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Abomination- Will Saudi Arabia pay for Khashogii’s death?

By A Patabendige

Never after Hitler has a nation acted like Saudi Arabia’s Royal leaders when they carried out the barbaric pre meditated murder and disposal of Jamal Khashoggi in their Consulate in Istanbul on 2 October 2018. Khashoggi was a Saudi citizen.

The Saudis had the arrogance and conceit to believe they could get away with it. Maybe it was because they had done so before. Who knew before? Who trained them? It showed Saudi Arabia despite its apparently boundless wealth, for what it is truly- a medieval state practiced and steeped in depravity. It shamed Trump. The last straw for the Muslim if not the whole world was that Israel’s PM Netanyahu wanted Saudi Arabia to be stable ‘for the world, for the region’. Turkey alone stood tall. More on this would unfold.

The Khashoggi tragedy must bring to mind what happened to the 16-year-old SL girl Rizana who was executed in Saudi Arabia because her employer’s child died. Fortunately they did not also cut her into pieces. How many SL women are listed as missing, believed dead in Saudi Arabia? Were their bodies also given to a ‘contactor’, Saudi Consular style, for disposal?

Two 2 Saudi girls Tal and Ratana Farea in their teens were found dead on 24 October 18, duct taped together in the Hudson River New York. Apparently the Saudi Embassy knew they had applied for asylum in the USA and ordered them to return to Saudi Arabia. Fear stalks the ordinary people of Saudi Arabia in or out of the country.

The initial delicate reactions of the USA with its 2 collaborators UK and France in the genocidal combined Saudi-UAE bombings of Yemen, did give the sinking impression that the Saudis may have got away with this murder. The incredibly selfish, distorted communiqués by USA’s Trump strengthened such beliefs. The oil weapon was working. The fear remains that the Saudis may still escape international condemnation and punishment unless fearless western leaders’ act honorably.

What thinkest thou, if he hath treated the truth as a lie and turned his back?
Does he not know that God seeath?
Nay verily if he desists not, we will assuredly seize him by the forelock!
The lying sinful forelock! Then let him summon his associates;
We too will summon the guards of hell:
Nay obey him not; but adore, and draw nigh to God

Quran, 96, 1-19

Shocking revelations surfaced. They have been made public now. Khashoggi was tortured, killed and dismembered and his body dissolved in acid inside the consulate by a Saudi hit squad that had flown in the previous day. They had clearly carried out orders from the highest in Riyadh. Khashogii, a Saudi journalist had applied for attestation of his earlier divorce in order to be legally free to marry his fiancé, a Turkish national. Like Khashoggi’s forbears.

The Saudi regime then began a campaign that grew increasingly hysterical and neurotic as a response to the charges. At first it crudely warned that anyone who tried to sanction Saudi Arabia would face the devil’s wrath. Recklessly opting for a black mail campaign, they threatened that oil prices would rise to US$ 200 - 400 and cripple the world’s economy. Then in desperation it floated a worn out apparition of Iran to keep Trump treading water not knowing whether to swim or sink, shoot or scoot.

After an amateurish deaf, dumb and blind act the Saudis began covering up. Having sent a decoy dressed in Jamal’s clothes but not his shoes they said Khashogii had left the Consulate through the back door. Next they said he had got into a scuffle when ‘questioned’ and died when a ‘choke hold’ went awry. Next that it was a snatch operation to get him back to Saudi as there was a ‘standing order’ to abduct any Saudi who criticized the regime. The signature on this astounding ‘standing order’ if it exists may reveal who was responsible for its execution.

After this it was known that 18 Saudis had been suspended from their ‘duties’ (of obeying crown orders to snatch, choke, torture and dismember!).Then it was that the 18 were arrested but did not state for what crimes. After that they said that the 18 (expendables or fictitious) would be tried and brought to ‘justice’. As the Saudi officials including the Foreign Minister have already exhausted any lingering vestige of credibility, this last was an utterly hollow promise that even its own fearful but not dumb citizens would strain to believe.

The Saudis may have betted heavily on Trump’s incredulous naivety. His self satisfied belief in the Saudi Royal’s versions was agonizing. The responses of the ageing Saudi king afflicted with slight dementia mesmerized Trump. Trump could see nothing but Saudi dollars on his eye lashes. Moreover he acted as though he was the main defence witness for the Saudis.

Trump then spoke to Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman –MBS- as he is fond of being called. He is the man believed by the entire world, except for some people in the White House, to be responsible for Khashogii’s death and also the genocidal war that has killed thousands in Yemen. He is the Rasputin behind the Saudi throne. Trump was prodigiously duped. Turkey however kept him steadily in their unwavering sights.

