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Indian politics, fake Cricket bowlers, Indian ISL football match fixing!

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Kolkata team is the favorites of winning the ISL joint football tournament 2016. But, unfortunately and shamelessly the sachin’s Kerala Blastards team is all out to use the Kolkata players to somehow win the title. That is immoral and illegal.

Indian politics is mixed with false entertainments like fake IPL and ISL, etc..

Match fixing in cricket has penetrated into the ISL Indian joint football tournaments through paid players bought by Indian ballooners and corporate lords with a lot of back money for making them white; the owners, mafias, coaches, captains and players jointly fix the matches both in cricket and football to decide winners and recipient of 100s and 50s and above in special cases like captains, etc, advertisement endorsements, awards and black money. Mostly the corporate lords who amass illegal wealth decide the final authorities.

In IPL cricket the important players are bought only by Mumbai and allied teams and fix matches for 50s etc while cricket mafia control the teams in football ISL. Like sand and mine mafias, mafias are strong in IPL and ISl and the government and major political parties promote the menace for profits.
A lot of black money gets converted into while.

Cricket, cinema and sports are entertainments, while cinema is preplanned with a script and team of people to p produce it and any mischief is expected, in sports mischief in the form of fixing and extra payments for opponent players to support the cause of organizers is not fair. Match fixing is illegal even if done by the state agencies with support from mafias.

After their success in match fixing in their advantage in IPL cricket, now India i trying l its luck or bad luck in sports like football, hockey, badminton, etc to discredit all possible high ranking national sports so t o show that not only cricket but in any real sport can be fixed conveniently and Indi a has fixed it to the advantage of Mumbai Sachin‘s team Kerala Blastards in Indian towns. India money lords buy foreign player to play for India and its favorite teams.

Mumbai corporate lords seem to pay extra money to select players to play for Mumbai and Kerala teams- both belong to Sachin and Co.

At semi final level Mumbai lost to Kolkata notwithstanding its agents in Kolkata trying hard to promote Mumbai team. And on 14 December Delhi dynamos plays against a WEAK Kerala Balstarfds with Mumbai\s paid agents in the team earlier playing for Kerala. Delhi dynamos with Mumbai\s extra paid, i agents promoting Kerala tem instead of their own Delhi team. Last time playing first leg of semi, they supported the opponents to defeat their own Delhi team and one has to see where they play for Delhi today or not.

Indian footballers have found an easy method to promote its favorite teams in ISL by asking the opponent team not to try to put goals and play only on their side to let the opponent team to w put goals easily.

Sachin Mumbai and Kerala Blastards are becoming criminals, attacking Kolkata and Delhi players!

On 13 Dec in semi final secondly when Mumbai team knew that they were losing they became violent and one became a terrorist attacking a Kolkata player in the face, making him bleed profusely. Will Indian government take action against the criminal for the criminal attack on Kolkata payers? Maybe, it was decided by the Mumbai owners who own most of the franchises in iSL, to let Mumbai and Kerala Blasterds to come to final and Sachin’s’ borrowed Kerala to eventually win but Mumbai was knocked out by Kolkata. Hence the terror attacks. Kolkata has reached the finals.

On 14 Dec, Kerala and Delhi are playing for the final berth to play against Kolkata. Now we can see the Kerala Blastards are becoming violent long temper and begin to hit the Delhi players and Indian government in Delhi silently wants the ugly scenes in ISL.

Fake bowlers: Cricketers are legalized robbers, frauds!

Morally and legally speaking, all frauds are punishable and their misdeeds are untenable. Robbers and cheats are punishable mainly because their acts are not legalized anywhere. Terrorists are criminals but not legalized ones and they can be punished.

Cricketers are also frauds, robbers but they cannot be punished because their match fixings are legalized by the states that allow all sorts of fixings in cricket so that batboys shine and get all awards and money. Mafias operating literally in every societal domain generally are free to so whatever they want because the governments, using them for their own purposes, shield them.

Similarly, cricketers also belong this extra category because they are protected by state agencies and courts do not have the courage to question their fixings, field rules, and pitch mischief.

Give 100 runs and demand 100 in return. That is the philosophy of cricketism. And this awkwardness is besides the pro-batboys rules in cricket. Governments also want some batboys given good marks and protected in teams.

Since they enjoy state protection the cricketers are called VVIPs and are given high status. Can the frauds and thieves and mafias be treated as such?

Every cricket teams promote only batboys to score 50 and 100 with bowlers and fielders just let the batboys shine too much.

Cricket boards want the bowlers to help the batboys make 50 and 100 and get advt money and national awards.

England had one sin Span Swann who almost terrorized every big batboy to collapse and England quarreled with Swann as a conspiracy r cy to retire Swann and that happened and England is without any spin bowler to take on Indian batboys seriously and that is exactly what India and England want.

Generally English bowlers do not attack and let the batboys amass runs but occasionally they get a few wickets so those images of non-spin fellows are not spoiled so that England does not serious consider spins or reckless bowlers.

Indian batboys enjoy the fake attacks of English bowlers and fielders.

England should play cricket without having efficient and economic bowlers. Not only England but all teams should stop playing until they get good bowlers. They can learn from Indian bowlers.

England got 400 runs in the first innings and would like to return the favors to India as per the logic of crickctism. Bowlers behave like tamed monkeys throwing the ball for big score and they get paid for these batboy promotional services.
Fake bowlers: England does not permute good bowlers after Swann’s departure.

Cricket boards promote illegally fixed bating for money kneeing purposes.

The 2016 edition of ISL football, it appears the owners, cricket mafias, captains, some players in Mumbai/Pune/Kerala Blastards, teams owned by cricketer Sachin who had 100s on mafia fixings, got 100s fix matches in their favor But Mumbai could get to the final as planned by Kerala ahs managed to reach the final as Delhi players played mischief at semi level to Sachin team kerala reach the finals as Sachin says it never won any edition. If kerala Blastards team wins, Sachin would get crores of money from networks of betting elements.

But Kolkata which reached the final first is the strongest team and would get the title this year on Sunday, the December 18. Sachin gang seems to have spent huge sum in advertisement sin TV channels to claim victory as the big news.

Of course, like Delhi team Kolkata team also has some agents for Sachin and BCCI to promote the Sachin Kerala Blastards team. Since IPL and ISl offer political message as well, if Sachin Keral blastards win, the BJP government would be out sooner than later. Delhi teams both in cricket IPL and football ISL play against themselves. Hopefully none of the Kolkata players would play for Kerala. Let Kerala Blastards play for Kolkata and learn from them.

It is unfortunate that fake cricketers and blackmoney holders control IPL and IPL.

Notwithstanding all manipulations and maneuverings by Indian cricket mafia and corporate lords, the Kolkata team is the favorites of winning the ISL 2016!

- Asian Tribune -

Indian politics, fake Cricket bowlers, Indian ISL football match fixing!
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