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Is Israel indeed losing its hold over USA?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Israel owes entirely to USA its existence as a fanatic fascist outfit inside Palestine in Mideast, for, the USA willingly shields it from punishment for its crimes against humanity by using its veto on the UN.

Therefore, if one thinks so then that could only be an illusion. Israel cannot and will not lose its hold over USA and America would not let Israel stay alone because Israel is the symbol of US-UK brand imperialism.

What is most worrisome is that this time, Israeli strategists argue, it was President Donald Trump who threw us to the four winds — though viewed as Israel’s great terror ally-friend. It turns out that when it comes to actions Trump, like Obama, didn’t deliver the “goods.”

World had expected President Obama to reign in the fascist Zionist criminal regime in West Asia so that peace is allowed to herald in the region. He did not or could not do that and let Israel as powerful as ever. Now with the arrival of Trump Israel, though opposed him during the poll, got a shot in it s terror arm. Israel had expected the supposed Mossad agent Mrs. Hillary Clinton to defeat “erratic” Trump to continue with the pro-Israeli policies. It took time, therefore, for Israel to recover from the disappointment and disillusionment over Clinton exit. But as Trump came to office Israel and its Mossad plus the powerful Jewish community USA began getting closer to the White House and Netanyahu became a special guest of Trump whose Jewish son in law is playing his worth make USA a Zionist proxy.

So, whenever Israel tells there is something wrong with US policy for Israel or West Asia, it only wants US president to remember that it was USA and UK that created Israel as a spoiled foisted child and it’s their prime duty to shield all its crimes against humanity.

European states were fed up with criminal-terrorist operations of Jews in the continent and UK got rid of them by carving out a separate Israel in 1948 within Palestine by killing and pushing the Palestinians out of their lands. Israel continues the expansionist policy inside Palestine with de facto US-UK backing.

Obviously, taking shelter behind western imperialism, Israel wants to control the world through USA – at least West Asia- and decides the political course in West Asia with US support.

Today, Israel is the most terrific nation in West Asia with huge piles of terror goods and stolen WMD, creating a perpetual existential threat to Palestinians and other Arabs.

Today, as the one of the most deadly powers of Asia, Israel wants to decide the course of West Asia, it opposes US-Iran nuclear deal for regional peace and stability and now it refers to the US-Russia deal on Syria as a ‘strategic failure’ of the highest level.

Israel pretends to be panicky over recent US moves on Iran and Russia. Arrogant Zionism claims that USA threw Israel ‘under the fast running bus’ for the second time in a row. The first time was the nuclear agreement with Iran, the second time is now that the US ‘ignores’ the fact that Iran is obtaining territorial continuity to the Mediterranean Sea and Israel’s northern border.

Not wanting another nuclear power in the region to Israel badly wants USA to attack Iran on any fake pretext as none would question the legitimacy of American illegal wars for resources even in modern times of ’advanced democracy’.

Since 1948 Israel coordinated with USA and UK in all sort of global operations, including pre-planned terror attacks for which the official terrorist organizations take the blame, though they refuse to claim to be the executors of Sept-11 hoax.

President Trump should reopen the investigation on the Sept-11 since today more facts have come to light.

The Mossad pushed the Israeli regime to fight for US war on Iran along side with ISIS. Yossi Cohen, the head of the Israeli Mossad, painted a dismal forecast at a meeting of the government on Aug. 13. The West Asian region is changing to our detriment,” he told the ministers, noting that Iran has experienced economic growth since the signing of the agreement. According to Cohen, there is a presence in the region not only of Iran and Lebanon (Hezbollah), but also numerous Shiite forces from all over the world that are rushing to the region. This constitutes an expansion trend that must be a cause of concern for USA and Israel.

Backed and aided heavily by USA and Europe, Israel is focused on militarization of Israel with high precision terror goods. No Arab nation is capable of fighting Israel because of US back up.

Like other terror organizations, like Al Qaeda and Taliban, ISIS is also invented by USA-Israel to sustain the error wars for too long. Israeli PM B Netanyahu added fuel to the fire when he said, “the Islamic State [ISIS] is exiting, Iran is coming in. … Our policy is clear: We firmly oppose the military buildup of Iran and its proxies — primarily Hezbollah — in Syria. And we will do whatever it takes to protect Israel’s security.”

Troubled by the anti-corruption case would put him in jail, Netanyahu has been promoting a law that would allow him to declare war without authorization of the government or the Cabinet. He wants to escape punishments as Isreali military chiefs are safe even after killing Palestinians in thousands. Netanyahu wants to have sole authority to approve such an assault. It is not clear if the Knesset would foolishly authorize such a law and save Netanyahu from punishment, but the effect on the region of this publication is crystal clear: An Israeli attack on Iranian or Hezbollah infrastructures in Lebanon or in Syria would mean all-out, open war between the sides and Israel expects USA also to take part in war and genocides.