Trump being soon made aware of the mounting irrefutable evidence, saw his romance with the Saudis evaporating. Yet he repeated his mantra that American business interests that had a record US$ 110 billion in sales and created 40,000 jobs could not be jeopardized. The figure was steadily inflated as only Trump knew how, to US$450 billion and 500,000 jobs as US midterm elections loom. Trump’s fictions, not surprisingly, matched the Saudis. In fact only $ 14.5 million sales have been concluded. Thankfully Hitler was not around exterminating 6 million Jews. Would he have been excused if American business interests were at stake? Even if they did not include any towers?

Trump finally after nearly 3 weeks, said he thought there was a case against the Saudis but that MBS may not be involved. The Saudis promptly declared that they would prosecute the ‘accused’. MBS was not included. The standard 32 teeth wide waxen grin on MBS’ face dissolved at the ‘The Davos in the Desert’ shambles.

By leaking tid bits of information of an unparalleled atrocious crime, the Turkish authorities are playing cat and mouse with the Saudis. The Ottomans had ruled these same Arabs for over 400 years up to 1918. With each bit of information released, the Saudis were forced to dance to unfamiliar Turkish tunes. They kept tripping up. But they will only carry out a charade of an investigation. They may even behead a few (18) convicts to satisfy Western conscience and save MBS.

Turkey asked where Khashogii’s body was. It insisted it needs to know who was the ‘contact’ man that the Saudi’s said removed the body. They were rebuffed by the Saudi prosecutor who arrived in Istanbul to conduct ‘joint inquiries’. He had what looked like a towel round his head, all the better to hide his mean and cruel looking face. The Turks didn’t cut off diplomatic relations as most countries would have. They have the Saudis in a vice. The mouse hasn’t a chance. Will there be a Turkey shoot?

The Turks however know their quarry is big game. They will be patient and exact a very heavy price. Now that the Saudis were beginning to be seen as international outcasts, would the right of the al Sauds to continue as the guardians of Islam’s Holy sites of Mecca and Medina be questioned?

The lies are not being invented by some depraved 2 bit Mafiosi but by Royal Saudi officials, including its cool fish, beardless, white as sheet, foreign minister. They have been guardians of the 2 most holy places of Islam since 1925.

Can such heinous and shameful acts by the very protectors of Islam’s holy sites be overlooked? Can the perpetrators go unpunished? It surely cannot be condoned by the true followers of Prophet Mohamed and Islam. Humanity, justice, compassion, honesty and charity lie at the root of their beliefs. Muslims the world over must now unhesitatingly question the right of the Saudi Royals to remain guardians of Islam’s holiest sites.

Saudi Arabia became a Kingdom in 1936 and has had 7 kings since. Like the UAE they do not have confidence in their own people and do not encourage democracy but together wage war on poverty stricken, starving Yemen. The House of Saud is worth US$ 40 trillion. Saudi Arabia’s GDP is US $796 trillion. Interestingly 2-4 million Saudis live below their poverty line. MBS the Crown Prince has a chateau with 57 acres in France worth 300 m and a $ 500 m yacht. He had a $ 98m party for 2 weeks in the Maldives at which among others Jennifer Lopez was a guest.

The West seeking massive exploitation applauded MBS’ 2030 ‘Vision’ of development and liberalization of archaic personal restrictions especially on women. He felt he had the West in his palm. However he must be under close watch of the Wahabis and the clerics who do not compromise on what true Islam means. Their cooperation is vital for the Royal family.

In 1925 by defeating the Hashemites in bloody battles the al Sauds had grabbed the right to be guardians of the Holy sites and used their name for the new country. The Hashemites (Hashims) ruled Syria, the Hejaz and Iraq and Mecca from 497 AD. They had been the guardians of the Holy places until defeated by the Al Sauds in 2 wars in 1921 and 1924-5. Today they rule only Jordan but are a beacon to the Muslim world.

The USA has had no Ambassador in Saudi Arabia for 2 years despite the ‘$ 110 -450 billion deals. Instead Trump’s Jewish son in law Kushner is the USA’s contact with MBS. Obviously no Ambassador could be more trusted by Trump. Kushner also funnels huge amounts of cash to Israel to purchase Palestinian property. MBS does not object. The Palestinians to their grief know. Kushner allegedly shared classified US information with MBS about the latter’s enemies in Saudi. He has got close links to Israel’s PM Netanyahu

When Kushner visited Riyadh late October 2017, the two spent time swopping stories and planning strategy. Who offered the Saudi’s the expertise and training in abductions? Did the Saudis think that a powerful nation or two would save them? Who is the world’s best in abduction and rendition?

