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Mental health’ at highest level!

By S.H.Moulana

We read about a white man, Stephen Paddock, killing 58 innocent people watching a concert in Las Vegas from his hotel room in the 32nd floor with his fully automatic weapon while injuring 546 people some of whom will be permanently disabled.

Now we read another white man, Devin Kelly, has shot and killed 26 people in a church in Texas, with his semi-automatic gun, the youngest being just five and the oldest of 72 years of age.

Also in between these two tragedies we read about another massacre in New York. A brain washed young Uzbek, Sayfulla Saipov, ploughed through a bicycle path using a pick- up truck he hired for the purpose and thus killing 8 people and injuring 11 people.

Now president Trump saw the killing in New York as more serious although the casualties in the other two tragedies outnumbered the one in New York by a large margin.

He stressed on his ban on immigrants from certain countries but this Uzbek is not from those countries he has listed.

From Japan Trump had this to say on the church killing ‘Not gun situation: Trump blames ‘mental health’ at highest level.

We would like to ask him that having such a lot of deranged people why do they still sell guns to them?

There are 16,000 murders taking place yearly in the US and a large majority of them are gun related, however Trump ignores this truth for the simple reason America’s Rifle Association (ARA) is one of the leading contributor for his election fund.

If the gun defenders still argue that it is for self-defense why people are allowed to own even automatic weapons normally used in war.

There are people who own dozens of guns left unprotected at home even the kids to play around.

It is extremely sad that the politicians there value the fund from ARA more than the lives of the innocent people who get killed every day.

American football player Steven Magee once said “I think we may have reached the point where guns need to be confiscated even from police officers.”

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 Steven Magee - American Football Player
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