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Cyclone Kyant to hit India’s East Coast

Hemantha Abeywardena wrties from London…

Cyclone Kyant, the cyclonic storm that has been brewing in the Bay of Bengal for the past few days, is now moving in south-westerly direction at a speed of around 13 km/hour.

At the time of writing this piece, it is centred at 15.67 °N and 85.4°E, 850 km from the Indian city of Visakhapatnam.

About 48 hours ago, the storm was relatively weakened during its course towards the India’s east coast, possibly in the state of Andra Pradesh, in such a way that some forecasters thought it would not even make landfall. It, however, has since picked up the speed again, thanks to the warm surface temperature of the sea in the region.

The speed of the storm – in mid tens at present – so far has not worried the weather forecasters to a great extent: the cyclone, however, appears to be going to live up to its name, Kyant – a lot of rain; it may bring in about 400 mm of rain, when it makes landfall.

In addition, the cyclone may lead to the development of very strong winds and rough seas. The fishermen have been advised not venture into sea until the storm dies down in the coming days.

The following interactive animation updates the path of the storm every three hours along with the estimated speed and the path of the centre.

Although, the depression was spotted in the Bay of Bengal , a few days ago, forecasters could not accurately predict its exact path: at the outset, they even thought it was heading towards Myanmar; then, they thought it was heading towards the Indian state of Odisha; during the period of last three days, however, the forecasters were convinced it was heading towards the east coast of India, bringing in not so much high winds, but plenty of rain, with it.

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Cyclone Kyant to hit India’s East Coast
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