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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 107

Lalin's Column : Paisley got but so did Velu P and others - Bring in the Clowns

By Major General (Retd.) Lalin Fernando

The news, hardly shaking in a country awash in sensationalism, was that Ian Paisley (Jnr) British MP from Northern Ireland and his family that had been hosted by the SL government twice in 2013. At this time, 4 years after the 30 year old terrorist conflict had ended; SL sorely needed support from UK due to the UN allegations of war crimes against the SL armed forces. Apparently Paisley has now been suspended by the UK Parliament as he has not declared to the UK parliament that a foreign government had spent on him over the threshold an MP is allowed.

The amount was UK pounds 60,000.Paisely had thought the expenses were about 50,000 pounds and had not declared. It is said the real expenditure was about 100,000 pounds. But it was spent in SL’s cause which in hind sight is of grave and considerable concern today. Paisley may have been greedy like any other politician but did his best for SL.

However boorish, arrogant, David Cameron with pre conceived ideas in sync with the GTF was only interested in avenging the snub former foreign secretary Milliband was deservedly given in SL when he came to plead for an armistice in 2009. He said when an elections were on the horizon that he spends 60% of his time on the Tamils.

UK has 300,000 of them. Apparently he and the UK were interested only as it was a ‘humanitarian crisis’. It is with this same sophisticated humanitarianism the UK government sells advanced weaponry to Saudi Arabia to massacre Yemini civilians, daily and did their dirty tricks in Iraq and Libya.

The remnants of the LTTE fronts, like the GTF, having compelled expat Tamils to contribute millions, had undisclosed millions of dollars to buy support in the UK where it mattered. They did. SL badly needed to counter them.

Incredibly the action of the SL government after 2015 achieved more than the GTF in what could have, maybe unwittingly, looked very much like a well coordinated pincer movement. SL with the USA jointly sponsored a motion in the UN to hold trials with foreign judges to try alleged cases of wrong doing by the SL Forces during the last phase of the war against the terrorist cadres of the LTTE.

To camouflage its true intent the UN said that wrong doing on both sides would be dealt with. Even if the present ostrich like SL government did not acknowledge it, there are no fighting LTTE terrorists left in the neighbourhood to be taken to court. There are however ex LTTE in the countries that now have as an ally a dismal and cringing SL.

Recently one of them who had been complicit in murdering SL army prisoners was arrested in Germany. The LTTE killed the 12 prisoners it had just before the conflict ended.

Let’s look now at what SL gave the LTTE for which 100,000 citizens and 1,200 IPKF soldiers died.

Between 1987 and 2002 SL signed four one sided cease fire agreements that led to massacres of troops, police, civilians and political leaders when broken unilaterally each time by the LTTE (29,000 troops and police were killed)

Under JRJ (1977-1989)

Started the conflict without a defined goal or strategy reversing in practice the normal process of pressure, negotiation and diplomacy before declaring war.

After 1981 gave Army command to relatives or and in one case a card carrying party member over merit, seniority or suitability, seriously affecting its professionalism, performance, effectiveness and morale.

Allowed the IPKF to invade SL in 1987. The UK ‘Guardian’ equated it to the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. It was covertly to prevent the LTTE, that the India in support of its own Tamils had trained and equipped, being wiped out.

Accepted the Indian sponsored 13th amendment- in stark fear.

Under Premadasa

Gave thousands on modern automatic weapons, tens of thousands of ammo and truck loads of cement. They also gave cash. It was all in US dollars not SL rupees as obviously the LTTE did not want to buy dhal, IAF air dropped or not.

This treachery occurred while SL’s ‘ally’ the IPKF was battling the LTTE. Premadasa was aided and abetted by 2 retired 4 star generals and one serving 3 star general and of course a spineless cabinet. The cost in terms of life lost is immeasurable. It endangered the survival of the nation.

Provided SLAF air transport to and from Colombo and 5 star hospitality at the Hilton hotel to a fully armed LTTE delegation. It was led by spokesman Balasingham. The cost must be known to some in the present government and the Treasury.

Ordered and thus sacrificed 600 hundred policemen in the East to surrender to the LTTE to save the clearly crumbling and failing ‘peace talks’. The policemen, less Tamils, were all murdered by the LTTE in Nazi SS Sunder commando style as at Babar Yin in Kiev in 1942.They had to dig their own graves, were shot and tossed in dead or alive and covered with a sprinkling of sand. No one in the then (now present) government accepted responsibility or ever questioned it. Who was the IGP who got the order from the Defence Ministry and passed them on without question? What had minister Hameed got to do with it? The Army in the East refused to accept that order from AHQ, fought back and cleared the East subsequently to save SL. The details are a deeply kept secret unacknowledged by the then government which is the same one now.

