he says the danger from Russia is greater than any other to Europe and the threat is imminent. No leader in Europe had been insane enough to even suggest such a thing. He blames Russia for the Syrian war. His motion to go to war with Syria was defeated in the Commons in 2014, the first time such a rejection of a PM had ever happened. Does Cameron prefer the ISIS or even the al Qaida’s Al Nusra front that is supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to Syria’s Assad?

It is Russia again and alone that turned the tide against ISIS and al Qaida in Syria, probably saving Syria and Europe. The West played ball with Obama to keep their soldiers boots clean but limited it to stirring and self serving speeches. Obama matched them with his mercury coated tongue but kept American soldiers at home while ‘droning’ terrorists and civilians alike, despite being awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, making the latter look silly.

Cameron’s own 2010 election adviser Steve Hilton has said that if Cameron was not PM, he too would support exiting the EU. His rhetoric mainly about Russia’s devastating air campaign that dislodged ISIS from ‘main threat’ to ‘beleaguered’ levels , is called ‘pitiful and confused’ .The conservative former London Mayor Boris Johnson, his party colleague, also Eton and Oxford like him, too has opposed him on the EU.

Cameron’s involvement and defence of his father’s investments in the Panama revelations was described by Opposition Leader Corbyn as a master piece of obfuscation. His convening of a meeting of international leaders in May 2016 on tackling global corruption was hilarious. Why is illegal money stashed in ‘white’ banks called ‘black’?

Cameron failed to prevent Sadiq Khan, a Pakistani bus driver’s British son from becoming Lord Mayor of London. But he exposed his meaner side that he tries to conceal. His propaganda for his party man for the Mayor’s post, the enormously rich Goldsmith, was facile, inaccurate, and included racial profiling of a kind not seen in UK politics.

Cameron’s insulting, divisive and intrusive leaflet campaign in support of conservative party candidate Goldsmith during the last elections for the Mayor of London had asked Gujerati Hindus and Punjabi Sikhs to help keep “our streets safe from terrorist attacks”. It was called a ‘dog whistle act’. It was made out that the Labour Party ‘thinks terrorists are friends’ and that Sadiq was Opposition leader and Labour party leader Corbyn’s puppet. It was Blair, a former PM, who was called US President Bush’s poodle.

The campaign was also remarkably erroneous and ridiculous. Barbara Patel, who received campaign mail as her surname appeared to be Gujerati, said ‘I am not a Hindu or Gujerati. My husband’s family are lapsed Muslims and I’m of Jewish descent”. The leaflets cheaply and cunningly recalled inviting Indian PM Modi to UK and that Cameron desired closer ties between India and UK. The Gujeratis however remembered the 1,000 Gujeratis who died in the 2002 riots in India and that the then UK government debarred Modi from entering UK while the USA also did the same. Kuldip Nayar (former Indian diplomat and MP) re surfaces in an article in the Island in May 2016, the massacre of the Sikhs after PM Indira Gandhi’s murder and the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat. Guess whom he appears to blame?

Cameron’s adviser on Muslim affairs Tariq Ramadan is the Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al Banna. He has shared platforms with extremists. He used the ‘uncle Tom’ slur to denigrate those (Labour) who supported Blacks. What a choice.

Sadiq’s opponent, Goldsmith, called Sadiq ‘radical and divisive’ .Cameron’s fishing expedition to Jaffna at the SL hosted Commonwealth Conference needing a harvest, said that Sadiq never supported the SL Tamils. He went on to say the gold and jewelry of the Indians would not be safe under Sadiq as he would impose a wealth tax. It all failed miserably.

Cameron may have ignored that 44% percent of London is non white. The non whites suffer from segregated areas, second class schools and high unemployment. Targets of Cameron/Goldsmith were Blacks, Arabs and Muslim symbols. Hate crime against Muslims rose by 70%.. That reality is a far cry from Cameron’s infernal condescending homilies on HR to SL’s President every time he corners him on ground of his own choosing.

This was the man who came as a guest to SL. He did a Barnum circus like act with his lackeys in the publicity corps in attendance in Jaffna to impress the Tamil Diaspora in UK. Holding hands with ‘rent a crowd’ victims of war was the highlight of his misguided quick visit. What did it achieve?

After the battle of Waterloo in 1815 (Minister Kariyawasam please note) a great French leader and the West’s most famous General was sent to St Helena where he eventually died. Some say he was poisoned by his British captors. Where will the British send Cameron when they have had enough of him? It is suggested the CM NPC offers to host him on Delft Island. It is well known for its ponies or is it donkeys?

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So run Cameron, run Cameron, run, run,  run
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