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Northern Provincial Council For First-time Adjourned For want of Quorum

By K.T.Rajasingham
Jaffna, 05 September, (

The Provincial Council of the Northern Province was adjourned yesterday, for the first time, for want of quorum, as the Council earlier was able to steer through 103 sessions successfully, without any hiccup or hindrance.

Yesterday it was the 104th session of the Council and was presided over by its chairman C.V.K.Sivangnam.

When ‘Asian Tribune,’ contacted Sivangnam he said that the session went on smoothly till lunch.

He said when the session proceeded after the lunch break, there was quorum - 14 Councilors were present.
The chairman said out of the 38 Councilors, 13 was the required presence for the quorum.

He said that when there was no quorum, he as the chairman could adjourn the proceedings, or any one of the members of the council present could point out regarding the want of quorum to the assembly chairman.

He said, Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran informed him that he will not be able to be present to the assembly after lunch and got him excused.

But he added that, Minister of Women’s Affairs, Rehabilitation, Social Services, Co-operatives, Food Supply & Distribution, Industries & Enterprises Promotion and Trade & Commerce Ananthi Sasitharan, one of the ministers, was not present after lunch and she did not even care to inform him of her intended absence after the lunch break.

He said former ministers B.Deniswaran and P. Sathiyalingham were present in the assembly, when Sinnathurai Thavarajah, leader of the opposition brought to the notice of the assembly regarding the want of quorum.

The chairman said that, for that first quorum call, he told the assembly that one councilor, A.S.T.Raviharan has gone to the toilet and would be back and accordingly he came back and the session continued.

He said when for the second time Thavarajah brought to the notice, about the quorum, he was forced to adjourn the assembly as he was not left with any other alternatives.

When ‘Asian Tribune’ pointed out that recently in one of those assembly session, in response to some heated argument with Thavarajah, Leader of the Opposition, Chief Minister Wigneswaran pointed out that Thavarajah after being noticed by the UPFA Secretary General about his position as Leader of the Opposition, it was due to the dexterity of the chairman of the assembly he still remains in the position.

When ‘Asian Tribune,’ asked for the comment of the assembly chairman, he said that was his (Chief Minister’s) opinion. I have no comment. He added, “I did my duty to the best of my ability and this happened some time ago.”

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C.V.K.Sivangnam - Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council
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