Invented doubtful protocol procedures to save the LTTE ‘delegation’ from arrest. Instead of confining the LTTE ‘delegation’ (not just one family as in the case of the Paisleys) it was flown out to Jaffna in a SLAF plane, escorted by the STF. It was as though whatever Premadasa thought he would lose personally by his treachery was more important than the nation or the lives of the policemen or troops, SLA’s best. No one in the cabinet, including the present PM, opposed or even questioned Premadasa. What advantage or purpose was expected to be gained by this treasonable act is still to be revealed. His son announced he would do so before the 2006 election. He did not.

Providing air passage to LTTE top rung for medical treatment in UK and Singapore.

Under RW (2001-2005).

Signed a one sided CFA apparently without the knowledge of the Executive President CBK. Over 400 troops and one ex foreign minister Lakshman Kadirigamar were among others killed during this ill fated, evil and stupid exercise.

While the LTTE prepared for war and obtained war like goods without inspection through SL Customs, it started a peace secretariat while the war went on without a pause. SL invited retired foreign Generals to advice on how peace could be won spreading the myth that the forces could never defeat the LTTE. Who gave them this idea or was it manufactured to qualify for Oslo as a gift?

There was no war secretariat or war council but proposals were made for the PM to be head of a defence council which would be without the C in C (CBK).The proposal was handled very roughly by the media. CBK bided her time and suddenly took over the defence portfolio. While the whole country, especially those in the North, knew VP and the LTTE would not settle for anything less than separation (Eelam) and fight for it, the government (same as now), lived in cuckoo land smoking peace pipes while 400 troops, villagers and a ex Foreign Minister were murdered.

Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirigamar in exasperation blurted out that a ‘hawkers’ caravan of retired foreign military men’ had been invited to study how peace not victory could be achieved. Bradman Weerakon did the honours. Who knows what that cost?

The foreign military advisors would be accommodated at the Hilton hotel on first arrival. They and their wives would be given helicopters to fly around SL and stay in the best hotels. Subsequent visits would see them fuming in the Galadari hotel with less flying around and no fancy off days. They would submit reports and leave. No one knows what happened to the recommendations. The peace just blew up in everyone’s faces.

The ‘hawkers’ did not come to help the LTTE but the LTTE was happy with their promoting ‘peace’. They knew the forces were being side tracked, diverted, confused, suborned and being brain washed to accept the worst.

Inviting a cock eyed SLMM composed of Scandinavians who, except for the Finns, are reputed to have non fighting armies. They had totally insufficient manpower and did nothing about it, had negligible experience, little knowledge and were utterly and covertly biased. During WW2 most Scandinavians were compromised with the Nazis, also blue eyed and with flaxen hair. In the Congo in the 1960s the Swedes made it clear that they were clueless and uncommitted but smart looking, like the SLMM.

Ordering the Customs to release without inspection war like goods including sophisticated communication equipments to the LTTE at BIA and Colombo port many times over from 2002 -2005.They ended up strengthening the ‘sea tigers’, building their own planes that mounted air raids on a few places in Colombo in 2008-9. It is mind boggling to think of the level of sophistication the LTTE air raids and sea attacks may have reached had there been no change of government in 2005.

Allowing LTTE spokesman Balasingham and other LTTE members to enter and leave SL without immigration or customs checks in a sea plane and fly over SL to and from Visvamadu tank (lake) in the Wanni. (2002+).

The efforts made to help the LTTE should be contrasted with what was done (far too much was not done) to help the forces to fight the LTTE.

Ordering SL troops to exchange salutes with and shake hands with the devilish terrorist cadres.

Permitting LTTE to carry out personnel, vehicle, goods and entry checks and charge fees between Omanthai and Jaffna creating a de facto LTTE state.

Maintaining armed Forces without any intention, will or adequate means of taking the fight to the LTTE.

Agreed rendition flights through BIA of USA designated terrorists.

After 2005

Demoralizing the forces with demeaning, insulting, treasonable speeches in parliament, especially in late 2008 when the march to victory was assured.

One garrulous and cowardly opposition MP, now a Minister, hiding behind parliamentary privilege, shamelessly said the army commander was not fit to command the Salvation Army. When that same man was made Field Marshal (FM) the man now a minister carried on as though nothing had been said.

After 2015

Ratting on the army to the west after victory, alleging poor discipline and wrong conduct.

Selling out to Geneva

Tony and Cherie Blair had a ball in SL. Who paid?


While one spent generously to get help for SL the other was miserly with foreign advisors but treacherously generous to the enemy.

Who and what by very far were better for SL? Paisley or Velu P?

- Asian Tribune -

Lalin's Column : Paisley got but so did Velu P and others - Bring in the Clowns
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