Israel, more than USA, is eager to have war to further expand its territories and kill Muslims. This is another development in the war of nerves that has been waged in the area for some time. To many international observers, this is reminiscent of Israel’s threat regarding Iranian nuclear activity that led to intensification of the international sanctions imposed on Iran and, ultimately, to the nuclear agreement itself.

Going by the past experiences, Israel is damn sure USA and UK would stand by it obediently. Ever since the onset of the war in Syria, Hezbollah has become more independent and does not defer automatically to Iranian authority as in the past. This is the direct result of the fact that Hezbollah bore most of the combat burden in Syria, paid the highest blood price and invested its main forces in the struggle.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wants Iranian power secured including on Israel’s border fence to block Israeli misadventures and he wants direct Iranian might — without middlemen. In the emerging reality, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will soon have accessibility to environs close to Israel. This has tremendous strategic significance for Iran and region but constitutes no dramatic game changer in the region. Iran’s security cannot be Israel’s threat.

While Hezbollah does have significant rocket and missile power, most of its capabilities are not precise like those of the Iranians. And precision is the name of the game. Anyone capable of threatening power centers in Israel with precise hits — airports, army bases and strategic targets — will enjoy a real edge in case of war. If the Iranians succeed in attaining a presence in Syria and Lebanon close to Israel’s borders, this means that they directly threaten Israel’s most strategic targets from short range. Israel seeking to threaten entire region does not want that. If we translate this reality into terms using chess game logic Israel says Iran would directly threaten ‘our king’, while Israelis are eager to check the king in Tehran. Netanyahu himself said: Israel will do whatever it takes to protect its security by coercing USA t attack Iran on Israel’s behalf.

Israel is convinced that Iran fomented the commotion surrounding the metal detector crisis on the Temple Mount in recent weeks.

Iran’s goal has been to interfere with Israeli efforts to convince the Americans and Russians of the need to distance Iranian influence from Syria and Lebanon, as part of the emerging cease-fire agreement. Israel, for its part, now has embarked on a global public diplomacy blitz on the fake “Iranian threat”. Hawkish Education Minister Naftali Bennett himself an illegal settler claims Israel being an innocent weak power and explains all the ‘dangers’ of Iranian expansion in the Middle East. He tells USA: “In essence, Iran is basically establishing a Shiite crescent now that will encompass territorial continuity from the Persian Gulf, via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon”. “This is a major Shiite victory that creates a clear and present danger for poor Israel. The world was horrified by ISIS, even though the group’s main successes were in creating scary video clips and taking quick control over desert territories.

Israeli security sources claim, Iran is transferring Sunni populations from areas being evacuated by ISIS in Syria, bringing in their stead Shiite populations. The goal is to maintain the territorial continuity that they are trying to create between the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean Sea. Israeli worry is Iran is winning big time strategically — at the expense of Israel and of the West that now views Iran as a stabilizing force. The West ignores the fact that “Iran continues to disseminate terror and revolution in many places in the region.”

Israel wants to USA to listen to what Netanyahu says and do just that.

Against this background, Israel’s disappointment over US policy is increasing. USA added Israel in meetings on Syria. Before the formulation of the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria, three-way meetings were held between Israel and the USA and Russia. Israel transmitted all its demands and worries. But at the end of the day, the actual agreement being drawn up does not at all deal with Iranian involvement or penetration.

Israelis annoyed with Washington for ignoring its long term interests of expansionism and genocides. “the Russians also don’t understand what we want from them. As far as they are concerned, Iran is a stabilizing element in the region. When we note that Iran announces its desire to destroy Israel over and over, they laugh. Don’t take them seriously, it I just a rhetoric and noting more. How can the Russians advise us?”

Israel does not have high expectations from both USA and Russia on the subject. As of now, the Trump government is indifferent to the Iranian issue; its main focus is to achieve a prestigious success for the president: victory over ISIS. “To achieve that Russians and Americans are willing to allow Iran to reach Israel’s front lines. As far as we are concerned, this is simply a disaster.”

Zionist gimmicks do not work exactly the way it id din the past. World now knows what Zionism is all about and how it works in Palestine.

Will Israel launch another attack on Gaza?

Hamas says convinced Israel will launch an attack in order to divert the world attention on his problems and US-Russian promoting Iranian interests.

