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TULF appeals to the European Union Delegation to Restore Democratic Rights of Tamils

Colombo, 06 Nvember, (

TULF appeals to the European Union to help to restore the Democratic Rights of the Tamils.

V.Anandasangaree - Secretary General – TULF has written a letter to Jean Lambert (Leader), Sajjad Karim, Thomas Mann and Ulrike Muller the delegation of the European Union who are on a brief visit to Sri Lanka

The Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) extends its warm greetings to the Delegation of the European Union that is on a brief visit to Sri Lanka.

The TULF Leader Anandasangaree in his letter to the European Union delegation has said that It was encouraging to note that the visit of the delegation is to focus its attention on the progress of National reconciliation, to explore the possibilities of restoring the GPS+ facilities and also, apart from finding ways to empower Sri Lankan women politically and economically, visit EU sponsored projects in progress in the Trincomalee and Batticaloa Districts.

He has said in his letter that the TULF very much appreciates the good gesture of the EU in offering various projects for the development of the country that is slowly limping back to normalcy after 30 years of a destructive War.
While informing the purpose of writing this letter he pointed out that it was not to confuse the members of the European Union Delegation, or to find fault with anybody, but only to stress on the fact that although every individual in this country had lost something or other, from losing a dear member of the family to destruction of properties including valuable houses and vehicles or at least their peace of mind. But the very badly affected areas are the North and the East of the nine provinces of Sri Lanka.

He further pointed out that the worst affected are, the districts in which the war took place. “The losses sustained cannot be valued in terms of money. It is regrettable to note that no projects had been identified atleast in anyone of the Districts of Mullaitivu, Killinochchi ,Vavuniya and Mannar in the North for which I do not blame any individual or official or any organization.”

“But I have a duty to brief the delegates of some matters that are very relevant and serious, about which the Delegation should have been briefed. The first and foremost is in reference to Human Rights, including the democratic rights of the people. I will not hesitate to openly accuse TNA members of Parliament in particular, for meddling with the composition of the TNA, which was originally an alliance of four political parties of which TULF was one, who got it replaced with the ITAK, fraudulently. The ITAK in particular used to take the upper hand in the TNA alliance by ignoring the other three constituent partners of the alliance, to promote itself for the purpose of winning the favour of the voters. This is what happened at the meeting the TNA leader Hon.R.Sampanthan had with the Delegation last Tuesday in Parliament,” The TULF Leader Anandasangaree lamented .

The TULF Leader Anandasangaree wrote, “To introduce myself briefly to you, I am in active politics for above 60 years and a founder member of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) that was founded in 1972 by the late Hon. S.J.V.Chelvanayagam QC who shared the TULF’s chair with two great Tamil leaders, one of whom was the late Hon.G.G.Ponnambalam QC and the other was Hon.S.Thondaman well respected leader of the Up Country Tamils. I am the Secretary General of the TULF and represented it in Parliament for three terms and served a total period of 17 years. I am the most senior Tamil Parliamentarian still living,having entered parliament in 1970. I was deprived of my seat in parliament for three successive sessions due to the fraudulent conduct of the TNA which had links with an organization engaged in terrorist activities. The TULF has a proud record of asking its 18 members of parliament to quit office as a protest against the extension of the term of office of Parliament by a full term of six years. This act earned International reputation for the TULF, as a party strictly committed to democratic principles.”

He categorically stated in his epistle to the European Union Members of Parliament that the TNA Leadership has no moral right to represent the Tamil people in Parliament or elsewhere. At the election held in 2004 as candidates of the TNA with the ITAK symbol, won all the 22 seats with the help of an organization accused of involvements in terrorist activities. The rival candidates were prevented from canvassing for votes, holding propaganda meetings and with threat and intimidation prevented supporters of other parties from casting their votes for the candidates of their choice and there by deprived the Tamils of their democratic rights of participating in the elections freely.

He further wrote -

At the 2004 General Election Mr.R.Sampanthan who is the leader of the TNA, declared in their Election Manifesto that “The LTTE is the Sole representatives of the Tamil people and that they are the National leaders of the Tamils”. With this declaration the TNA requested all Tamils to vote for their candidates. Several protests made by the TULF against the anti-democratic activities of the TNA were ignored, allowing the TNA members elected illegally, to serve a full term, which helped them to enter the Parliament once again with very few votes in 2010 and again in 2015.

The following paragraph in an extract of a letter addressed to Mr.R.Sampanthan under the caption, The impact of the Canadian judgment on Sri Lankan Tamils. “Permit me to quote the relevant portion of para 37 of the judgment of the Ottawa Federal Court which says “TNA called all Tamils to support ITAK because ITAK supported LTTE. I note that Sampanthan left TULF to run TNA and ITAK because he was unhappy with TULF’s refusal to more actively support the LTTE”. Mr.Sampanthan, was this the reason why you supported the LTTE? or was it to gain more seats for your party?. It may not be irrelevant if I add that by your conduct and by misleading the LTTE, you have deprived the poor people of my honest and sincere services through Parliament for a total period of twelve years, from 2004 up to now. During this period you merely marked time and did nothing worthy of consideration for the people. All what you did was, inspite of several opportunities given to you, and that some came on your way, you have earned the credit of being partly or mainly responsible for the killings of thousands of innocent people. I needless add that you can’t ignore this matter as a simple one. Your failure to take immediate steps may result in your losing the position of the Leader of the Opposition and also the future of the National Government will be seriously affected”.

Due to lack of space I have to be very brief. The above paragraph contained in that letter of 26th October, 2016 addressed to Mr. R.Sampanthan clearly shows that the Tamil people have been deprived of their Democratic Rights, as it is today, for many more years to come. On behalf of the Tamil people the TULF very strongly urges the EU to send another delegation early to take a genuine interest in persuading the government to take steps to keep out parties that are involved in terrorist activities, directly or indirectly and enable Sri Lanka to flourish as a Nation strictly committed to Democratic principles in all respects.

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TULF appeals to the European Union Delegation  to Restore  Democratic Rights of  Tamils
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