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“Delhi should link the missing link, build understandings among all groups, for final solution:” Zeliang

By Oken Jeet Sandham
Kohima, 27 August, (

Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang expressed his optimism that there would be a final settlement to the protracted Naga political issue. He, however, stated that to reach such a stage, they all had to play a proactive role and the Government of India should play more than what they had been doing now.

Talking to a section of press here in his office chamber on Saturday, the Chief Minister disclosed his recent intense discussion with RV Ravi, Interlocutor to Naga peace talks, at Delhi with regard to the actual sense of “comprehensive solution” to the Naga issue. “I told him that he (Ravi) should take the risk of meeting leaders of other Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) to make them understand the process that has been going on for finding a permanent solution to the issue,” he narrated. “At the same time, he (Ravi) should take the responsibility to make NSCN (IM) chief, Muivah, understand that the participation of other NNPGs in final settlement of the Naga issue is essential.”

But the Interlocutor should make sure that Muivah did not react to the participation by other NNPGs while convincing him that he would also make sure that they (NNPGs) should not sabotage the final settlement, Zeliang said. Meanwhile, the Interlocutor should be able to talk to the leaders of NNPGs by even taking undertakings from them that they should in no way sabotage the process of settling the issue.

“I told Ravi that these are the missing links he had,” the Chief Minister pointed out. Because Ravi represented the Government of India and he had a full confidence of the Prime Minister towards finding a solution to the Naga political issue. But if the missing link was not linked and understanding between the NSCN (IM) and other NNPGs are not built, the very meaning of “inclusive solution” would continue to remain “elusive,” the Chief Minister reiterated.

Zeliang further expressed his happiness that the Interlocutor had taken his “suggestion” for solution seriously and even Muivah expressed his positive mind to the idea. He had even conveyed the same “suggestion” to the leader of GPRN/NSCN. They were all happy and even told him that “If Ravi invites us (GPRN/NSCN) officially, we are ready.”

“The same thing was also conveyed to NSCN (R) chief,” he stated.

“Now, the Government of India should take initiatives to engage in dialogues with the other NNPGs,” he asserted. “After all, they all have been fighting for the same cause that is to find a final settlement to the Naga political issue.”

One of the greatest achievements during the last 20 years of talks was that Ravi had come to the point of understanding about the “unique history” of the Naga people. The equally greatest achievement was Muivah and all other groups also came to the understanding what the Government of India could provide for a solution and what they could not provide. “So, I think the coming of understanding of each other’s difficulties is a positive sign,” Zeliang said.

“Whether I am in Chair or not, I will always work for the solution of the Naga issue,” Zeliang said and hoped that the entire Northeast would become peaceful once the Naga issue was resolved. “So I believe an inclusive solution is possible and a permanent peace can be expected,” he said.

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 TR Zeliang - Nagaland Chief Minister
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