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Numerological Prediction: Lucky 17 Modi Will Return As PM In The 17th Lok Sabah

By M.K.Damodaran - Kerala

2019 Lok Sabha election is significantly related to numbers 3,6,8 and 9. The year 2019 adds up to 3(2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3). Numbers 3,6 and 9 are mutually lucky. Election is for the 17th Lok Sabha. Hence it is related to number 8(1+7=8).

Numbers 3,6 and 9 are strongly related to the BJP. The party was formed on April 6,1980. Birth date is 6. So, numbers 3,6 and 9 are lucky.

It was in 2014 that a party got absolute majority in the Lok Sabha after the 1984 election. The time gap is 30 years (3+0=3). The time gap between 1999 (Vajpayee last formed the BJP government with allies) and 2014 (when BJP government formed) is 15(1+5=6). Narendra Modi is the 15 th Prime Minister. The BJP will be 39 years in the 2019 election (3+9=12, 1+2=3).

The sun sign of BJP is Aries ruled by Planet Mars and numerological represented by number 9. Moon sign of the party is Scorpio owned by Mars (as in the case of Aries) and represented by number 9.

Moon sign of Narendra Modi also is Scorpio and hence related to number 9. The birth star of BJP is Jyeshtha. It is the 18th star (1+8=9).

Year of formation of BJP also represents number 9 (1+9+8+0=18, 1+8=9).

Next, we have to see the significance of number 8 . Since the election is for the 17th Lok Sabha, it is related to 8 (1+7=8). Number 17 influences in other ways also. Modi’s birth date is 17 . His birth star Anuradha is the 17th star.

The R.S.S was formed in 1925 (1+9+2+5=17). Occult number of R.S.S is 8 .Already ,Modi ( The 15th Prime Minister ) is the 8th person to become Prime Minister from a Non-Congress Party.

The huge victory of BJP in the 2014 election is numerological related to the fate of R.S.S also. This is proved as shown below.

R.S.S established in 1925
1958+23= 1981
2+0+0+6= 8

By this type of calculation, the year 2014 was significant for BJP president Amit Shaw also.

He was born in 1964
1+9+6+4 = 20
1964+20 = 1984
1+9+8+4 = 22
1984+ 22 = 2006
2+0+0+6 = 8
2006+8 = 2014

Let us consider the case of a world leader. Obama was born in the year 1961.
1+9+6+1 = 17
1961+17 = 1978
1+9+7+8 = 25
1978+25 = 2003
2+0+0+3 = 5
2003+5 = 2008

He was elected U.S.President in 2008.

We have already seen the importance of numbers 3,6,8 and 9 related to BJP.
Next we see, the significance of numbers 2 and 7 by Virtue of the name of the Party. Numbers 2 and 7 are mutually lucky as per numerology.

B is the 2nd alphabet . Also, Occult value of B is 2. Occult number of BJP is 11(1+1=2).

Occult value of the full name BHARATIYA JANATA PARTY is 47 (4+7=11, 1+1=2). The name has 20 characters (2+0=2). The party had only 2 members in the Lok sabha. Later it formed the government in the 11th Lok sabha.

Number 2 was lucky for the then Prime Minister Vajpayee also. Thus, he was the 11th Indian Prime in the 11th Lok Sabha.

Vajpayee’s birth date was 25(2+5=7). He formed the government in 1996 (1+9+9+6=25,2+5=7). Then BJP was 16 years old (1+6=7). The year 2014 also represents 7(2+0+1+4=7). Then the BJP was 34 years old (3+4=7). It was the 16th Lok Sabha Occult number of Modi is 16.

Thus the significant role of numbers 2 and 7 in the scheme of things of BJP is unambiguously clear. This role is exclusively by virtue of the name. So, we wonder What Is Not In A Name!

Next two numbers we have to examine are 1and 4. They are mutually lucky numbers also.

The fate number of BJP formed on April 6,1980 is 28. The fate number is obtained by adding together all the digits of the date, month and year of birth.

Thus , 6+4+1+9+8+0 =28 (2+8=10,1+0=1).

Hence numbers 1 and 4 are also lucky for BJP. These numbers were lucky for Vajpayee also. It may be noted that he was Prime Minister for 13 days in the 11th Lok Sabha, for 13 months in the 12th Lok Sabha and for the full term in the 13th Lok Sabha. Number 13 adds up to 4 (1+3=4).

The BJP, has already formed 4 governments. whether it can form the 5th government in the 17th Lok Sabha itself is the main question. We have seen the significance of number 17 related to Narendra Modi. The next number we have to examine is 5.
Number 5 is not at all related to BJP. But it is strongly significant for Narendra Modi.

The alphabet ‘N’ is the 14th (1+4=5). Also,Occult value of ‘N’ is 5.Occult number of Narendra Modi is 41(4+1=5) .

Born on September 17, 1950 his fate number is 32 that adds up to 5.

Modi’s predecessor Prime Minister Manmohan Singh also held fate number 32. Similar is the case with Sonia. No wonder, Sonia could make Manmohan the 14th Prime Minister of India! (1+4=5)

Coming back to Narendra Modi, his sun Sign is Virgo. It is owned by planet Mercury. Number 5 represents Mercury.

Another significant thing is that the year 2019 is significant for Modi, born in 1950.


So it is clear that Narendra Modi can form the 5th BJP government in the 17th Lok Sabha.

History of Nehru Family

In the modern history of the world, Nehru family has been the most aggrieved by fate (even though the fate gave political power)

The tragic history of Nehru family has strong numerological relevance. Let us examine.

Nehru was born in 1889.
Nehru expired in 1964

Indira assassinated in 1984.

Indra Born in 1917

The year 1971 was very prominent for her. She played a key role in the liberation of BANGLADESH and subsequently secured a very good victory in the Lok Sabha election in 1971.


It was in 1989 that the Nehru family lost the P.M post (till now).

Interestingly this happened 100, years after Nehru's birth.

Gandhiji had advised to disband The INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS. A major Split occurred in the Congress in 1969 after the then the PM Indira Gandhi was expelled by the CWC (Imagine, how strong was the CWC then!) The expulsion was made possible by the crucial decision of a C.W.C member from Kerala. He was K.C. Abraham.

Rajiv was born in 1944
China attacked India in 1962.

That was a severe shock for Nehru from which he never recovered till his death

Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a helicopter crash in 1980. At the time of the tragedy, Sanjay was at the peak of Success and luck as a politician. Hence ATAJI quoted the tragedy as “ Mid - Night At Noon.

Priyanka was born in 1972

Her father Rajiv was assassinated in 1991.

The Kennedy family also suffered set back. John F Kennedy was assassinated while he was president. His brother Robert Kennedy was assassinated while he was a presidential candidate . His brother Edward Kennedy would have been president. Due to certain set back in personal life ,he lost party’s presidential nomination.

In Pakistan, Zulphiar Ali Bhutto was hanged to death by Zia government.

After some years ,his daughter Benazir was assassinated on Dec 27-2007.

The Mujib Rahman family in Bangladesh also suffered heavily.

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