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Is it perfidious Britain or Russia, Mr. Burns?

By A Patabendige

Mr. Tom Burns of the British High Commission has taken time off from his Imperial duties to entice SL’s servile government to join Europeans and the Americans in registering a protest about alleged Russian chemical agent activities at Salisbury in Britain.

Sadly the affected are Ukrainian Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yelin. Sergei was a confirmed double agent betraying both Russia and Britain. According to the Wiltshire police but not splashed in the media, another 19 too were affected.

It was the Russians the Brits were after, as they have been for over 2 centuries. Struggling hard for survival PM May, and though we hoped she wouldn’t, gave Russia an ultimatum with 2 options. Putin brusquely asked her to sort out the problem at her end first before moving on. He reminded her Skripal was in British hands, the incident occurred in Britain and it was entirely her responsibility, especially as it was admitted that there was ‘no conclusive evidence’. Burns added that ‘many Russians have settled down in Britain’. Was it a boast or an accusation?

There was a time when the ‘word of an Englishman’ was greatly believed. SL, despite what happened in 1815, was lulled into believing this myth for a century and a half. During the Arab revolt against the Turks during WW1 the Jews were able to plant deliberate falsehoods in the more than eager Christian British media that the Muslim Turks were doing to the Jews of Palestine what was alleged the Turks did to the Armenians.

These included expulsion, taking over property, murder and rape. It was to win over Zionists all over the world to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine. This deceit, never denied officially, resulted in the greatest betrayal of the Arabs ever. Its repercussions reverberate without end. Blair joined Bush in the 2003 to destroy Iraq stating that they were searching for nonexistent WDM in Iraq. Why should anyone believe Britain again?

At Porto Down in Salisbury UK there is an over 100 year old top secret WW1 facility set in 7,000 acres. VX nerve agent was developed there, after it was found the Germans had experimented on tabun, sarin and soman in WW1. From 1949-89, 20,000 persons experimented on, were affected. UK tested the effects of selected chemicals on 1,100 soldiers before 1968. In Dorset, authorities sprayed chemicals from the sea. 25 deaths occurred later from small pox, bubonic plague and e coli. In 2000 police investigated 45 more deaths. Legal action was taken by 369 veterans who had been exposed to nerve, mustard and tear gas tests. In 2008 the British government paid UK pounds 3 million as compensation for those who were harmed. Porto Down is very close to Skripal’s home in Salisbury where he roamed freely. With this background could it be that Skripal too was exposed to another famous British ‘blunder‘, experimental though it was?

“I am dying but I will not surrender. Farewell Motherland (scrawled in Russian on a wall in Brest (1941).

Porto Down experts say they have identified the agent used in Salisbury as Novichok (means 'new comer' in Russian) but not its source. Britain wants Russia to clarify whether it has the ability to produce Novichok as it was produced during the Soviet but not Russian Federation era apparently in Central Russia (Shikany). Russians disclosed it had in 1993. It joined the Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in 1997 and certified their destruction.

USA has not done so up to date. Uzbekistan became independent of Russia in 1991. Novichok was being produced at Nukus. Russia’s chief scientist Mirzgyanov fled to USA after 3 years in jail for making unauthorized disclosures on chemical weapons. Is the USA keeping him on ice? In 1999 US defence officials were in Uzbekistan to ‘dismantle and decontaminate’ the Nukus site. Tony Blair offered any or all UK weapons to Uzbekistan. Why was there such tremendous support from the ‘liberal’ west for Uzbekistan that has one of the nastiest living dictators? Was nasty Novochoc a prize worth killing for?

In 2003, MI5 covered up the death of Dr David Kelly, an authority on biological warfare and a weapons expert from Porto Down. He had been on a UN team investigating the alleged Iraqi WMD programmes. There are many who believe Kelly was murdered. Another British blunder?

Can Burns clarify whether Britain had a Nuclear, Bacteria and Chemical warfare Centre (NBC) in Salisbury? Was it replaced by including radiology to make it the Defence CBRN Centre at RAF Winterbourne? What is its purpose? First strike, or second? It could be of interest to know that in 1973 the Commandant of the NBC Centre was Wing Commander AAJ Hudson RAF, formerly Commanding Officer SLAF Diyatalawa (circa 1961-2).

Burns laments Russia ‘igniting’ Ukraine. He may remember the genocide at Babi Yar in WW2. Of 100,000 civilians killed, some buried alive by the Nazi sonder commando, 33,771 in 2 days were Jews. Ukrainian polizei beat and clubbed the Jews on their way to execution. Ukrainian Nazis helped in the 900 day siege of Leningrad (St Petersburg). Double agent Skripal is a Ukrainian.

