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Good thought but bad acts!

By S.H.Moulana

I had the opportunity of watching a recent interview of the US president in the CNN, where he condemned the invasion of Iraq and Libya and the ousting of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi.

He went on to say that it is true they were both dictators but both never tolerated terrorists in their countries and their nationals had a very peaceful life, coexisting in peace unlike what is happening there now.

Same goes to Syria he said since we do not have any knowledge about the forces agitating for the ouster of the current dictator Assad.

We know that a number of countries which benefited from Ghaddafi’s Libya in African Union, who opposed the ouster of Ghaddafi tooth and nail, now these neighbors are hard put without any financial assistance as their benefactor remains in ruins.

All above said countries have become breeding grounds for terrorists with diversified extremist ideas.

Contrary to Donald Trump’s somewhat sensible interview to CNN, his actions related to the six decades old unsolved Palestinian issue is appalling.

He started with recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital despite the United Nations’ opposition by a massive majority vote.

Except the US and Israel, only six satellite countries of the ‘big boss’ supported Trump’s move in the UN.

Then Trump went on to cut more than $ 200 million aid to Palestinian refugees while working on boosting the current defense aid package of US $ 3.8 billion to Israel.

The very latest announcement as the icing on the cake for Israel’s prime-minister, Netanyahu, comes Trump administration’s decision to close the Palestinian mission in Washington.

Israel and America are not members of the International Criminal Court, but the State of Palestine is.

Therefore, Palestine has a perfect right to urge the ICC to investigate alleged war crimes committed by Israel on its territory, which include the disproportionate use of force, the failure to distinguish between combatants and non- combatants, and the transfer of Israel’s civilian population into occupied territory for the purpose of colonization, all of which are war crimes according to the Rome Statute that governs the ICC.

In the meantime, the very interesting news is that Palestinian issue in particular and the middle-eastern issues in general are in the hands of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a Jewish American, to handle.

The latest breaking news involves Jared Kushner being behind the anonymous ‘New York Times’ op-ed revealing all what is happening in Trump’s White House.

Ann Coulter, an American conservative political commentator believes that Ivanka’s husband is behind the ‘New York Times’ revelation.

The US being a biggest benefactor of Israel and in return the beneficiary solely depending on this generosity, why can’t it be impartial and solve this more than six decades old issue acceptable for both parties. It can make it a two state solution or one state with equal rights to all citizens living within the borders.

Palestinians have all the rights to live in their homeland and in peace. It is only US can solve this issue and all what is needed it to be impartial and as simple as that.

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Good thought but bad acts!
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