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Conspiracy behind august tragedy :Nation Demands high power judicial inquiry commission

By Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman

27 august 2018- People from all walks of life raised their voice on a high power judicial inquiry commission to inquire into the conspiracy behind the heinous killing of country's Founding Father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members in the black night of 15 august 1975 at his historic residence, road 32 Dhanmondi residential area.

The assassination of Bangabandhu was a culmination of long deep-rooted conspiracy. The assassins didn't even left alive 9 year old Bangabanshu's youngest son Sheikh Rasel, at other place a 4 year old grandson Sukanta babu. Even killers did not hesitate to kill a pregnant woman who was Bangabandhus nephew and at the wife of another newhew Sheikh Farzlul Hoq Moni, a top ranking freedom fighters & youth leaders.

In three term in power Bangabandhus elder daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has put the killers under trial in the court of law of the country. It was an open trial. Journalist and observes were allowed to see the procedings of the court, finally killers were given capital punishment i-e death sentences. Some of them were executed, some are hiding in different countries. It is open secret that some convicted killers are staying in India, Canada, USA etc. many countries don't have the law for death sentence. Killers took the advantage of it. But the government is also not sitting idle. they are trying to bring them back and execute. And also the war criminals of 1971 are being tried in the same open court. It is to be mention that there were 3 million Bengalis killed and about half a million women were raped by. Pakistan occupation army during war of liberation 1971.

Now the questions come to the front that killers were tried and executed. That is a good job, but conspiracy part behind the killing still remained unearth. so the planners, darkroom culprits have left unknown to people. So they use to move around freely and plan for new conspiracy. In the meantime there were 20 attacks targeting the life of Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladesh Prime Minister and a very respected stateswoman of the present world. Almighty Allah saved her.

Off course, with the span of time the faces of the main conspirators and culprits are opened to the public. It is the Military General Ziaur Rahman, the then deputy Chief of army staff was the main Mastermind under the shedow of Pakistan military intelligence ISI. Khondker Mustaq, popularly known a CIA agent and a betrayal member of the then cabinet of Bangabandhu, was with General Zia. The killers who directly involved in killing were mid level military officers, some of them are retired or ousted, who physically attacked on Bangabandhus historic residence of road 32 Dhanmondi R/A. General Zia and Mustaq appointed them for killing.

On the Black night of 15 august 1975 other mentyals of Bangabandhus family were:-

1. Begum Sheikh Fazilatunnissa Mujib. Wife of Bangabandhu, Popularly call bangamata. It is to be mention here that Bangabandhu was in jail for 13 years since his student life for the cause of Bengali nation and finally for independence of Bangladesh. During his absnece it was Bangamata who ran the party Bangladesh awami league and its politics Keeping herself behind the seen. she was a very dynamic lady but never came to open politics. She did never exercise power of her husband.

2. Sheikh Kamal, Bangabandhu's elder son. He was a Freedom Fighter in the war of liberation 1971. Not only that he was a versatile genious youngman, active in student politics and side by side in sports (Founder of countries runaround sports club ABAHAHI, theater, music and also was a brilliant student of Dhaka University. He lived a very simple life and never introduced himself as the son of Bangabandhu. He had his own identity.

3. Sultana Kamal, newly wed wife of Sheikh Kamal and daughter in law of Bangabandhu, Sultana Kamal, apart from her husband's family she had a personal identity like Sheikh Kamal. She was an internationally reputed athlete.

4. Lt. Shiekh Jamal the second son of Bangabandhu, an young army commissioned officer.

5. Rozi Jamal, wife of Lt, Jamal, just one week before they got married.

6. Shiekh Rasel, youngest son of Bangabandhu, who was only 9.

7. Shiekh Naser younger brother of Bangabandhu,

In other places about a dozen of Bangabandhus relations were also killed in that horrific night.

