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Sivangnam highly critical of President, Prime Minister, Justice Minister & Attorney General

By K.T.Rajasingham
Jaffna, 13 October, (

The Northern Provincial Council Assembly Chairman C.V.K. Sivangnam was highly critical of the ‘Yahapalana (Good) Government, as well as at the Attorney General for the present political quagmire in the North and East.

The Council Chairman Sivangnam said that it was disappointing and tantalizing to note that the government has failed in bringing about equity & justice to the Tamil Political Prisoners in particular and Tamils as a whole in general.

He asserted that it was highly erroneous on the part of the Attorney General to come forward to change the venue of the court on the request of witnesses, who have been attending the High Court of Vavuniya as witnesses against the Tamil Political Prisoners, not once, but well over for 58 times, without a report of any threat or intimidation experienced by them.

Sivangnam when speaking to ‘Asian Tribune’ told that a resolution was adopted in the Provincial Council Assembly on the 6th of October against Attorney General’s intention of transferring the venue of the cases against the Tamil Political Prisoners from the High Court of Vavuniya to Anuradhapura.

He added that in his capacity as the Chairman of the Council, he conveyed the decision of the Council to the President, Prime Minister, Minister of Justice and also to the Attorney General.

He further added that, in his personal capacity he brought this to the notice of Austin Fernando, Secretary to the President and urged him to take up this issue with the Government. Sivangnam made it known that Austin Fernando too in his personal capacity has brought this matter to the notice of the Attorney General, but he said, it was not well taken up by the Attorney General.

According to Sivangnam, Attorney General was acting erroneously. He went on to say that in any normal circumstances, request for the change of court is made by the accuse in a particular case. Also Police too make such a request. But he said that, both of them has not made any request for the change of the court venue, but it was the witnesses who made such an abnormal request and the Attorney General has decided to accede to such requests.

The High Court in Vavuniya could have been allowed to continue with the cases against the Tamil Political Prisoners and in the event witnesses failed to turn up for a case, court could either decide to issue arrest warrants against those absentee witnesses, or the court can decide to continue the cases without witnesses.

Cases against the Tamil Political Prisoners were going on in the Vavuniya High Court since from 2013 and witnesses have attended 58 times in Vavuniya. He said that there is no acceptable reason for the Attorney General to change the venue of the court. He said such action demands condemnation.

The Chairman of Northern Provincial Council said that he went to Anuradhapura Prisons to meet the Tamil Political Prisoners on the 7th of October. He said along with him, Northern Provincial Councilors M.K. Sivajilingham, Dr. Sathiyalingham, S.Sukirthan, V. Thavanathan and Ananthy Sasitharan, who is also a Minister of the Northern Provincial Council, took part in the meetings.

He said there were 21 Tamil Political Prisoners at the Anuradhapura Prisons and met some of the Tamil Political Prisoners in two batches.

Firstly, according to Sivangnam, they met three prisoners on hunger strike and again they met 10 more prisoners.

Sivangnam candidly told that the provincial council delegation listened to the grievances and hardship the prisoners were undergoing and did not render any advice to them in the form of dissuading them with their protest.

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C.V.K. Sivangnam
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