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Carrot for some and stick for others!

By S.H.Moulana

We clearly see the attitude of the West when it comes to telling the third or developing world of what it feels right or wrong.

So this so called developed world in the West have their allies in both types of the other world.

For example if countries like Iraq, Libya, Somalia or Syria were supposed to be doing what the West don’t like, there will be military action straight away whether it is approved by the United Nations or not.

If anyone were to raise this issue in the world body it will be vetoed instantly.

We saw the recent attack on Syria on the assumption that it has used chemical weapon on the rebels in its own country.

However, only after the attack a UN inspection team has arrived to make sure whether in fact there were any chemical weapons used. This is the opposite of what happened in Iraq.

Prior to the attack on Iraq, a UN inspection team clearly confirmed there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq, but Bush and Blair went on with their illegal invasion of that country.

Now we see an unarmed protest going on in Gaza by the Palestinians and the armed response of the occupying country,

Israel has cost the lives of dozens of innocent Palestinians including a 13 year old boy and injured hundreds of them, but the West is absolutely silent.

All what we heard from one member of the developed world is to the oppressive Israel is the word ‘restrain’ so it’s still carrot no stick!

In the meantime, North Korea has condemned the US and its alliance with Israel, which continued to use arms on protesters.

North Korean Central News Agency called the US to stop defending Israel and using of its veto power to protect it in the UN.

It has charged that Israel’s wild act is destroying peace in Middle East.

If Donald Trump were to meet Kim Jong Un in person, we hope, it would be a good opportunity for the North Korean leader to express his thoughts to the man who nicknamed him ‘rocket-man’.

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Carrot for some and stick for others!
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