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Ecuador Cuts off WikiLeaks Founders Wi-Fi – latest twist in an extensive cyber war

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

Julian Asaange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who had been holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, had his Wi-Fi cut off by the Ecuadorian authorities who offered him the asylum state while the latter was fighting an extradition request by Sweden over a rape charge.

WikiLeaks, in a statement to the media, said that Mr Assange lost his internet connection on Saturday, shortly after the publication of Hilary Clinton’s emails, which are related to the speeches made by her on behalf of major investment banks such as Goldman Sachs.

In response, to the latest development, WikiLeaks said that they have activated what they called appropriate ‘contingency measures’, without elaborating them.

WikiLeaks has been publishing email materials related to Hilary Clinton, while incurring the wrath of the Democratic Party.

Despite the internet being cut, WikiLeaks managed to release a large number of emails on Monday while bragging about the number of emails, which are in their possession – nearly 30000.

Meanwhile, the Ecuadorian president , who was instrumental in offering Mr Asaange a safe haven in country’s embassy in London, when the latter was under the threat of extradition, lost no time in supporting Hilary Clinton in the forthcoming presidential election.

Although, Ecuador is keeping a low profile over the issue, while not denying the role played in disconnecting the Wi-Fi, analysts quickly pointed out that there is a clear correlation between the internet issue and the leaking of emails related to Hilary Clinton.

The swift action by Ecuador in managing the mischief-making guest in its London embassy, clearly show the fairly active role played by various actors in the presidential election due in November.

Up until this week, it was Russia that got the blame for hacking the servers of the Democratic Party. The speed, at which Ecuador reacted over the emails released by WiKiLeaks from its embassy in London, shows the scale of concern among the prominent Democrats about the potential influence of the foreign government in shaping the outcome.

The ability of WikiLeaks to publish emails even without the internet connection of its founder, Julian Assange, shows that the organization does operate more than one server for its ‘covert’ operations. In this context, when Mr Assange says that he has ‘contingency measures’ to deal with the latest challenge, it does have an element of truth.

The concerns of the Democratic Party may stem from the fact that Julian Assange may leak emails that are too sensitive to be released in the run up to a presidential election. – as a tit-for-tat response for further prolonging his isolation inside an embassy.

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Ecuador Cuts off WikiLeaks Founders Wi-Fi – latest twist in an extensive cyber war
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