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Are we heading for extinction?

By S.H.Moulana

Stephen Hawking, the renowned English theoretical physicist and cosmologist has warned that Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change could ‘push the Earth over the brink’ and lead to a point where global warming is irreversible.

He has said that Trump could turn Earth into Venus-like planet with 250c and sulphuric acid rain.

Many Americans think climate change will cause human extinction.

Trump is nevertheless pulling the US climate change commitments only because his predecessor, Obama was fully committed to Paris Agreement.

This is almost in line with Trump’s replacement of most popular Obamacare with the much opposed ‘Trumpcare’.

He generally opposed anything and everything connected to Obama.

If Obama had said that the sky was blue, Trump would have an executive order to say it was green, so much is Trump’s pathological need to reverse everything of the Obama administration.

The Americans think that the climate change is likely going to kill off the entire human population. According to a poll conducted by Yale University Program on Climate Change Communication, which also found that a healthy majority of Americans believe people are the cause for global warming.

‘There is a remote chance of the US to rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change and G20 leaders meeting in Hamburg will urge president Trump to find a way to do so.’ said British prime-minister, Theresa May.

Let us recall here the famous quote of Stephen Hawking: ‘Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.’

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Are we heading for extinction?
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