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Who is a moron?

By S.H.Moulana

The challenge US president, Donald Trump, has thrown at his own Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson for an IQ test is the headline news not only in the US media but worldwide.

This challenge came from the president after Tillerson called him a moron.

Who is a moron? According to Oxford English dictionary moron means a stupid person.

Donald Trump claims that his IQ is much higher than two former presidents - Barak Obama and George W. Bush. In the meantime Stephen Hawking says ‘People who boast their IQ are losers.'

Stephen Hawking who is undeniably towards the top of the smart-scale did not hold back while giving his opinion on people who gloat about their IQ.

What is IQ? It is ‘Intelligence Quotient’.

We hope that the current clash between the president and his secretary of state will not aggravate creating another exit from his top staff which is already been dubbed as ‘Rexit’ coined from the word 'Brexit'-Britain's exit from European Union.

We recall what a Trump confident had to say recently about the president and his staff at the White House. He likened the president to a whistling tea pot, saying that when he does not blow off steam he can turn into a pressure cooker and explode. ‘I think we are in pressure cooker territory.’

By the way in a recent interview Trump has claimed that he is the first person to use the word ‘fake’, in another way he invented it but authentic record states the criminals in England were called ‘fake’ in the 18th century and the term ‘fake news’ appeared describing suspect stories in newspapers in 1890.

The meaning of this word ‘fake’ according to Oxford dictionary is not genuine, a forgery or sham.

Any way there is no dull moment with this man Trump in the White House, whatever Tillerson had to call him.

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Mr Trump challenged Mr Tillerson to an IQ-off
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