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Why they protect Israel, veteran journalists are confused

By S.H.Moulana

Robert Fisk the veteran journalist based in Middle Eastern region is saddened with Israeli atrocities on unarmed Palestinians.

He asks the following questions:

And we are supposed to believe that the Israeli army is one of “purity of arms”?

And we have to ask another question. If it’s 60 Palestinians dead in a day this week, what if it’s 600 next weeks?

Or 6,000 next months? Israel’s bleak excuses – and America’s crude response – raise this very question.

If we can now accept a massacre on this scale, how far can our immune system go in the days and weeks and months to come?

Monstrous. Frightful. Wicked. It’s strange how the words just run out in the Middle East today.

Sixty Palestinians dead. In one day. Two-thousand-four-hundred wounded, more than half by live fire. In one day.

The figures are an outrage, a turning away from morality, a disgrace for any army to create.

Israel is assured by the US of its support in the UN with its veto whenever there is a criticism on it by any other country. The recent killing of 60 Palestinians on that 'Bloody Monday' brought to the world body 14 members of the Security Council voted for the condemning of Israel but its solitary vote the US vetoed motion.

The UN Human Rights Council voted Friday to send a team of international war crimes investigators to probe the deadly shootings of Gaza protesters by Israeli forces.

The UN’s top human rights body voted through a resolution calling on the council to “urgently dispatch an independent, international commission of inquiry” — the UN rights council’s highest-level of investigation.

Only two of the council’s 47 members, the United States and Australia, voted against the resolution, while 29 voted in favor and 14 abstained, including Britain, Switzerland and Germany. The countries which use the stick on Third World Countries are always reluctant to go against the US, if they cant vote for at least they abstain.

The Israeli veteran journalist and peace activist, Uari Avnery wrote "My ‘CONSCIENCE’ does not allow me to conclude this without some self-criticism.

I would have expected that all of Israel's renowned writers would publish a thundering joint condemnation while the shooting was still going on. It did not happen.

The political "opposition" was contemptible. No word from the Labor party. No word from Ya'ir Lapid. The new leader of the Meretz party, Esther Sandberg, did at least boycott the Jerusalem celebration. Labor and Lapid did not even do that.

I would have expected that the dozens of our brave peace organizations would unite in a dramatic act of condemnation, an act that would arouse the world. It did not happen. Perhaps they were in a state of shock".

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