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Bizarre Ruling by the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama

By Nelum Vithanage

Submissions opposing the changing of Muslim Marriages and Divorces Act, by the head of the All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) , one Rizwi Mufthi, - A self-proclaimed leader, is absolutely and totally unacceptable. This man was the one who created the “Halal” problem which resulted nearly in ethnic clashes when for over 1000 years the Muslim Community in Sri Lanka had no problems or disagreements with the Sinhala Majority.

When the government is doing everything possible to bring about ethnic harmony, this very same Rizwi Mufthi comes out with another bombshell, which can be clearly seen as his attempts to create disharmony and dissonance, to magnify the conflict of people's opinions and actions.

This is an act of Terrorism by Rizwi Mufthi, and he should be charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

He shamelessly and blatantly declared that he is a pervert. He is showing that he is morally corrupt and is hell bent on immoderate indulgence in bodily appetites and maniacal sex when he proclaims that girls could be given in marriage before puberty. He is a child-molester and you can see that he publicly proclaims himself as a pedophile.

The Cambridge English Dictionary describes Pedophile Someone who is Sexually Interested in Children

The world over is trying to destroy this paedophile menace and this twisted individual is trying to promote it. He should not be allowed to walk the streets of Sri Lanka or anywhere for that matter.

He also barefacedly talks, generally, about women not being equal to men – when the greatest scientific discoveries and many other breakthroughs in practically every field, were pioneered by women.

He tries to quote something like Sharia Law – In fact, my research into this subject proves that there is no such thing as Sharia Law in the original scriptures of Islam. These were propagated by the Abbasid Caliphate to justify their barbaric, brutal and inhuman laws and to give it a religious tinge.

The print media carried the vehement opposition to Rizwie Mufthi by the Women's Action Network (WAN) who unequivocally condemned the comments made by the All Ceylon Jamiathul Ulama (ACJU). They also stated that they were appalled and deeply disappointed by him, where he has issued a statement that the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) is "perfect in the present state" and does not require changes.

I managed to interview a cross-section of the Muslim Community who were not even aware what this Mufthi had done and they were aghast when I mentioned how he has insulted them. They also affirmed that this Rizwie Mufthi is not the voice of the Muslim Population in Sri Lanka.
They also came out with the fact, that Tunisia, a Muslim Country, has banned a Man to have four wives. This was done with the intervention of the Muslim women who rose against such inequalities and monstrosities.

It is high-time that we too put our foot down and make every citizen in this country to obey one social law to prove that all citizens are equal.

There is no way that in our country, one group is allowed to commit unlimited polygamy while the others are jailed for committing bigamy – then, where is Justice?

If Rizwi Mufthi and his ilk want to practice these brutal, heartless and cruel laws let them go to Saudi Arabia or any other so-called Muslim country which allows such debauchery.

Let this tribe of perverts leave this country so that we may live in peace.

- Asian Tribune -

Rizwi Mufthi - Head of  ACJU
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