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Uri Avnery’s ‘Nelson Mandela’!

By S.H.Moulana

I always enjoyed reading Israeli journalist and peace activist, Uri Avnery’s works. He never failed to forward his works to me very well knowing I am a great fan of his.

In his recent article I received, he compares the Palestinian peace activist Marwan Barghouti, who is currently serving a prison sentence in Israeli prison, to Nelson Mandela.

If Marwan is Nelson Mandela I would call Uri as Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi was assassinated by an extremist but fortunately Uri escaped a similar attempt on him by the Zionist extremists.
However it was not the only attempt on his life. On one occasion they stabbed him many times in his chest and the assassin’s knife missed his heart by a fraction of a millimeter.

Uri was forced to spend several months in a hospital until he was fully recovered.

In an interview once Uri said that what Israel feared most is peace, but it is quite at home with war.

In a recent mail I received from him, Uri Avnery says “This week, Barghouti, together with about thousand other Palestinian prisoners in Israel, started an unlimited hunger strike. I have just signed a petition for his release.”

He goes on to say Marwan Barghouti is a born leader, in spite of his small physical stature. He stands out in any gathering. Within the Fatah movement he became the leader of the youth division. He adds that my sympathy for Marwan is influenced by some similarities in our youth.

He joined the Palestinian resistance movement at the age of 15, the same age as I was when I joined the Hebrew underground some 35 years earlier.

He ends up saying “I am waiting for the day when I can visit Marwan again as a free man in his home in Ramallah. Even more so, if Ramallah is, by that time, a town in the free state of Palestine.”

We wish that Uri Avnery’s hope will be fulfilled.

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