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Cashew nut hits the headlines!

By S.H.Moulana

Cashew nuts are treated as healthy food and they provide nearly 100% of your recommended daily copper in take. They contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Cashew nuts are nature to Brazil where they have long been viewed as a delicacy.

Apart from Sri Lanka Cashew Corporation, there are not less than four recognized cashew exporters in Sri Lanka. Although our cashew nuts are of very high quality we don’t have enough to meet the demand.

In the meantime, cashew is being cultivated in Kerala in the southern part of India in large scale and it is the main exporter of this product to the gulf. Cashew nuts are graded as W-180 ‘the king of cashew, they are the largest in size, pure white and very expensive. W-210 is popularly known as jumbo nuts. W-240 is an attractive grade. W-320 is the most popular among the cashew kernels and the highest in terms of availability worldwide.

A carton of cashew nuts contains two tins of each weighing 10 kgs. A carton of W-320 will cost approximately Saudi Riyals 750.00 – rupees 31,500.00 in Sri Lankan currency. This is the quality in use in all five star hotels, airlines and leading pastries in the gulf and it moves like ‘hot cake’!

Now, let us look at the cashew nuts served in the flight by Sri Lankan Airlines to president Sirisena.

Since we have not much detail on its quality except to say it was inferior and not fit for human consumption. We guess they were not of W grade but SW which is much lower and may be roasted and broken too.

President’s anger is fully justified. We wonder why Sri Lankan preferred to buy them from Dubai using foreign exchange while a better quality could have been bought locally using local currency!

Now the country is burdened with heavy debt and we should save every single dollar, so the headlines media carried about the cashew nuts as well as president’s anger is fully justified.

- Asian Tribune -

Cashew nut hits the headlines!
Cashew nut hits the headlines!
Cashew nut hits the headlines!
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