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Indo South African cricket match fixing to remove Prez Jacob Zuma?

By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Can cricketers also play politics? Why not? Can they be used to bring down a government by making them underplay? Have Indian and South African teams played for the down fall of president Zuma?

Apparently the removal of South African Prez Jacob Zuma was the target of Indo-South African cricket teams, though I there is n authenticated reports in this regard.

Outcomes of cricket matches are linked to the same other issues. South African President has been forced to resign because S by visiting India.

So PM Modi is safe now.

South African President was removed because they lost cricket series to India.

Cricket match fixing, South Africa debacle and President Zuma removal

Cricket match fixing in South Africa had been fixed to remove President Zuma with a deliberate debacle.

South Africa has to offer one 100 to one of Indian players!
That is the Indian cricketism, IPL rule.

Indo-South African ed several times But Indian circlet board BCCI and its SA version seem to have fixed the ODI in favor of India. So, SA bowlers are weak and carefree to offer at east one full 100 to a top batboy, if the top ones fail then next persons in order would get it - even Dhoni could hope for it if others fail.

Once agreements are made South African IPL fellows must oblige India team whether India plays in India or abroad.

Not just that. SA bowlers should not attack poor Indian batboys and let them all shine, Indian wickets cannot be taken by A as per rule and Indian batboys would throw away their wicket on their own volition when they want.

Only error can make an Indian wicket fall. SA wont target Indian wickets, stumps, etc.

As per the agreements, SA bowlers should not trouble Indian batboys so that they make as many fake records as possible.

Are not Indians in South Africa smart enough?

In fact, Indian cricket team has forced SA President Zuma to resign from presidency after he was removed from power. That is because their cricket team deliberately lost to visiting Indian team of Guptas.

Indian PM Modi should feel relieved that they are playing in SA to oust him from power and let Zuma go to hell as he has ruled many years. But IPL and ISL etc must be on course to get him also out. .

Interestingly, both teams are now busy playing another format T20 India playing with same players. PM and finance minister deliberately deny other young players chances to serve their country Mother India by being in at least one format.

Will PM Modi be kind to consider their inner voice?

Already India has asked SA to bowl first and offer at least 200 runs in 2o overs without targeting the stumps. And South African fraud shave obliged Indian regime and BCCI.

Like Sri Lanka, South Africans are very trust worthy team with kind bowlers who would go all out to promote India batboys with big scores sand they themselves deliberately lose and add insult to their nation.
So What?

It is between two nations and they relate cricketism with regime change.

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