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Vijaya kala opa karana

By A Pandithage

Government party MP and state minister Vijaykala is the wife of Maheswaran also an UNP MP who was killed in 2008 by the LTTE at a Hindu kovil in Colombo. He gave her a luxurious life with the sacks of money he made shipping essential supplies to Jaffna. What is not as well known is that he was also kept captive by the LTTE for 2 weeks for reneging on protection money. Had the LTTE given him a final notice? Surely Vijayakala must have pined for him after he was killed?

She has after 30 years some baffling ways of showing her love for her dead husband. She was the state minister for children’s affairs when the recent rape of a 6 year old girl by 3 Tamil youth in Jaffna occurred. She said she wished the same LTTE that killed her husband could come back to govern Jaffna. Apparently such things would not have happened when they ruled. Except that she failed to mention that messy business of murdering her husband 10 years ago. Hopefully she has not forgotten him, even if the LTTE is forgiven.

She being just a politician has also seen no contradiction with her earlier response to just the same type of crime. Then instead of praying for the return of the raw, brutal and sadistic justice of the LTTE, she gave refuge to the rapist/murderer of another young girl Vithya. Had the LTTE been around then they would have had quartered the rapist but had Vijayakala for breakfast too.

Vijayakala, poor lady, is getting plenty of stick for flaunting her over loaded frustration with governance failures and broken promises of her own party leaders at a ‘Janapathi Nila Mehewara’ in Veerasingham Hall, Jaffna. Some cabinet ministers too were present. They were however as silent as mice. Maybe among other things it was because everyone in SL surely agrees and many would sympathize with that part of her agony. Certainly almost all in Jaffna do or pretend to do so. So what was new?

Most others however were not that stupid or careless as to fantasize the reappearance of the ghosts of the decimated LTTE to cure the prevailing ills that are neither new nor unknown for ages and within the province of politicians to solve if they too do not associate with criminals or budding insurgents.

“Vijay kala Opa karana, Yalpalam handiye ay oba Maheswaran amathaka vi, LTTE vandinne? (With apologies to all time favourites Chitra and Somapala)

The PM allegedly questioned her. Few will know what was actually said. She resigned her ministerial portfolio, offered no regrets and left for Jaffna. She was greeted as a heroine. This happened 35 years after the riots of 1983 that set SL on a 30 year journey of agony. Is another itinerary being prepared off the cuff as in 1983?

The public were told that whole government law machine, much maligned as it is, has now been stretched to find out what offence she has committed other than producing pure unadulterated farce for a nation that thrives on cheap sensation and thrills. These are provided almost by the hour by SL’s politicians who wish to serve the people with just that rubbish.

It is an open secret that there will be no further follow up. The PM is reputedly a firm believer of time being a great healer of all SL’s woes.

The Chief Minister North may have been competing with Vijayakala for popularity. He is a former judge and quite unpopular in Mullativu where the Army has won the hearts of the people. As a politician of many colours he shoots out simple solutions to solve complex problems that have festered and been exploited by politicians like him for generations. His instant sure fire solution is an exclusively Tamil police department in the North. No one, not even the CM’s party bosses who avoid him, bothered to comment.

He may have also developed convenient amnesia about the murder by a Tamil of the Sinhalese police sergeant bodyguard of the Tamil judge hearing the earlier rape and murder case.

He will no doubt remember which Tamil judge in Colombo when he was a Supreme Court judge gave a sentence of over 100 years to a LTTE terrorist convicted of murder. Was he out to prove that Tamil judges were the best to try terrorists who were also Tamil, instead of his judicial probity?

He as CM later also accused the government of SL of being genocidal. It had not prevented him from giving his consent to 2 of his children to marry Sinhalese long before he left to be CM North. How he must agonize and not only at the Royal Thomian cricket match where he tries to switch horses in mid stream for 3 days every year. He fails pathetically.

When someone like Vijaykala speaks as she did, something familiar must be evident. Isn’t she just another politician with scant regard for honesty, morals, credibility and sincerity? So why fuss about her only?

Vijayakala denied having an Eelam map on her vehicle before an earlier election. One of her defences was that she would never support the LTTE. However, by this reversal in her affections she is not the first politician or for that matter many other nondescripts, to praise the LTTE and not only from or in the North. What she is suffering from is neglect and suspicion and scanty recognition by the Northerners. She needs publicity like a blood transfusion to survive. Loads of it, like the icons of Jaffna, Chennai’s late Chief Minister (CM) Jayalalitha, wife of SL born film star and also CM late MG Ramachandran. They were past gurus of stoking raging hot racial emotions to divert people from their problems.

What Vijayakala seeks is a propaganda bonanza. She will never stop producing cheap gambits to stay in the public eye. Any attempt to teach her lessons, as some instantly demanded, will make her look a martyr. That would be a disaster to reconciliation and a bonus to extremist fantasies. One must hope no one will portray her as a merry widow activist.

The best thing to do without giving her what she craves for is to let her cook some more ‘'masala vadai' and 'Yal Devi' specials as surely she in her frustrated mood most certainly will. There will be fewer to swallow them each time.

Once again a game of silly fellows is being played. It is entertaining. Nothing further has happened and nothing will come of it. Her party overflows with many like her who can play both sides against the middle, survive and thrive. Why pursue her?

There isn’t much hope in this for SL. Let Vijayakala hallucinate having nothing else to offer the people. The CM may suffer delusions too. The two together will entertain SL but drive Jaffna, Sampanthan and others, nuts.

Poor late Mr.Maheshwaran. Why had he to die if it was not the LTTE that killed him? Vijayakala, opa karana- waradi.

- Asian Tribune -

  Vijaya kala opa karana
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