In that night of 15 august 1975 Bangabandhus two daughter Shiekh Hasina and Shiekh Rehana were in Germany with Shiekh Hasina's husband Dr. M. Wazed Ali mia, an eminenent nuclear socialist, who was at that time a past-doc research fellow there.

Killers who were physically participated in killing were put under trial in the court of law and was given capital punishment, to be hang by the neek until death. Till now some of them executed, many still hyding in different countries like USA, Canada, India etc. Government is trying to bring them back and execute.

But the conspirators and masterminds behind the killing were not put to the court and tried. Even then truth can't be kept in darkness for long time. Tomorrow and day after it will come out in the eyes. of the people. The conspirators were identified. It is the General Ziaur Rahman, the then deputy chief of army staff and Khandker Mustaq, a betrayal member of the Bangabandhus cabinet, were the main mastermind who planned and organized the killing. Say for example the killer col. Faruque & Col Rashed (who were given death sentence and executed) met General Zia before 15th august killing sought his permission as saying:

* Zia, go ahead, I am a senior army officer. I can't involve directly. The word `directly' is significant.

* Even Zia made a law of immunity for the killers and rewarded them appointing in foreign embassies.

It is known that one mid-level military officer after getting the information went to see Zia at his cantonment residence, he found him shaved and uniform as if he is waiting for taking over or something new.

But both of them died - Zia was killed in a army mutiny in Chittagong circuit house and Khandker Mustaq died of a natural death. Other conspirators hiding outside Bangladesh are still unknown to the people of Bangladesh. That is the importance and logic of forming high power judicial inquiry commission.

If there is such commission the masterminds of the conspiracy and the conspirators would come from of the dark houl, especially the ugly face of military Zia and his associates. This is very important for the future politics and state affairs.

Col Jamil, one of the prosecution witnesses after hearing the incidence rushed to the cantonment residence of zia and found him shaved and uniformed, it means he was ready to take over. When col. Jamil informed him about the killing of Bangabandhu Zia made a comment-

* So what. Vice President is there. He will uphold the constitution.

Even after the killing of Bangabandhu the conspiracy against his daughter prime minister Shiekh Hasina was not stopped. There were 20 attacks on her, but the Almighty Allah saved her. It is now an open secret that the mastermind of the plotting against her were BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia and her son Tarek Rahman, Now Khaleda was in jail on charge of corruption and Tarek left the country for fear of Jail an the same charge.

It is to be mentioned that there was a horrifies series of grandee attack in Sheikh Hasinas public gathering infront of party office, 23 Bangabandhu avenue on 21 august 2004, killed on the spot 23. They are party workers, including party women affairs leader ivy Rahman, wife of former President Zillur Rahman. More 300 leaders and workers were injured in the incidence including party's senior central leader and minister abdur Razzak, Surianjit Sengupta and Hohammad Hanif. They were suffered from grenade splinter for long time and died of it. many still are suffering from splinter.

There was a case in the court and it is known that Begum Khaleda Zia & son Tarek was involved in the happening. At that time Khaleda and her allies, most of them are pathologically anti-liberation, anti Awami league & pro-pakistani Rajakers, in power. Tarek's money-maker Howa Bhavon was the den of conspiracy like kashim Bazar kanthi.

It is now talk of the city that Next month the verdict of the grenade attack case is expected to be announced by the court, said law Minister Advocate Anisul Huq, Road communication & bridge Minister and Ruling Awami league General secretary Obaidul Kader said if the verdict of granade attack case is announced BNP will face more critical situation. and that is why they are behaving unnatural behaviour.

People believes that the life of Sheikh Hasina is under conspiracy threat. Every Freedom Fighters and freedom loving citizen's of Bangladesh should be alert and keep eyes open.

Dhaka, 27 August - The writer is a columnist, President, National Press Club, Dhaka and Senate Member, National University of Bangladesh.

- Asian Tribune -

Conspiracy behind august tragedy :Nation Demands high power judicial inquiry commission
Founding Father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
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