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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 106

A wicked world

By S.H.Moulana

We hear about 'mother's day', 'father's day', 'children's day' and even 'animals' day' but are these days are sincerely observed and followed?

I would say absolutely not but they are only symbolic and an opportunity for the politicians to get on to a stage and shed few 'fake' tears, showing their sympathy for the mankind. Where are these people who pour so much sympathy to save the innocent civilians from the catastrophic situation they undergo in the hands of super powers to fill their greed.

Will this ever end? Their war is always seen on a foreign land and not in their own.

Syria was a beautiful country with self-sufficiency in oil and most of the agricultural products. Many of these items could be seen in gulf markets too.

Practically all bordering countries enjoyed this luxury for their heart contents until 2011, when the conflict broke up in the country. Long before that many Syrians have been complaining high unemployment in the country under president Bashar Al-Assad, who succeeded his father Hafez in year 2000.

As the current unrest spread, the crackdown intensified.

Opposition supporters began to take up arms. Assad vowed to crush this and restore state control. Why this unrest has lasted as long as 7 years, so far, is something nobody could understand. Obviously the involvement of the external powers who are accused of fostering sectarianism is the cause.

Syria has been a secular country even during the period of current ruler’s father.

Involvement of USA, Russia Turkey, Iran and lately Israel has complicated the issue further.

While USA is determined to see Assad is ousted Russia and Iran are protecting him tooth and nail. Turkey is specifically interested not to allow Kurds to take an upper hand being supported by USA.

Everyone knows that the rivalry between Kurds and Turkey is deep rooted. In the meantime Israel, which is forcibly occupying two third of Syria’s Golan Heights, keeps targeting Assad’s army’s strategic places.

Israel is still puzzled and worried why Iran sent drone into it's airspace. However, Putin's phone call with Netanyahu put an end to Israeli strikes in Syria.

Israel believes Syria strikes took out nearly half of Assad's air defenses but the real truth could be known only from neutral observers. In the meantime displaced Syrians are no more concerned who is ruling them as long as peace and harmony return to their country.

Already 4.8 million refugees have left the country out of the 17 million population and another 6.6 million people have been internally displaced.

Added to this 300,000 innocent people have laid their lives for the sophisticated weapons of the assorted forces of five to six countries.

The terrorist group ISIS which is also contributed to the death toll is now almost eliminated. Syrians living in the gulf always recall the wonderful time they had in their country.

One particular very close contact of mine had tears in his eyes when he spoke of the days before year 2011.

He said that his two floor house was brought to ground level and there is no trace of where it stood once.

Syria is in a worse state than Iraq and Libya which also had to undergo super power’s adventure in the name of introducing democracy in those countries.

What a beautiful country Syria was?.... and now in ruin!

- Asian Tibune –

Syrian war of the city of Aleppo. One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.
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