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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 106

Make It Simple By Using Day-to-Day Words, Don’t Waste Searching For Words, Phrases

By Oken Jeet Sandham

While you are trying to complete your writings projects, why are you worrying about the words, phrases and beautiful words? Forget all these things as they are the ones hindering your writing progress and journey. You go ahead with the simplest words you already have and complete what you wanted to write.

It doesn’t matter as long as you express simply what you wanted to. Readers are not reading your words and other serious words; they are reading the stories you have written. That’s it.

Many writers simply fail to move forward with their pens because they usually think of words, better words, better phrases or surprising phrases and beautiful sentences. They try to find out words and other phrases to complete even one sentence and taking so much time to complete even a 50-word paragraph.

We must always remember that readers want to read your stories, not the words and other complicated phrases. In the end, readers always remember the authors and writers who complete writings than those who fail to complete while trying to find words for their writings.

The wrong perception the writers usually have is they think about the words to write a sentence not knowing that the words they already knew are more than enough to write a sentence, a paragraph and even to write a 70-thousand-word novel.

The writers should remember that a day-to-day language they use while conversing with the family members, friends and others in hotels, streets, markets, offices, hospitals, parks, malls are the ones they should use while writing their books, novels, and articles.

And most importantly, you are writing for these people in hotels, streets, markets, offices, hospitals, parks, malls. Remember, the moment you try to change from this day-to-day words and languages, you are only making problems for the readers to read your writings. When they find such changes in your writings, they will simply shove them to the corner after reading a few paragraphs and they will probably not read them again. They will become a decorative piece in the bookshelves forever.

For years, I have been wasting my all the precious time by searching words and phrases people do not like to read. By the time I realize the blunders I have done in my writing journey, I started writing in the simplest way by using the day-to-day words in all my writings. It is simply unbelievable that I could complete so many writing projects even voluminous books on various topics.

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Make It Simple By Using Day-to-Day Words, Don’t Waste Searching For Words, Phrases
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