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Tigers showcase for public viewing the bombed Voice of Tiger building

Colombo, 31 December, ( As another propaganda ploy, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam has begun showcasing bombed and damaged buildings for public viewing in Vanni.

Without destruction there is no benefit. Those who have willpower to convert the destruction into benefit only would emerge victorious said V.Balakumar, a top leader of the Tiger hierarchy.

Voice of Tigers Radio building located in Kilinochchi, which was hit by Sri Lanka Air Force aerial bombing on 27 November and severely damaged has been opened up for public viewing on Saturday. V.BalakumarV.Balakumar

Balakumar participated in the opening day of public viewing of the showcased damaged building and addressed.

“This showcased building is another stage for our liberation struggle. Viewing of this bombed and damaged building has something to do with our struggle. News of this nature is often reported, but it is very difficult to come to terms with such events,” Balakumar said.

He said that there is no benefit without destruction. “You and we too must bear in our minds to convert destructions into victories. While welcoming the coming year, we have to face it and continue with our liberation struggle emphatically, “ Balakumar reminded.

Puthuvai Rathinthurai, Head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam Cultural and Arts Department also participated in the event.

He said, “we have to showcase the damaged and destroyed residential buildings of the Tamil people, such as houses, public buildings, hospitals, and media centers meant for general public, which are bombed and wantonly destroyed by the Sri Lanka Air Force."

“Sri Lanka Air Force by their aerial bombardment are destroying our public buildings, such as Sencholai campus and many other buildings in many places. We have to showcase these destructions. Then only our future generation would be able view these atrocities and realize. We are living within the jaws of destruction,” Puthuvai Rathinthurai said.Puthuvai RathinthuraiPuthuvai Rathinthurai

“Sri Lanka Air Force is destroying all buildings meant for general public with impunity,” he said.

“This is a commendable effort by the Head of the Voice of Tiger Radio to showcase this bombed and damaged building for the viewing of the public. Similarly when Sri Lanka Air Force bomb and destroy public buildings, we have to showcase those destroyed buildings for posterity, Puthuvai Rathinthurai suggested
He also said, “Even in foreign countries buildings that were destroyed in wars are safeguarded and showcased and opened up for public viewing.”

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