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Edward Dauris Thank You

By A. Patabendige

Edward Dauris, the British High Commissioner, hopefully led the last charge of the lost empire on the miniscule SL Foreign Ministry. It was to protest and demand the recall of Defence Attache in London, 6 foot infantry Brigadier (Brig) Priyanka Fernando.

Brig Fernando had on SL Independence Day stood up to the outlawed ‘Tiger’ LTTE terrorist flag bearing rented mob trampling the SL flag in front of the SL High Commission.

What Brig Fernando did not bargain for was British humor that even a member of the Royal family indulged in. Outlawed terrorist symbols, even Nazi Swastikas, are worn to entertain those who need cheap thrills in swinging London. So with ‘Tiger’ emblems.

To Duaris ‘Tigers’ in London trampling the SL flag that he stood up for that morning with 2 Royals in Colombo must have looked funny. Were any Union (I am alright) Jacks (with 3 Lions’) ever treated like that in independent SL even to amuse British High Commissioners?

Dauris’ arrogant action tipped the balance of support at the recent local government elections. He almost single handed confirmed the suspicions of many that the TNA/ITAK, former mouth organs of the LTTE, treated reconciliation only as a sly bargaining chip to power .That fading ‘rainbow’ (borrowed from South Africa) government went merrily along with the UK and US that gave nix. It got all its dollars from China. This ‘reconciliation’ act was much like the LTTE leader’s Eelam cry that never fails to excite well rewarded British MPs and possibly officials. They despite appearing to ‘understand’ SL’s ‘problems’, overlooked LTTE atrocities for half the conflict.

Did Dauris not know of the above quotation from the ‘Charge’ which clearly showed the hypocrisy, character and caliber of prominent SL leaders in power? He must have realized that hypocrites who from 2015 only pretended to be partners would never have the spunk, guts and blood to stand up to caricatures of Dixit like Viceroy Pretenders after 2015. Before 2015 they would have been invited to Embilipitiya to lodge protests under the shade of tamarind trees. Did Dauris, despite mounting evidence to the contrary, believe SL was ripe for a replay of Imperial adventures not by troops in tin hats this time but by over bearing diplomatic tin pots?

“….Ranil Wickememasinghe showed his inherent hatred towards the Sinhalese and especially Sinhalese Buddhists’. (‘Page 16- Charge of the Lion Brigade’- Patali Champika Ranawaka 2009)

Little did Dauris think that the toadies he had counted as his close support fans and tale carriers in SL were a despised and absolute minority even while they were evaporating rapidly? However they were able to give the impression that the country was foolishly with them.

When the Foreign Ministry capitulated immediately, Dauris must have expected HM misled government to offer him the ’SL Totally Pulverized’ campaign medal. The terrorist leader VP himself would if he was alive rewarded Dauris with the Battle of Eelam 4.5 medal for going into a froth standing up for the ‘peaceful’ LTTE supporters/supplicants in London. Guess who would have joined at least 2 SL politicians looking for an Oslo medal for the peace of the LTTE grave yards? This is over the dead bodies of 600 surrendered policemen who without question obeyed the orders of Premadasa’s UNP government that included RW as a minister no less. They, less the Tamil police officers, were all murdered. How many of the LTTE murderers were present on 4 February 2018 opposite the SL High Commission? Can Dauris tell SL? How many of them roam the western world as refugees, like Nazis in South America after WW2? Would Dauris like to know?

The SL High Commissioner capitulated in the face of the Dauris inspired SL Foreign Ministry’s servile directions to remove Brigadier Fernando from his post. Did she advise, prevent, comment or protect the Defence Attaché even with one word or gesture or an ounce of loyalty in the face of adversity? Neither did anyone think to ask her, a business woman completely out of her depth and mostly a relative of Wickramasinghe, for an explanation? She acted supinely just as Dauris must have assumed, predicted and promised his government. Can a High Commissioner who cannot defend a battle tested and proved military officer colleague working in the High Commission, protect SL’s interest in the UK?

