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A finger gesture Brigadier Priyantha Fernando

By A Patabendige

British High Commissioner Dauris charged into the pliant Foreign Ministry sure he would be received with deference and servility. He was. The Ministry, without asking him to retire to Embilipitiya or declaring him persona non grata, behaved as though it had seen wretched Governor Brownrigg ghost. It was exactly 200 years after the British committed genocide at Wellassa.

This was all about a finger gesture Brigadier Priyantha Fernando had made while facing a LTTE/GTF mob carrying flags of a terrorist organization in front of the SL High Commission in London on 4TH February. While uttering rabid curses, the mob trampled the national flag of SL. This was apparently an annual occurrence. Though the LTTE is banned in the UK, the British police looked on impassively as they do now when non white eyes crowd’s riot. They apparently fear being called racist. However some of their ancestors as ‘Black and Tans’ in Dublin in Ireland in the 1920s, under no such restraint, were ordered by the highest to use the most vicious and brutal tactics when confronted by Irish Republican crowds. Churchill whose name RW fishes out often as an oracle to support his political quirks supported the actions of the Black and Tans.

Whatever the SL High Commissioner in London did or did not do she was a disaster. Brig Fernando stepped forward and gestured to the mob to buzz off.

“Having come to power, Ranil Wickemasinghe showed his inherent hatred towards the Sinhalese especially the Sinhala Buddhists. Anti Buddhists elements around him were making hay while the sun was shining.” (Charge of the Lion Brigade-Patali Champika Ranawaka)

Dauris enjoyed his fleeting moments in the media spotlight with a visit by British Royals at the same time. They had all attended the Independence parade that same morning. It was surely not to commemorate the genocide at Wellassa but who knows in SL? In 2005 RW wanted to invite the Portuguese who 500 years before invaded, terrorized, murdered, raped, and destroyed temples in SL. Will RW want to also invite the scruffy Indian Army again to commemorate their notorious 1987 invasion as well?

Colombo’s genuflecting English speaking high society had even meekly accepted ‘notes’ on the ‘form’ to show deference when ‘presented’ to the Royals. Who is the twerp who originated it? Dauris struck while servility washed around him. He told the Foreign Ministry that Britain wanted Brig Fernando recalled. A craven response followed. However the SL President ‘Trumped’ all over it. Dauris was restrained temporarily.

However the Brexit government really did want Brigadier Fernando and the lady High Commissioner recalled. She is relative of the PM. She was his panic choice ahead of a Ms Bandaranayke who was originally to be appointed. But the Brits hadn’t the guts to declare both ‘persona non grata’. They like the US, have the ‘belt and road’ initiative on their eye lashes. They need SL to be in their pocket and to follow them meekly. SL does not yet realize that the super power in Asia is no longer USA, but China- quietly, ‘slowly by slowly’.

The French had a word for England-perfidious. They were both the same. Nothing could be more revealing of British diplomacy. SL that craftily supported the Brits in the Falklands war (1982) has the same government now. The ‘Master Sir’ relationship has been revived by this government even as it is ending.

The Brits are too smooth to be easily caught. That is how they built their empire – that finally set after WW2. Having been ‘invited’ to Kandy they overstayed their invitation by 150 years and committed genocide in Wellassa too. Did they hint at what they could do to the chaotic SL government if it did not toe the line? Is this how ‘the whole world’ as the government so often boasts backs SL – with soaring rhetoric, empty pockets and GSP tidbits and threats?

The US and UK especially worry that the Chinese ’belt’ could be used to ‘whip’ them metaphorically into shreds. However the Chinese with a 5,000 year civilization will look away from such methods although they may tighten the belt and step on it on the road. Thank you again Dauris.SL must at least now know who are her real friends.

Any self respecting government would retaliate by asking Dauris and his military anybody to get back to UK pronto. But without a Rajapakse or Premadasa who will do so now? After all, the Brigadier and the lady were selected by someone in this government. Will that someone at least own up and defend them. While high commissioners and ambassadors are selected for their political and blood connections, Defence Attaches selections are supported by their Commanding Officer’s recommendations in their Annual Confidential Reports.

Gestures can be interpreted in many ways. The Brigadier has said his gesture was to indicate VP was finished. The terrorist supporters should therefore disappear. Dauris’ countrymen are acknowledged experts on finger gestures. Most of them are extremely vulgar as Dauris must know. Did he not falter here?

Dauris should be made to recall that even Churchill in England gave the wrong V’ sign with his fingers at the beginning of WW2. He used to show the sign with his palm turned inwards to the British public. In the old white Imperial Empire this gesture is considered extremely offensive. No one objected to Churchill for being crude and vulgar. He was advised to turn his palm outwards when he made the V sign thereafter. Luckily for him the ANZACS and South Africans were in the desert fighting Rommel when he started his antics. The Canadians however couldn’t care less.

Similarly ‘cutting’ gestures with the open hand across the throat with the palm facing downwards could certainly mean ‘you are dead’. So the Brigadier’s version that he meant VP was dead merits consideration. It could also mean ‘stop talking’ when someone is giving a presentation. Were the people in the LTTE mob giving the High Commissioner a presentation on mob violence when Brigadier Fernando gestured them to stop ‘heckling’?

The same gesture could also be used to say ‘you are fired’ from a job. Were the rented mobs not doing a ‘job’ for the banned terrorist organizers?

What does an open hand under your chin with the tops of one’s fingers touching your chin and fingers pointing downwards towards your throat, then pulling your hand away from the neck towards the person you are talking to mean? Whatever the experts like Dauris think in Italy it means ‘I don’t care’. In recording studios it means ‘cut’ or ‘stop talking’. Dauris, SL less the descendants of traitors, does not care for the mobs of the outlawed LTTE. British politicians can continue to mollycoddle them all including ‘Angel of Death’ the cyanide carrying LTTE women’s suicide bombers’ commander, white eyes Mrs. Balasingham. She appears to have been given the freedom of all cities in England.

In Bellinzona, Switzerland, masterminds and supporters of the LTTE have been charged in court. The Attorney General has asked for long term of imprisonment. That is something that has not or will ever happen in UK to the LTTE. Thank you again Dauris. It makes SL’s choice of friend very easy to decide on.

In Robert Mason’s captivating book’ Chicken Hawk’ about an Army combat helicopter pilot’s real life experiences in Vietnam, he, after ferrying troops up and down ’for the ‘umpteenth time’, and ammunition, fuel, and food for the infantry, describes hooking up a vehicle to his helicopter in a rice field. An infantryman (grunt) tried to guide his helicopter down to pick up a small 4 wheeled vehicle called a ‘mule’. Mason thought the ‘grunt’ made up hand signals to him as he went along. Mason also thought he looked like he was conducting a symphony. He hovered just about 5 feet above the ‘mule’ which had loops from the ‘mule’ attached to 4 support lines to be hooked onto the helicopter. He yelled. ‘Look at him. Now he’s telling me to cut power! The idiot guide was drawing his hand across the throat’. Gen Westmoreland thankfully laughed when tickled. Dauris where’s your sense of humor?

Come off it old Dauris. Cut the power. Your country simply ‘aint what it used to be many long years ago’. And never will. You know that. Watch out for the ‘belt and the road’. It will correct many wrongs of Imperialists including genocide, peacefully but comprehensively. There is nothing you can do to prevent it, even by randomly bullying the now consistently servile to the west only and sinking SL government.

- Asian Tribune -

 A finger gesture Brigadier Priyantha Fernando
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