Burns, to inveigle and corral SL hints that the Salisbury incident could happen in any country or any town. Burns selling point is that this ‘attack’ had happened on ‘European soil’ as though Russia was not a part of Europe. Does it also mean that had it happened elsewhere it would not have mattered? That ‘soil’ was bloodied in the last century in 2 ‘world wars’, killing about 60 million Europeans, over a half being Russians.

Where is Russia if it is not in Europe? It is true that 70 % of its vast land mass, over 6.5 million square miles, is in Asia. However are Russians, the vast majority of whom live on ‘European soil’ and share common religious beliefs and cultural values with their European neighbours, still despised as ‘Asiatics’ as Britain’s Prime Minister Churchill called them even during WW2 when Russian blood was flowing to protect the Allied cause? Hitler too spoke of ‘Asiatic inferiors’ and ‘untermenschen- sub human species, when referring to them including Ukrainians. Coincidence as well as crass racist arrogance Mr. Burns?

In the 19th century when Europe fought Napoleon, 3.6 million died of whom 800,000 were Russians and 311, 000 British. Russia’s inability to help after 1917 prevented WW1 (1914-9) from being concluded earlier. There were 16 million dead including 700,000 British and 37 million wounded. Russia lost 30 million in WW2 while Britain had 383,000 military and 67,200 civilians’ deaths. India lost 87,000 military and 23.1 million civilians to disease and because of Churchill’s villainy, famine. The Chinese lost over 20 million civilians. Fighting Britain’s enemies was immensely more costly to its allies than to the British.SL remembers.

Burns agonizes over the annexation of the Crimea, 70% Russian, by Russia. Crimea, was gifted to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954. It had been wrested from the Turks in 1783. The Crimean War (1853-1856), was ‘ignited’ by the British dragging in France by deceit and Turkey that it humiliated. The Russians had wanted Turkey to accept her demand to protect Christians within the Turkish Empire. There were problems about the control of the Holy places in Palestine too. But the origins of the war were Britain’s suspicions of Russian expansion. Most may only remember the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ and ‘nurse’ Florence Nightingale and possibly Inkerman and the 2 year siege of Sebastopol after the British engineered landings in Crimea. In the war that followed, the Turks lost 125,000, the French 100,000, the Russians 250,000 while the perfidious British willing to fight until the last Frenchman, lost 20,813.The total British troops in the Crimea were less than the dead of each of its allies less the 20,000 Italians (Piedmonts) that came into the war in its final stages. While the Russians mourned their dead and venerated their heroes, the British regularly celebrate the killings. There was a lot of looting too. The Turks obliterated any mention of this war while the French have forgotten it. Is this why Burns cries alone for the Crimea?

Burns should also cry for Diego Garcia too that was gifted about 40 years ago to the US while its entire indigenous population was dispersed 1,200 miles away to Mauritius and Seychelles. They were conveniently and unlawfully described as ‘transient contract workers’.

Burns says tritely that Britain is not against the Russian people among who are ‘robust liberals’. Do even the Russians believe him?
Why should anyone trust what the British say? What was the Sykes Picot agreement if it wasn’t a betrayal of the Arabs who were encouraged to fight the ruling Ottoman Turks? They trusted the word of the British that the Arabs would be given the right to govern themselves after WW1 was won (even as the slaughter continued without end in Europe). Did the British then also betray the French in the distribution of the ‘Great Loot’ of Arab lands? Is it why the French never tire of calling the British ‘perfidious’? What was the Balfour Declaration with just 3 scribbled sentences if it wasn’t another betrayal of the Arabs, granting the Jews a homeland in Palestine? The declaration was handed over to Baron Rothschild, British financier in the presence of Jews Aaron Aaronsonn and Chaim Weizmann. (The latter became Israel’s first President in 1948). From it would grow a controversy that would haunt the world to this day.

Mr. Burns, did you count on SL’s servile government supporting Britain’s diabolical manoeuvres as it has since 2015, even to the extent of offering its armed forces to the mercies of white eyes justice in Geneva, voting for Israel and being silent when the nation’s staunchest friends are pilloried by the West. While the people will never support diabolical ploys to involve it in Britain’s pathetic global effort to condemn Russia or any other nation, its government may still try.

- Asian Tribune –

Tom Burn became Deputy British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka and the Maldives in July 2017.
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