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We are Biryani feed for the 'little terrorists'!

By S.H.Moulana

Let us thank all those brave men who freed our country from terrorism which ruined our normal life for nearly thirty long years.

The peace and harmony prevailed since the eradication of this menace has been now somewhat threatened by the outbreak of dengue, a terror caused by the tiny creatures called mosquitoes.

Many of my close friends in the gulf, who use the annual school holiday period here for their yearly vacation back home, are with two minds, whether to make the trip or not – all because of the fear of these tiny ‘little terrorists’.

According to figures published in local newspapers more than 80,000 dengue patients and 245 dengue deaths have been reported from all parts of the country.

We learn a powerful WHO team is already in the country. According to scientific studies, a chemical vapor exuded from human skin is the key reason why mosquitoes turn from feeding on animals to sucking human blood.

Sulcatone is an important ingredient in the distinctive human odor

Mosquitoes, according to scientists, learned to recognize it many thousands years ago as a sign that they were near a source of food.

Researchers found that the present-day black-bodied mosquitoes that feed on the furry skin of forest animals do not show any preference for sulcatone, but the brown mosquitoes living in and around villages and town are highly attracted to the scent.

These mosquitoes have evolved to love the way we smell like the way we humans respond to the aromas of delicious ‘Birayani’.

Any way, we provide the ideal lifestyle for mosquitoes.

We always have pools of water in our streets for them to breed in. Dengue as we all know is a serious arboviral disease and it has very uncomfortable symptoms and has become more serious both in frequency and mortality in recent years.

I am, personally, not for or against SAITM but I appeal to all doctors and those involved in the medical field to rise to the occasion and help the patients who are infected with this dreaded disease, dengue.
The nation needs you!

- Asian Tribune -

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