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Customising Babies’ With Ancient Indian Science

By Allabaksh - Syndicate Features

Adolf Hitler, not one of history’s favorite characters, wanted to dominate the world with a ‘pure’ Aryan race of White men and women possessing both brain and brawn. His method included persecution and extermination of the ‘impure’ or ‘inferior’ races. He failed to complete his mission but only after causing loss of human life and devastation on a massive scale.

About seven decades after the death of Hitler, we now hear that an Indian organisation called Arogya Bhartiya, said to be the ‘medical wing’ of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, is propagating the idea of ‘customized’ babies who will be ‘tall, fair, intelligent, brave and muscular’ even if their parents do not have these attributes. The prescribe treatment will also mitigate the effects of inherited disease. It is all about a race that will make India ‘proud’.

Though it has not been mentioned, we can be sure that the deal for ‘super’ babies will guarantee ingrained qualities of patriotism and nationalism and, most probably, abhorrence of all forms of meat, particularly beef, alcohol and adherence to a prescribed dress code. That will match the officially approved image of a blue-blooded and patriotic Indian.

Most Indians probably heard about the ‘customized’ baby project from a recent news item which said that the Calcutta High Court had allowed Arogya Bharatiya to hold a workshop on procreating ‘Susantan’ or ‘super’ babies, based on ancient Indian science. We have already heard that ancient India had made great strides in all branches of science, including aviation, rocket, space and skin grafting. Now we have been reminded that genetic science was another field in which India excelled.

The West Bengal government probably was against Arogya Bharati holding a workshop in Kolkata. But the High Court allowed it go ahead with the proviso that delegates will not have to pay the fee (Rs 500) and that there will be no administration of the wonder treatment for ‘super’ babies. The choice of Kolkata for the workshop may have political reasons. But this is a matter that goes beyond mere politics.

A project about ‘customized’ or ‘super’ babies being held in a metropolis and advocating it should be a matter of deep embarrassment for the whole of India. Those outside the Parivar would find it outrageous that Indians could talk of ‘customized’ babies and of raising a ‘superior’ race, a notion that ill fits the modern age.

It was only a few weeks ago that a well-known RSS member, a former Member of Rajya Sabha, had egg all over his face after he made some ‘racial’ remarks, speaking disrespectfully of ‘dark-skinned’ South Indians. He, a one-time journalist, blamed the controversy that followed on distortion of his statement by the media. That kind of denial is, of course, the standard practice. Wonder what does he feel when one of the organisations of his own ‘family’ openly speaks in support of the idea of ‘fair’ children and all that. No trace of ‘racism’?

We have not seen or heard much about the Arogya Bharati’s project. That may be because it might have been dismissed as one of those quaint ideas that are periodically heard from relatively lesser known quarters. But this is from an organisation that is part of the ruling party. What it says cannot be taken lightly.

Invoking ancient Indian science, a ‘university’ in Jamnagar which has the expertise on ‘super’ babies, claims to have the prescription for producing ‘super’ babies with the help of ‘Garbh Vigyan’ (science of pregnancy). Yes, this is a ‘scientifically proven’ science! And how does one go about it?

Planetary position will decide the usual first step to be taken by a couple. But the couple has to avoid intercourse after pregnancy has set in. It will be important to ‘teach, educate and train’ the baby in the womb by increasing the ‘karmic level’—whatever that may mean—of the parents. It will also be necessary for the expecting parents to spend three months in the ‘Shudhikaran’ (purification) process with religious rituals.

It is disturbing to find how science is being devalued under the current dispensation which many see as being intolerant of diversity. The government is so obsessed with India’s distant past that it is promoting superstition in the name of medicine and science.

Rediscovering the wonders of the past is one thing but myths and mythical beliefs cannot be equated with science. There is already a move to devalue modern education, demonizing it as part of the pernicious Western culture.

A large number of Indians, learning ‘Western’ science and art, have made their mark in the outside world. Some have been Nobel Laureates. One of the recent (US) Nobel Laureate of Indian origin had expressed his disapproval for the tendency to disown Western education and thought.

We can take pride in all that we had achieved in the past. But certain things have to be judged with a rational criterion. Indians cannot become a ‘superior’ race if they have ‘fair’ skins but closed minds and are raised in an atmosphere of irrationality. That is why voices have been raised against the current campaign to ‘purge’ institutions of higher learning and research.

- Asian Tribune –

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) medical wing is promising “dark-skinned” parents customised babies with a fair complexion.
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