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Need of the hour for Nagas is ‘Common Platform’: Nuklutoshi

Kohima, 29 June, (Asian Tribune):

Former National Highways Minister and Adviser, Nuklutoshi has warned that the Nagas are at crossroads and their future is doomed if the present trend is not checked. He said this at Kohima today.

The Adviser said the urgency of the Naga people was to have a “Common Platform” because unless such arrangement was made, Nagas who were already divided would not come together. This Common Platform was missing, he said.

“Elder people should know what would be the situation that their children would face in the near future,” he narrated. At the same time, the younger and upcoming generations should also be aware of the kind of situation they would face. “All these uncertain future has been looming large and that is the reason why we are concerned for our people and especially the younger generations,” he said. “If the Naga issue is not resolved on time, the future of the Naga people including our youth is doomed and our future will be catastrophic.”

The Adviser lamented that they had been so much divided when they were headed to a very crucial phase. “We have ENPO for the ENPO areas. We have CNTC for the three tribes. We have NTC for a few tribes. In students’ front, we have ENSF for the ENPO area students. We have NSF,” he said. “We also have many NPGs; some of them are in ceasefire with the Government of India while only NSCN (IM) is having political dialogues with the Government of India.”

“Therefore, the need of the hour is to provide a ‘Common Platform’ that can only lead us to finding a lasting and permanent solution to the Naga political issue,” Nuklutoshi said.

The Adviser was, however, critical of the role played by the Government of India towards the people of the ENPO. The Government of India assured the ENPO people for a separate Statehood as “Frontier Nagaland State.” With the assurance given, they (ENPO) were convinced that they would get their separate Statehood, he pointed out. On the contrary, the Government of India would keep talking that they would take all the stakeholders on board while trying to find a final solution to the Naga political issue, he said.

“It would not be wrong to say that the Government of India’s role is nothing but a divide and rule policy to prolong the Naga issue,” Nuklutoshi said and further asserted that the Government of India should come up with a clear-cut policy in respect of the ENPO demand so that they would no longer live in a “false promises.” But because of such “false promises” of the Government of India, the ENPO was not forthcoming, he said.

The Adviser also said that the time had come to act and speak the truth.

- Asian Tribune -

Need of the hour for Nagas is ‘Common Platform’: Nuklutoshi
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