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Unemployment prevailing in villages a contributory factor for eruption of violence- Additional Magistrate

By K.T.Rajasingham
Point Pedro, 04 October, (

The additional Magistrate P.Sivakumar observed that unemployment prevailing in the midst of Thunnalai East, Kudawattai and Kalikai villagers was the contributory factor for the eruption of violence in the midst of those villagers, when the cases against 47 villagers came up for hearing on last Monday.

In the last hearing, thirty-six villagers of Thunnalai East, Kalikai and Kudawattai were granted bail by the Point Pedro Additional Magistrate P. Sivakumar on Monday.

The Police has indiscriminately arrested innocent villagers of Thunnalai East, Kudawattai and Kalikai without any substantial evidence, but arrested those three villagers who protested the killing of a 25 year old Tamil youth, Yogarajah Dinesh, on the 8th of July, by two policemen in civil.

It was a common knowledge that, Point Pedro and Nelliyady police normally demands money from those villagers who were involved in the illegal mining and transport of sand.

P.Sivakumar, Additional Magistrate observed that unemployment prevailing in the midst of the villagers was the contributory factor for the eruption of violence in the midst of those villagers.

The killing of 25 year old Yogarajah Dinesh, who was brutally shot and killed by the Police – multiple gunshots injuries reported, the cause for the eruption of tension and violence, as a result, police took it wrongly as a challenge extended by the villagers to them, and were on the manhunt and indiscriminately arrested, harassed, assaulted, on whoever they managed to lay their hands at.

As the permanent Magistrate of Point Pedro Nalini Subaskran was on leave, P.Sivakumar, the District Judge, Point Pedro, who was also the Additional Magistrate heard the cases, when the cases against the villagers came up for hearing on Monday.

Additional Magistrate Sivakumar while granting bail for 36 villagers out 47 held in custody, observed that it is not fair to keep the entire villagers for a long period - more than two and a half months and reprimanded the police action of hounding villagers, arresting and remanding them.

Additional Magistrate further noted that most of those suspects held on custody were breadwinners of their respective families and no allegations has been brought against them for the damage of Navy and police vehicles and Police post, under the offences against Public Property Act and bail has to be granted on special grounds.

The Additional Magistrate was of the view that humanitarian consideration should be taken into account when deciding the issue of granting bail.

Accordingly, he granted bail to those 36 accuse who were head of families.

The balance 11 accuse, who were bachelors and their cases were postponed for hearing on the 16th of this month.

He also observed, if in case affidavits were filed by those balance accuses stating special circumstances and reasons for release, the court was prepared consider, when the cases comes up for hearing on the 16th of this month.

The court ordered them to be released on a two-man surety bail of Rs.200,000 each and in some cases for Rs.100,000.

After the order to release on bail was issued, relatives and friends of those who were released on bail were shocked to note that, there was more than four to five case were filed by the police against each person, who were granted bail.

To release an accused on bail, more than seven to eight persons has to sign sureties.

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