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May peace and harmony prevail

By S.H.Moulana

If a clash between Premadasa and Somadasa or Mohamed and Ahmed could end up only with those concerned, but why one between Premadasa and Mohamed or Somadasa and Ahmed should involve the entire communities from both side and develop into communal issue?

This is something I am in a loss to understand. In the meantime, I sadly note the two communities which coexisted for centuries beautifully now unfortunately being ruined by extremist elements from both sides. Our prayers are for the good old 'Machan era' to return and all communities live in harmony. We want our children and grandchildren to enjoy life the way we did during our youth when everyone was a 'Machan' to the other.

This unrest in east and now central provinces were the hot news among the Sri Lankan working in the gulf. Eager to get the fact I decided to send an e-mail to one of my very close friends who also were in the gulf few years ago. He wasted no time in responding to my request and read what he had to say:

"The root cause was four godforsaken Muslim drunkards who were travelling in their three-wheel which was slightly hit a vehicle driven by the Sinhalese victim. The damage to the three-wheeler was minimal having broken the side mirror. The victim had agreed to either repair or pay damages which was refused by the godforsaken four who were drunk. The assault by the four rendered the victim ended up in hospital where he passed away.

Reports confirm that the poor victim, who was the cause for the clash, has always been a helpful person despite his personal family and financial difficulties earning a meager salary working a driver. That is the truth. Well then there is the other truth that this incident afforded an excellent opportunity to various mischief makers waiting to settle scores with Muslim for personal and political reasons?

It is very unfortunate that Muslims in Sri Lanka are identified as die-hard UNPers come what may. This was again proved beyond doubt during the last LG polls where Muslim votes en-bloc went to UNP. Then there is the other unfortunate situation where few Muslims are made to believe that new found Muslim appearance in new attire will help to fast track entry to Paradise with; donning thobe or a Pakistani shalwar kamees; etc.

These in my opinion are causing a great amount of irritation, suspicion and anger in the minds of otherwise very humane normal and friendly Sinhalese with whom we maintained an excellent relation for centuries.

Having said that the most unfortunate side and sad state of affair is the UNWILLINGNESS of the so-called good-governance jokers to enforce law and order. They clearly appear to have allowed the mayhem continue for a while unabated for various selfish reasons including the dire need to win the hearts and votes of Sinhalese majority.

Government is duty bound to explain to the nation that for a crime committed by four Muslim drunkards the entire Muslim community cannot be held responsible and mercilessly penalized.

It is obvious that these unfortunate incidents against Muslim are nothing but a small portion of a master plan hatched by more than one anti-Muslim element.

We have not been able to recognize and identify all the manipulators; some may be within our community acting as agents; we don't have a think-tank to strategically think and plan for the future of Muslim community".

May peace and harmony prevail in our beloved motherland!

- Asian Tribune -

May peace and harmony prevail
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