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TULF wants a reply for all the charges leveled against Sampanthan and Mavai

By V.Anandasangaree - Secretary General - TULF

It is very unfortunate that in our country many people, mostly Tamils in particular, refuse to believe what can be publicly acknowledge as Gospel truth, while they shout from roof tops believing all what is said by some selfish politicians, who have no scruples in running with the hare and hunting with the hound and smartly exploiting the LTTE for their own political advantage.

Apart from this, Taraki also known as Sivaram a strong LTTE supporter, had very clearly said that the Tamil National Alliance has been made out to be more than what it actually is and also that it is a myth that it is managed by the Liberation Tigers. He had also said that the dominant image of the TNA as the Political paw of the Tigers is deceptive. There is no doubt that the TNA was formed by the TULF which Mr.R.Sampanthan also concedes. The TULF and the All Ceylon Tamil Congress both of which admitted the EPRLF and the TELO into the Tamil National Alliance, had wanted the Alliance named as Alliance of Tamil Political Parties, but the name TNA was chosen by the media. All these are undisputable facts but very shrewdly interpreted to the innocent Tamils, to make them believe that the TNA was a creation of the LTTE, to serve them as their political paw.

All the matters referred to above had received enough publicity through both the print and the electronic media. Unfortunately for the Tamil community a section of the print and electronic media, for reasons best known to them, avoided giving due publicity, little releasing the serious damage they were causing for an early solution of the ethnic problem. The worst thing is that they were knowingly and innocently projecting a set of Politicians as heroes. It was not unknown that efforts were being taken collectively by various Tamil Organizations, Tamil Political Parties, Academics, students of the Universities of the North and the East and such other organizations like the Batticaloa Tamilar Marumalarchi Kalaham that toiled hard for more than two years to bring all Tamil Political Parties under one umbrella to contest the General Election in 2004 as one Party with, one policy and on one symbol the ‘Rising Sun’ of the TULF. Every Tamil interested in Politics was fully aware of these arrangements but unfortunately some Politicians pretended to be knowing nothing about this and went ahead on their own agenda.

If this proposal, a product of the untiring efforts of Tamil organizations that lasted two years, had been implemented the result would have been wonderful. Very surprisingly, the blessings and the consent for this proposal came from the LTTE leader and his strong supporters like Taraki. The very redeeming feature in this proposal, which many had not taken note of, was that the LTTE was prepared to stop the war, which meant that they were ready for talks and stop fighting.

The consequences that would have been very favourable for a settlement of the ethnic issue were as follows:-

1. All the 22 candidates would have won the elections very democratically, unlike what happened in 2004 at which all the 22 won by unbelievable majority and also ironically one who lost in the morning won in the evening. All would have won, reminding the Tamil people, of the massive victory the TULF had at which candidates won with very large majorities at the General Election held in 1977.

2. The war would have stopped with the declaration of results the next day, that was 03-04-2004.

3. Talks would have started with the government soon after.

4. The lives saved would have been 50-100 thousand, comprised of poor innocent civilians, combatants, army personnel and thousands of many others.

5. Several billions worth of property would have been saved.

6. The number of missing persons would have been negligible.

7. Other benefits would have been many, very difficult to enumerate.

But what did happen? Who should be held responsible for all what had happened?
This is where I find fault with some media which are trying to conceal the truth from the innocent public, men women and children. The people want to know the answer from Mr.Mavai Senathiraja and Mr.R.Sampanthan both of whom cannot be allowed to dodge the issue indefinitely

I am now asking the leader of the TNA Mr.R.Sampanthan and Mr.Mavai Senathiraja the President of the ITAK, to search their conscience and tell the people if I am wrong in asking them as to why they are still clinging on to their positions in Parliament and in the Tamil society.

Except destroying me in politics by fraudulent means and thereby depriving the poor people of my services for a period of over 13 years, what had they done to our poor people who undergo untold hardships, while they are enjoying exemplary life.

I have made several allegations against them but they have not replied any. I demand a reply from them or in the alternative accept my allegations as true. I don’t know whether they are aware of the provisions in the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord for the President to release, under a general amnesty, the prisoners who are held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and such other related Acts, whether in remand or even convicted for offences committed. I also wish to remind them that the TULF had fought hard to have the new army camps and such other related security measures taken before the war, to be closed down or dismantled, now that the war was over seven years back. They should find a solution for all these or quit Parliament, giving room for others who can do it. Finally though last but not least in importance, will they deny, while being a Member of Parliament of the TULF, Mr.Mavai Senathiraja revived the Federal Party 26 years after the founder Hon.S.J.V.Chelvanayagam died, which act enabled the war to continue for five years after 2004 till 2009 which caused all the destructions mentioned in this article.

Although Mr.Mavai Senathiraja and Mr.R.Sampanthan were fully aware of the matters enumerated as above will they at-least now accept that so much of damage had been caused by making the people believe that the TNA was found by the LTTE. At that time the people were prepared to accept anything that came from the LTTE.

- Asian Tribune -

TULF wants a reply for all the charges leveled against Sampanthan and Mavai
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