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‘Love’ Cannot Defeat Modi or BJP

By Atul Cowshish - Syndicate Features

The newly minted Congress president, Rahul Gandhi, thinks he can defeat Narendra Modi or the party that he runs with fellow Gujarati, the portly Amit Shah, with ‘love’.

Like his many attempts to win elections, this one too may fail to achieve the desired result. The reason is simple. Love, the ‘weapon’ of Rahul Gandhi’s choice, has been thoroughly blunted by M/s Modi & Co with the help of violence and hate used by vigilante and proxy groups that have vowed to neutralize ‘love’.

The only familiarity with the word ‘love’ that such groups and the leaders behind them have is with the term ‘love jihad’, which has become synonymous with murderous attacks in the name of ‘saving’ Hindu women from amorous advances of lecherous Muslims. A BJP leader in Aligarh (UP) had slapped in full public view a Hindu girl when she found her with a Muslim man. When the video of the incident went viral, the leader actually justified her action, sending a clear signal that ‘love’ is not the favoured sentiment.

‘Love’ has apparently negative connotations in the BJP and Sangh Parivar lexicon. It is a red rag for the entire Sangh Parivar when they find two young adults or teen-agers from the opposite sex and two different communities cosying up to each other. ‘Love’ has been totally detached from affection because it is allegedly used to entice gullible women to swell the ranks of ‘jehadis’.

Every BJP leader has a ready list of quotes from Opposition leaders, mostly from the Congress, who have shown no ‘love’ when referring to the demi-god figure of Modi. So, how can you expect the ‘love’ weapon to strike at Modi or his party?

Even if Rahul Gandhi exhibits some ‘love’ for Modi the latter is sure to spurn it. It will be embarrassing for the man now occupying the highest executive post in the country to accept ‘love’ from a man he had described as far back as 2004 (while managing L.K. Advani’s Lok Sabha poll campaign) as fit not to be hired ‘even as a clerk or driver’. If it hurts clerks and drivers, treat it as a ‘jumla’ and remember the remark was made to show no ‘love’ for Rahul Gandhi.

It was left to a union minister, Giriraj Singh, to trace racial overtones in the word ‘love’. It is like this: Rajiv Gandhi, Rahul’s father, fell in love with an Italian senorita during his Cambridge days and married her. Racialism came in the form of subsequently adding a white foreign element to the dynasty when Rajiv’s widow was appointed the Congress president. Posing a rhetorical question, the minister, speaking in 2015, had implied that the Congress leader, who duly became the prime minister after his mother’s assassination, was a ‘racist’ as he would not have married a black woman; or if he had she would not have been elected party president.

As a politician learning fast to take on a Goliath in a verbal arena, Rahul Gandhi may imagine that ‘love’ is as potent as a Mohammad Ali punch but Modi, his allegedly chief rival, was never flattened by love-fisted gloves. Modi effortlessly plays the victim card that leaves no scope for the counter-punch. Dare one take Modi on in a pit of hate and venom?

Call him a ‘chaiwala’ or something he finds derogatory and Modi is fully charged, looking to vanquish the last of the progenies of the ‘Moghul dynasty’, Hindu misanthropes, Gujarati-haters, ‘vikas’-saboteurs, treacherous conspirators, sickular libtards and so on. For a man who had famously boasted of a ’56-inch’ chest, a ‘Jersey cow’, or her ‘hybrid calf’ can hold no terror. No love even for the ‘Gau Mata’ if she is Italian! Make in India, please.

It was therefore natural for the ruling party to start a chain protest against the suspended Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s for using the word ‘neech’ when he was replying to a question on Modi, a man compared to God by a minister who has since been elevated to a higher position, and to Lord Krishna by a BJP stalwart, Shakshi Maharaj after he had duly certified Rahul Gandhi ‘mad’ because he could not tell, it was alleged by the ascetic BJP politician, the difference between wheat and maize.

Moved to tears, Modi had asked Gujarati audiences in the recent poll campaign to take revenge for ‘insulting’, devoid of ‘love’, remarks used against him and his humble origins. Dr. Manmohan Singh, Modi’s predecessor, could not have been ‘loved’ by his opponents when he said that he did not want to enter into competition on a person’s humble background.

It was no sign of love when Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, another BJP stalwart from the long line of Sadhhus and Sadhvis in the BJP, had trashed the Robert Vadra family. In remarks she made in December 2014, she seemed to make it clear that she did not think much of shopkeepers. She had derisively referred to ‘utensil shop’ that the Vadra family ran before Robert married Rahul Gandhi’s sister Priyanka and allegedly embarked on a path of robbing the poor.

But give here credit for being a BJP ‘neta’ who was actually all for love, filial love to be precise. ‘Choose between Ramzadon and Haramzadon’ she had thundered at a rally in December 2014. Ramzade, of course, are those who worship Lord Ram—Hindus—while Haramzades are the progenies of—well, you know. Love to polarise?

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