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TULF to contest all wards in all Local Bodies at the forthcoming Elections

Colombo, 06 November,

V.Andasangaree - Secretary General - TULF in a press statement said that With the announcement of the government, regarding the holding of Elections to the local bodies, it has become necessary for the TULF to inform, the Tamil people living all over the country, about the stand that the TULF will take in respect of the elections.

He said, “I need not tell the people that the TULF founded by Hon.S.J.V.Chelvanayagan Q.C and Hon.G.G.Ponnambalam Q.C. is one of the few political parties that have all rights to go before the people to solicit their support. Therefore the TULF has decided to nominate candidates to contest all local bodies for which election is going to be held. “

Andasangaree added that request had been made by various political parties to join us to form an alliance to fight the elections. Unfortunately due to obvious reasons we are unable to decide immediately as to join with which party or parties to form the alliance, since joining one is not acceptable to another.

“Therefore”, Andasangaree, further said, Quote the TULF has decided to contest all wards in all local bodies to which election is to be held. But we are agreeable to consider accommodating any political party that is willing to join us. “

The TULF desires to take the Tamil people back to the situation that prevailed in 2004 when Tamil organizations, Political Parties, Academics, University students and such others jointly supported a common front with one policy and common symbol the ‘Rising Sun’.

This was fully backed by the LTTE and people like Taraki. As regards common front their view was that all Tamil Parties and groups in the North and the East should be brought under one Tamil National umbrella regardless of their deep divisions and regardless of the long association with military and allegations of right abuses. We are agreeable to that suggestion.

As regards Admission of the militant groups their view was that the LTTE had no objection at all to the TELO and the EPRLF joining the alliance but was very keen that the two groups should be brought under the Tamil National umbrella, as soon as possible. They were also eager that PLOTE too should join the Alliance. This was at a time when PLOTE, EPRLF and TELO were officially working with the Sri Lanka army in intelligence and counter insurgency operations in the North East.

We are not trying to humiliate any individuals or any organizations. We also don’t want to dig into the past. We are worried of the Golden opportunity we missed in 2004 due to some self interested persons. We now feel like going back to the 2004 period and starting our non-violent struggle is the best course open to us under the present circumstances.

We therefore very sincerely appeal to all Tamils wherever they are to join us and march forward with everyone who would like to join us, be they individuals or organizations committed to a common policy to be agreed on.

I humbly request everyone interested in joining the TULF to fight the forth coming Local Elections to contact me and decide on a common programme.Un-Quote

- Asian Tribune -

TULF to contest all wards in all Local Bodies at the forthcoming Elections
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