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2017 IKFS Global Peace Award to be named after late activist Rachel Corrie

Kuwait, 19 March, (

The 2017 Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society Global Peace Award will be named in the honor of late human rights activist Rachel Corrie, the IKFS has declared.

Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society, one of the leading NGO, socio-cultural, non-religious, non-political, non-profit, friendship NRI association, in Kuwait said in Press Release that “2017 IKFS Global Peace Award” will be named in honor of Late « Rachel Corrie » and will be known as “IKFS-RACHEL CORRIE GLOBAL PEACE AWARD 2017”.

An earlier essay competition was held in 2014 in the name of Late Rachel Corrie and delivered the award.

Rachel Corey, 23 years old from the state of Washington (USA), was killed on 16th March 2003 while she was trying to prevent Israeli army bulldozers from destroying a Palestinian home.

Rachel was run over twice by the Israeli military bulldozer in its process of demolishing the Palestinian home. Rachel was standing with other non-violent international activists in front of a home scheduled for illegal demolition.

Initially the driver dropped sand and other heavy debris on her, and then the bulldozer pushed her to the ground where it proceeded to drive over her, fracturing both of her arms, legs and skull. She was transferred to hospital, where she later died.

IKFS has selected the name of « Rachel Corrie » as a Martyr and in loving memory of her stand in “global and non-violent peace initiative”. The Peace Loving People of the World cannot forget Rachel as long as this world stands and the Palestinian problem solves. Dr. Ghalib Al-Mashoor, President commented.

Palestinians are struggling for the past 70 years to get their country back from the occupied forces and Rachel’s martyr is an added value to the freedom struggle of Palestine. IKFS member like any civilized person cannot forget her. Even though Rachel Corrie has left this world before 14 years of her Martyrdom, We IKFS want let the world remember her sacrifice as a “woman” and the world to know the atrocities carried out by occupied forces of Israel. , Advocate SayidNizar, Vice President IKFS added.

In honoring memory of Late Rachel Corey, IKFS is planning to conduct an Essay competition. IKFS hereby invites all to participate in the “11 page” Essay on the topic “Global Violence and Remedy for Peace” in Arabic or English language. The entry is restricted to Young woman aged 23 years only, so as to coincide with the life of “Rachel Corrie”.

The last date of submission of Essay will be 31st july 2017. All the essays to be forwarded to : Head of Essay Team Panel on “IKFS-RACHEL CORRIE GLOBAL PEACE AWARD 2017”. ‘ Email:

The Essay winner will be awarded with 10,001 Indian Rupees or equivalent of Kuwaiti Dinars in cash with Honorary Plaque where “Late Rachel Corrie” s name will be encrypted with. The winners will be honored in a function to be conducted on 15th August 2017 coinciding with Indian National Day.

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2017 IKFS Global Peace Award to be named after late activist Rachel Corrie
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