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Please don't paint all taxi drivers with the same brush!

By S.H.Moulana

I have been reading a lot about taxi drivers in the press good and the bad ones and this is something not related to a particular country.

However, soon my thoughts went back to my personal experience way back in nineties, in India. Something I will never ever forget.

We were booked in a hotel close to the airport which was a distance away from the city center. During our four day stay, on our way to Colombo on vacation, we thought we can do some shopping there.

On the day we arrived we hired a taxi driver by the name Lawrence who hailed from Kerala but has spent over 25 years in Bombay.

We told him that everyday, during our stay, he should pick us up in the morning and take us to the city center and bring us back to the hotel in evening. He eventually turned to be our tour guide as well as a bodyguard.

One day while we were returning to the hotel after doing some hectic shopping, my son spotted a huge crowd at a cinema theatre for a newly released Sharuk Khan movie, and he told me he wants to watch that film.

I told the diver to buy four tickets including him. He said ‘Sir, tickets are available only on ‘black’!’ I told him never mind go and buy four tickets but he came back with just three tickets.

He said ‘Sir, all your purchases are in the car and I can’t leave them in the car and watch the film.’

While entering the theater my wife asked me whether it is safe to leave those valuable things in the car with him and we enjoy the film.

When the three hour show was over we walked up to the place where the car was parked and we found the taxi driver was fast asleep.

When we tapped at the door he got up suddenly and asked us ‘Show was good?’ We said we enjoyed it very much.

He drew us back to our hotel. If he was a crooked guy he could have vanished easily with all our purchases.

On our final day we gave him a letter of appreciation and a cash gift too. He was in fact served us as a tour guide, a bodyguard apart from being a taxi driver.

Although the bad guys in this profession outnumber the good guys, these guys create an impression which lives in you forever and you never get tired relating it to others of your experience over and over again.

They are the real ambassadors for their country.

- Asian Tribune -

Please don't paint all taxi drivers with the same brush!
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