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Who Are Meher Baba’s Agents….?

By Rayala Ramachandraiah in London
London, 06 July, (

During the 1930s, Avatar Meher Baba visited Europe ten times, and America thrice, besides China and the Far East. During the 1950s he travelled three more times to the West.

The purpose of these visits was “not establishing new creeds or spiritual societies and organizations” but rather “to make people understand religion in the true sense”. Amongst all the Western capitals, Meher Baba visited London as many as eight times, and each visit was imbued with spiritual significance.

For instance, his visit to London in September 1931 coincided with the Round Table Conference convened by the British Government with the leaders of India’s freedom movement. Meher Baba and Gandhi met while sailing by ship to London, and later in the British capital as well. The building where the two met stood unaffected in the aerial bombardment the Germans had subjected the British capital during the Second World War.

It was while in Britain that Meher Baba spoke for the first time about his Avataric status. This declaration he made in an undulating valley near Kombe Martin, some 230 miles from London.

According to Meher Baba’s biography, Lord Meher, the Silent Master, as he is known, had held ‘spiritual meetings’ during his European sojourn with His agents and other advanced souls to prepare a ‘Divine Plan’ for today and tomorrow. ‘The plan meets the present and future circumstances of the Universe’.

One such meeting took place at Assisi in Italy in 1932. Fallenfluh in Swiss mountains was the venue for another meeting in July 1934. The third recorded meeting in the West (as disclosed by Meher Baba himself) took place atop the iconic Eiffel Tower in 1937.

After his Fallenfluh ‘meeting’, Meher Baba told his disciples that his work had been accomplished well. And spelt out on alphabet board, “I have drawn a circle around the country (Switzerland) so that it will not be involved in the coming (Second World) war”.

The biography records thus: “During the seclusion work at Fallenfluh, Bab would sit-up and lie back down every hour. After sometime passed Kaka (a disciple on guard duty about 100 yards away) felt a bit drowsy, but just as he was about to doze off, he heard a man’s voice whispering to him. When he opened his eyes, there was no one. At mid-day ominous black clouds gathered…. heavy rain poured down… only Baba’s seclusion spot was rayed in bright light….he was completely dry. When asked about it, Baba simply smiled. He was radiant – beaming. He later remarked, ‘I am very happy. I am satisfied with the work done here. When I work like this, a meeting of large number of my agents is held but you cannot see them though, you can hear a rumble like boot steps’”.

In Italy, Meher Baba remained in seclusion in the cave used by Saint Francis outside the town on Mt. Subasio. None of his disciples was allowed to come anywhere near the cave during his seclusion.


“While working I leave my physical body which has become dead to all feelings of touch. I would not even feel it if my body is harmed or cut up into pieces. It is best if I draw a boundary at around a distance of 50 yards. No one should come closer. Anyone trying to cross that boundary line would drop dead that is why I have Kaka (His disciple mostly on night watch duty) keep watch from a distance of 100 yards”.

Afterwards, Meher Baba spoke about the significance of His seclusion in the Italian cave.

“Spiritually a big meeting of spiritual personages took place here the like of which has never before been held. It is due to the greatest upheaval that is coming for the world. It will be the greatest upheaval of all times. …Vast changes everywhere will follow. My circle, which is already formed, will realise me; their duties will commence in different directions. And the changes all over will cause an upheaval in the world, which has never before been experienced as the greatest spiritual revolution of all times takes place”.

Before entering the cave on Saturday, 06 August, Baba instructed his companions not to look at Him, and above all not to touch Him. Baba carried a catholic prayer rosary of St Francis inside with Him. When he stepped out around sunset next day, Baba seemed dazed as though he was unaware of His body. He walked down the hill towards the town. By the time they reached Assisi, Baba appeared more normal.

Meher Baba’s Eiffel Tower meeting with his Agents took place on a September night. According to his biography, he went to the top of the Eiffel Tower alone one evening in September 1937. When he came down he told his women disciples that he had met his Agents atop the iconic tower. This meeting was similar to the meetings he had held with agents and other Spiritual Masters in Assisi and Fallenfluh, he told them. A day or so before this climb, Meher Baba took his women disciples up Eiffel Tower at 9 p.m.; the women were asked to keep their glances down and so naturally they could not enjoy the expansive view.

Who are Meher Baba’s agents? How does he get them?

“Those connected with me in past lives become agents. Those deeply connected with me become members of the circle. They (circle members) are unconsciously one with me now, and will consciously be one with me in the future when I have completed the work which I can do during the period of their apparent ignorance. It is like having a veil between us; they are one with me but, being behind the veil, do not see. Where love, lover and the Beloved are one, there the work of duality ends. So for the sake of the work, this duality and ignorance exists”, Meher Baba explained once.

On the type work Agents carry out, Meher Baba said, “The agents do the work for people on the gross plane, and through the circle, I work for the spiritual plane, without their (members of the circle) being aware of it. Jesus worked through his apostles on the spiritual plane without their knowing it; but later on, they knew it. They knew that all the time it was Jesus' working and they were his instruments — mediums — and the entire time one with Jesus.

About His universal work, Meher Baba said: “When I work universally, it is through agents. My mind, being Universal, is linked with every individual mind, even with advanced minds who are my agents; and so I am present and working through my agents in every part of the world. Only those in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh planes (of consciousness), and who are conscious of me, know under and for whom they are physically working. They cannot see me physically, but their subtle and mental bodies see my subtle body, which is similar to the gross ...They also know that I am One with the Infinite”.

There are three types of Agents, according to Meher Baba – Direct Agents, Indirect Agents and Borrowed Agents.

“Direct agents, of whom there are very few. There is one in Europe, one in Asia, one in America, one in Africa — in fact, one on almost every important continent. These agents receive directions directly from the Avatar. Indirect agents are few. They receive orders from the direct agents. Borrowed agents are many. They receive orders from the indirect agents.

“The principal agents are always on the fourth plane, and through the powers that they wield on this plane, they act for the Avatar. They may even do miracles for him, since the Avatar almost never performs miracles.

Baba also indicated that he had contacted various agents who were stationed in Sing Sing Prison, Lugano, Santa Margherita and Barcelona. “They were all borrowed agents”. The Italian, named Christiano, whom Baba contacted in Rome, was a direct agent while the one in Warsaw, whom one of Baba’s disciples contacted, was an indirect agent, according to Lord Meher.

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Who Are Meher Baba’s Agents….?
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