Hamas has assessed that hawkish Israeli PM B. Netanyahu is planning a military operation in the Gaza Strip to deflect public opinion from the criminal investigations against him in Israel. Already, on Aug. 9, Israeli air force planes attacked two Hamas targets in northern Gaza Strip targeting the Shati refugee camp in response to the firing of a toy rocket from Gaza (presumably by some Zionist agents in Palestine) that as usual landed in an open area of the Hof Ashkelon Local Council.

Israeli anti-missile system stops any real rocket that enters Israeli territory and only toy missiles enter Israel and fall down like dead crackers. Only mad fellows would fire toy missiles into Israel knowing the terror prowess of Israel.

The attack on Hamas’ military posts and on the Shati refugee camp — where Ismail Haniyeh, the head of Hamas’ political bureau, lives — was viewed by the movement’s leadership as additional proof of their assessment that Israel is planning an escalation and preparing for a major military operation.

The heads of Hamas’ military wing, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, view the airstrikes as a clear attempt to draw Hamas into a confrontation. The announcement the organization made immediately after the attacks leaves no room for doubt about how they see the situation: “This is crossing a dangerous line for which Israel will bear the consequences. We will not allow Gaza to be turned into a testing field for Israeli ammunition.”

This is not the first time that Hamas leaders have been convinced that Israel was planning a military operation to divert public opinion from domestic issues. They also thought this just before Operation Cast Lead in 2008.

Tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip in recent days reached heights not seen since the cease-fire at the conclusion of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge in 2014 that killed thousands of Palestinians, including children.

The organization’s military wing has beefed up its military forces along the length of the border with Israel. Hamas’ military posts, including the two hit days ago, are now being manned 24/7 due to concerns about a possible Israeli invasion.

Even if Hamas’ evaluation of the situation is based on circumstantial evidence, it shows that the group’s higher-ups are well-informed about what goes on in Israel. The movement’s leaders receive a collection of translated news bits and commentaries from the Israeli media on a daily basis. In addition, they have access to analyses by Israel experts voicing their opinions on the politics and money diplomacy behind events. Of course, Hamas is mainly interested in how events might affect the Gaza Strip.

Some among the leadership, including Haniyeh and Mahmoud al-Zahar, argued that Israel was planning a comprehensive military operation to bolster former PM Ehud Barak’s political standing. At the time, Barak was defense minister and Labor Party chairman, and general elections were scheduled for early 2009. It was not clear whether the Israeli public was aware that Barak was dragging the Israeli army into a war simply to improve his standing in the polls prior to the elections. Given that repeated military operations indeed began a later can easily explain why this view is widespread today among the Hamas leadership.

Palestinian residents along the border with Israel in northern Gaza are saying that Hamas has been beefing up its forces, including posting lookouts to track the movement of Israeli forces. Hamas’ military wing is only deployed in emergencies and when tensions between the sides increase. The inhabitants here know that when there is movement along the length of the border, that is a sign of imminent war, and then they prepare as well.

The movement’s leadership is taking seriously the possibility that Netanyahu will initiate military moves. “We are prepared for anything and everything”. “This is also what we said today, that we will not sit silently by while Israel starts up with us.” Residents and policemen had been injured in the Aug. 9 attack. The patience of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades will ultimately be worn down.

Meanwhile, the Israeli side always keeps a close watch on Hamas’ preparations for another confrontation. Hamas has been working on restoring the terror infrastructure destroyed in the 2014 confrontation. Israeli intelligence efforts have continuously worked to uncover Hamas military infrastructure since Operation Protective Edge. Hamas is operating in a civilian arena and under the cover of a civilian population, preparing its infrastructure for the next conflict within the civilian arena, such as civilian residences, schools and mosques. In these buildings are military headquarters, storerooms of weapons and rocket launchers.

Even if Hamas’ concerns over a politics-driven military confrontation are baseless, it would be a mistake to ignore them. This is because the concerns themselves and resultant tensions could lead to violent conflict. Take, for example, what happened with the rocket shot at Israel, most likely by one of the pro-Mossad rogue organizations in the Gaza Strip that does not obey the Hamas leadership. Hamas argued that Israel made up the rocket story to ratchet up tension in Gaza and views the Israeli response as an attempt to escalate the violence.

Israel is not happy that USA does not any more back Israeli state terror attacks on the besieged Palestine. It would try to woo President Trump to behave and support Israel as his prime duty as US president.

Hamas is convinced that Israel is gearing up for a war sooner than later. Anyone who wants to avert this next conflagration had best convince them that they are perhaps mistaken. The bottom line is that when each side misreads the intentions of the other, it can draw both into a round of fighting.



More US terror goods for Israel!

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  Is Israel indeed losing its hold over USA?
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