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The adventure of two notorious Bs!

By S.H.Moulana

The man who caused destruction to Iraq with his partner in crime, George W. Bush, is in the news again and this time several British MPs are seeking a new investigation into Tony Blair’s role in the Iraq war.

MPs from six parties are preparing to table a Commons motion calling for parliamentary committee to investigate whether Tony Blair misled parliament and the public in the run up to the war in 2003.

The motion will be debated in House of Commons – the British Parliament. The motion calls on MPs to recognize that the Chilcot inquiry into the war and it also asks the Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee to examine the differences between Blair’s public and private policy.

We learn that the motion is supported by all senior MPs practically from every party, including Tory and Labour. ‘Daily Mail’ once revealed of the friendship Blair had with Chilcot and it said that it was Blair who recommended him for the knighthood which was conferred on him.

We remember how vehemently the UN weapons inspector, Hans Blix, refuted the allegation that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

He even went to the extent of declaring invasion of Iraq was illegal. Talking about the statements made by the US and the UK in the UN, it was said that it showed ‘a state of confusion’ because they were unable to provide any evidence proving the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

They had also been unable to mask their own private agenda in the region and the world.

The ultimate result of the war; hundreds of thousand Iraqis killed, millions displaced and the country is still in turmoil just because of the adventure of the two notorious Bs – Bush and Blair.

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Tony Blair & George W. Bush
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