But behold President Sirisena’s bunker buster. He ordered foreign secretary Kariyawasam to cancel that infernal instruction or resign. Guess what lightning war activist Kariyawasam did? Guess who in the first place instructed the Ministry to send out that slimy, creepy crawly, servile and gutless instruction? Was it Prime Minister Ranil W or Foreign Minister Tilak Marapone? Was it a hidden hand from Matara? Hard to tell as some local Royals keep their hands always in their pockets.

Did Sambandan not know beforehand of the GTF/LTTE plans in London to lay siege to the SL High Commission on Independence Day and insult the national flag? Did he flag PM Wickramasinghe? Why did Sambandan, commander of Wickramasinghe’s rear guard, absent himself from ‘duty’ at the Independence Day parade on Galle Face ‘Green’ with permission? Guilty conscience is easily recognized equally by fools, fossils and appeasers.

So why thank Dauris? Well, what he did was to hand over the local government elections on a plate to the SLPP by his flippant and silly actions. He also helped the majority of the people to firm up their belief that reconciliation or whatever it is eternally said to be with the North, would never be possible as long as the remnants of the LTTE and ITAK/TNA remained in the field. Or as people like Dauris are sent as High Commissioners to SL . Did not the LTTE spurn the peace offers of the government 4 times and break solemn pledges by attacking the forces while peace talks were being held? Was Dauris ignorant? Dauris sided not with British law and diplomacy as some in SL who gratuitously offered to defend him, said. Most are convinced, he being in waning Imperial stripes, took umbrage at the gestures made to the terrorist LTTE supporters /demonstrators and SL Quislings.

Did Dauris think the Tamils had forgotten how over 300,000 of them, held hostage, were press ganged to act as human shields for the LTTE while Sambandan acted deaf and blind as thousands were killed by the LTTE while attempting to escape? Did the TNA/ITAK help the 295,000 displaced Tamils rescued by the Army with even a bottle of water when the conflict ended or afterwards? Were they not hoping that the 295,000 would die so that SL could be charged with their never ending allegations of genocide?

What Dauris did was to confirm that nothing had changed in the TNA/ITAK leadership for the majority to ever trust them, far less reconcile themselves to addressing Northern ‘aspirations’. Dauris’ actions sent the LTTE/TNA/ITAK proxies in UK into paroxysms of delight and fuelled their ridiculous allegations.

It confirmed the UK did not care a damn about its own proclamations and proscriptions of terrorist organizations. UK’s forked tongue double standards were once again exhibited openly.

Dauris also firmed in the idea that many if not the vast majority believed that the present government was willing to be a cat’s paw for Imperial interests as they sprawled on the floor every time they were threatened by the now fast becoming living embarrassment from UK. He even quoted Stalin without acknowledgement about tragedies and statistics to impress the media after Lord Naseby’s revelations. Did SL Foreign Ministry ‘send ‘ for him to clarify matters? Never.

No wonder many millions thank Dauris for alienating the impotent, crooked, treacherous SL rulers just before the LG elections by supporting them arrogantly, without restraint and with gross insensitivity.

Dauris, thank you. You played a wonderful part in exposing the government’s frailties completely, confirming the impossibility to attempt any further reconciliation and reiterating you own pre conceived bias that transcends diplomatic norms among equals. You were an added catalyst to the splintering of a myth of good governance.

The government was actually brazenly corrupt as you must have known. It made you believe SL was full of Ali Babas. You thought wrong. You confirmed the government’s determination to allow the schoolboys quietly tucked away in the hills to sing ‘God save the Queen’ without thinking. What is the meaning of ‘send her victorious’ and ‘long may she reign’ to republican SL that was cheated of her sovereignty and colonized using British troops? You are clever but not wise.

We do not wish you will be declared ‘persona non grata’ as you hoped Brigadier Fernando would. We want you to witness the fruits of your indiscretions if not follies right here. You may even get a chance to eat hoppers with MR.

