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Sheikh Hasina, the Mother of humanity deserves Nobel peace prize, why not?

By Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman

This is for attention to all concern that the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has earned the reputation of the mother of humanity & star of the east for her humanitarian attitude and love and affection to one million Rohingya refugees from the neighbouring Myanmar over the burden of half a million already took shelter in cox's bazar.

She demanded that Myanmar military junta has to stop the ongoing Rohingya genocide in its Rakhine state. It has to take back their own people own citizen who have been facing ethnic cleansing and genocide in Myanmar. She also drows the attention of world community to put pressure on Myanmar military Junta.

Sheikh Hasina belives that to be a humanitarian nation it is not necessary to become the rich country. Today USA, UK, EU, Turkey, Malaysia, UNO etc. Stood beside her leadership and raised their helping hands, even Russia, Chaina and India did not oppose despite their business interest.

She has drawn the attention of Myanmar state counselor Nobel loreat Aung Sun Suky to take step to solve the Rakhine problem Applying her own initiative, and implementation of the Anan commission report which recommended to give back citizenship to Rohingya people and announce compensation to the effected people.

Right to citizenship is the inherent right of the rohingya's because they have been living in rakhine state for centuries'. It is the Myanamar who has created the problem and it has to solve it.

Sheikh Hasina 3time Prime minister of Bangladesh. Under her leadership Bangladesh is now a middle income Nation with a GDP of 7+ for last few years. Women empowerment, social sefetynet elc is the pride of Bangladesh under her leadership. She has earned honorary Ph.d from more them a dozen Universities such as Biswabharati University of India, Bostan University of US, Manchester University of UK, National University of Switzerland, Dhaka University of Bangladesh etc. She was also honoured with Ceres award, Champion of the earth, Mother of humanity, star of the east etc.

She diserves Nobel peace prize, why not?

1. Sheikh Hasina came back home in 1981 after 6 years living homeless abroad after the assassination of her father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. She took the risk of leading the democratic movement against the military rule. Her father, the founding father of Bangladesh Who were assassinated with his family members except two daughter Sheikh Hasina & sheikh Rehana as they were outside the country on that blacknight of 15 August 1975.

2. She fought for the cause of people and to establish democracy, constitutional rule and role of law and finally achieved those after 16 years of struggle against military rule and re-established democratic & constitutional rule fighting Military ruler General Ziaur Rahman & General Ershad and finally came to power in 1996 through general election in the country.

3. She tried the war terminals of 1971 under the law of the land. Three million people were killed and half a million women were raped by the then military junta of general Yahiya of Pakistan in 1971.

4. She successfully destroyed the den of so called Islamist terrorists declaring zero tolerance as her government's policy.

5. She solved the arm-insurgency of the hilly people of Chittagong hill tract through discussion with Santu Larma, the leader of insurgents, i-e she solved the political problem Politically. Before that military ruler Zia and Ershad tried to solve militarily, but failed.

6. She gave shelter to more than half a million Ruhingya, Mainly women & Children when Myanmar military backed government started ethnic cleansing and genocide in Rakhine state of Myanmar from 25th August 2017. Still Ruhingya Refugee influx continuing to save themselves from the gunshorts of Myanmar military.

7. She is a farsighted leader of the contemporary age and of-course respectable to humanity who did not hesitate to give shelter to newly entered half a million Ruhingya Refugees on the burden of a previous half a million who have crossed the border and took shelter in Cox'sbazar area of Bangladesh.

With these background Shikh Hasina diserves Nobel Preace Prize this year. If this time She is deprived of Nobel peace prize this will be treated as recial attitute of the committee. Soul of Alfred Nobel will accuse them.

Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman - The Writer a senior Journalist & President, National Press Club, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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 Sheikh Hasina - Bangladesh Prime Minister
Sheikh Hasina, the Mother of humanity deserves Nobel peace prize, why not?
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