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An alarming rate of drug detection!

By S.H.Moulana

Except for non-patriotic citizens, if there were any, who else will not be alarmed at the rate the drug detection is made at the Bandaranaike International Airport.

The very recent incident was related to an Indian couple carrying two kilograms of heroin valued at Rs.24.5 million.

A few days ago a Pakistani national was arrested at BIA for smuggling in 2 Kgs 426 Grams of heroin valued at Rs.30 million.

One wonders why these carriers defy all risks of being detected and arrested.

Now BIA has become an important hub for global drug syndicates. The drug menace has become a social canker and a lot of people meet their untimely death through addiction to this dreaded stuff.

Children in schools should be warned of the danger of drugs. They should be encouraged to participate in the drug education.

‘Say no drugs, say yes to life’ program. Families in the upbringing of the children should also counsel the children on the dangers associated with drugs. The addicts who think all is lost for their life should be encouraged, motivated and given hope and support so as to help them start anew.

I know of a retired nurse who is living on her pension was forced to report her son who was an addict to the police because of the endless trouble he caused for her for money.

Now I learn he is under treatment. It is parents’ duty to monitor the children and see with whom they associate. Catching the smugglers alone at the airport is not enough the drug dealers should be caught and punished.

In Mexico the drug cartels are equally powerful as the government. ‘The Sinaloa Cartel’ is the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world and the Los Angeles Times called it Mexico’s most powerful organized crime group. Guzman, the leader of the group captured in January 2016.

Now Zamboda has assumed the leadership of the cartel. It is learnt there are seven other cartels in Mexico.
Now the prevention of drug trafficking is in the hands of the US while the Mexican government has asserted that their primary focus is on dismantling the powerful drug cartels.

Analysts estimate the wholesale earnings from illicit drug sales range from $13.6 to $49.4 billion annually.

The government should take necessary steps to dismantle the organized gangs in the ‘drug-business’ before they attain the ‘cartel status’ like in Mexico.

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An alarming rate of drug detection!
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