Dauris please remember this is also the 200th anniversary of the genocide committed by the British in Uva Wellassa. Maybe your actions were a lesson in camouflage and concealment foray. We have not forgotten. Have you? Go down there and see for yourself what happened and what the people there think of you.

Over 100 years ago at Paadeberg during the Anglo Boer war (1899-1902) in South Africa the Boers under Cronje(not a cricketer) being besieged asked for their wounded to be buried, unhindered, General Roberts VC refused and said he would only accept “unconditional surrender’. Cronje replied “..... Nothing remains for me to do. You do as you wish.” The British opened fire with artillery. Although the Boers were outnumbered 10 to one, their women and children were slaughtered.

When the Boers laid siege to Ladysmith they allowed all what they asked the British at Paadeberg. Being devout Christians they even stopped firing on Sundays.

Contrast this with the SL Army at Nandikadal, after 30 years of conflict, before you attempt to renew your attempts at tunneling and under mining SL.

The Boers were also held by the British in the world’s first concentration camps long before the Nazis cottoned on to it about a half century later. Later some prisoners were sent to Diyatalawa and other places.

In the war the British used similar genocidal tactics to that practiced in Uva Wellassa in 1818. All crops were laid waste, homes burnt to the ground, all farm animals were killed, and for the first time in the world, all women and children taken away to hell holes called ‘concentration camps’.

The death rate in the camps with just over 100,000 prisoners in just one year (June 1901- May 1902) was nearly 18,000. More Boer children (20,000), most under the age of 16, died in these camps than the combined total of fighters on both sides who died to bullets and shrapnel. Unestimated Bantus and coloured children who did not count for both British and Boer alike, also died in great numbers.

Compare this with the treatment given in resettlement camps in SL after hostilities ended in May in 2009.There were in them, 295,000 women, children and males who had been rescued. They had previously been held hostage and used as human shields by the LTTE, and 12,000 captured and surrendered LTTE cadres. None of them died due to neglect, starvation or untreated disease.

Two SL ministers too lost fathers to LTTE suicide bombers, several other ministers were killed or wounded. Duaris should read Minister Navin Dissanayke’s letter to the British MPs who support the fascists who organize LTTE rallies. Read what the Deputy Minister Defence Ruwan Wijewardene has said and also the Army Commander. Try to get the message. Mind your business.

Post Script

There have been many interpretations of Brig Fernando’s gestures. Colombo’s English oriented instant would be diplomats lined up with Duaris to say it was unbecoming of the Brigadier to do so. The Brigadier knew that known LTTE members like Adele Balasingham, (the commander of the LTTE women suicide bombers)roam freely around in England despite having belonged to an internationally outlawed terrorist group. Brig Fernando also knew how hard and fast the Metropolitan police are with cornered suspected terrorists. Could he in a gesture of reconciliation, perhaps have been giving a friendly signal to former members of the LTTE in the mob that some trigger happy British anti terrorist police teams capable of many recorded mistakes were lurking around?

The Brigadier would have recollected how on 22 July 2005 the London police with SAS support killed Brazilian Menezes at the Stockwell under ground tube station believing the poor man to being an Islamist terrorist. The British police Duaris must know, mistakenly shot Menzies 11 times of which 7 hollow point bullets went into his head. His head was in a mess. He was described as having ‘Mongolian eyes’. Did they suspect he was a descendant of Ghengiz Khan too?

The agitating demonstrators in front of the SL High Commission may have been with or without Mongolian eyes. So did Brig Fernando, by sincerely warning off the rented LTTE/GTF mob, act to prevent any provocation that could lead to police fireworks in front of his High Commission? There are enough examples of such shootings by British authorities from Jallianwalla Bagh (India) to O Connell St in Dublin Ireland. So could it be that Brig Fernando’s actions at No 13, Hyde Park Gardens, London did not add to that bloody score? Think about it all Dauris, in the limited time you spend in SL.

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Brigadier (Brig) Priyanka Fernando.
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