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A change for better

By S.H.Moulana

This is in reference to the news report about the IGP's wish to change the color of the uniform for the police force, we are somewhat pleased and refreshed to read a new issue after we were being buried under the news of the stinking garbage and GMOA/SAITM for week after week.

Talking about uniforms, I recall how arachila used to boast about his ‘pithala bothang’ in his closed neck coat in the longest and most popular radio drama in Sri Lankan history, ‘Muwan Palassa’.

That was the time we had no TV, but only radio to entertain us. I remember very well how listeners used to wait patiently for their favorite programs and especially for that radio drama ‘Muwan Palassa’. Arachila’s ‘pithala bothang’ really belonged to the colonial era as well as the current police khaki uniform.

Other than Sri Lanka, this is still being followed in neighboring India.

However, the state of Kolkata has made their policemen to wear white uniforms.

The colonial masters who gave us the khaki uniform have adopted black trousers, blue NATO jumper, stab vest and reflecting belt for their police force in UK.

The sole super power, the USA, preferred its police force to be in blue or black.

Chinese policemen are sporting their red and green uniform with pride.

The one time super power, Russia have selected Marengo-a shade of gray- for their police force while neighboring Pakistan got its forces dressed in olive green, mainly in Punjab.

Yes, we have a country that has blue for its police force like what our IGP, Pujith Jayasundara, has suggested and that is Germany.

I have seen them in Germany and they look very smart in blue. After all, blue is our cricket team’s color too.

It is time that we got rid of the colonial khaki like arachila’s ‘pithala bothang’!

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A change for better
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