MBS bragged to UAE ruler Mohamed bin Zayed that Kushner was in his pocket. Both joined to block and isolate Qatar. Qatar refused to invest in Kushner’s property in New York. UAE backed the Saudi’s in their ongoing horrific Yemen war they cannot win. They, among other war crimes, used US laser guided bombs to kill 51 children in a school bus.

“The Muslims in the world are divided into Sunnis who are in the majority and Shiites. After the death of Islam’s founder, Prophet Mohamed, a dispute arose over who should be caliph. One group argued he should be appointed through the process of election and consensus by the elders of the community, as was the tradition of the desert. Sunna in Arabic means tradition and those who hold this view became known as Sunni.

A minority argued that Mohamed’s successor should come exclusively from his own family and their descendants. They insisted therefore, that his first cousin and son in law – Ali- be appointed as leader of the community.’ Those who shared this view became known in Arabic as the Shia, or ‘partisans’ of Ali. The Sunnis eventually defeated the Shia in bloody battle and installed their own Caliphs. The Muslims were split from then on, developing irreconcilable theological and cultural differences among them” (Thomas Friedman-‘Beirut to Jerusalem’).

‘’Sunni Islam is the doctrine of power and achievement. The starting point of Shi’ism is the doctrine of opposition, the defeat of Ali and his house. Its primary appeal is therefore to the defeated and oppressed. That is why it has so often been the rallying cry for the underdogs in the Muslim world… especially for the poor and dispossessed.” Edward Mortimer in ‘Faith and Power’.

In Saudi Arabia the Royals and the Wahabis seek accommodation as to who controls and guards the true version of Islam. Aberrations like immorality, corruption and ostentation were perceived to be destructive of their culture. In 1979 the Wahabis and the Ikhwan (the intrepid ‘brotherhood’ fighters that helped the al Sauds to victory in their wars) revolted in Mecca under Mohamed Abdul al Qahtani who was called the Redeemer, (Mahdi). They occupied the Grand Mosque. Saudi troops were authorized to attack the holy site only after the clerics, who may have sympathized with Qahtani, reluctantly issued a fatwa against the rebels. The Saudis as usual kept their people and the outside world in the dark for 2 weeks. This revolt attacked the very fundamentals that allowed the al Sauds to rule.

Saudi troops were repulsed suffering heavy casualties every time they attacked. With the help of Pakistani and French Commandos (who converted to Islam before they were allowed entry to Mecca) the revolt was crushed. The rebels had 225 killed and 560 wounded while the security forces had 127 KIA and 451 WIA. The captured 67 rebels were executed publicly in many different cities/towns. What happened continues to haunt the al Sauds.

Consequently, a stricter version of Sharia law was enforced. Even TV was banned. Unconnected to these developments, the incumbent King was assassinated by a Royal nephew. Few Royals from the al Sauds attended the execution of the killer but MBS’ father was present.

In 2015 there was a stampede of pilgrims during the Hajj. The Saudis attempted a cover up usual. 2411 pilgrims were suffocated or crushed to death. The highest number 464 were from Iran. There was one from SL too. The Saudis (as usual) admitted only 769 were killed. They did not admit their organizational faults. Most Saudi soldiers looked around without offering to help the wounded.

As happens now there was no blame put on the responsible officer who happened to be an al Suderi who are the preferred partners in marriage to the al Sauds. The Grand Mufti in time honoured tradition, as now, exonerated Prince Mohamed Bin Najd, an al Suderi who was the responsible official.

The Iranians are Shia. When wounded Iranians including their women were offered help, they refused. One woman even asked a man who came to help not to touch her as it was a sin for a stranger to touch a woman and to leave her to die. It was the dogged Shias, the feared Hezbollah that fought the Israelis to a standstill after 34 days of conflict when they invade Lebanon for a second time in 2006. The Saudis have a holy fear of the Shia and the Iranians. They share it with Israel and the USA who remember the 4 storey US Beirut Battalion Marine HQ suicide bombing by a smiling bomber in a truck with 12,000 pounds of dynamite in 1983.

Finally some very important questions need to be answered as the Saudis will not divulge the truth or punish the man responsible. Will the ‘international’ (white only) community attempt to show it has a back bone and expose the master mind? Will it ensure MBS is censured if not cut down to size?

Thankfully the US Defence Secretary ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, the uncompromising former Marine General has issued his own ‘fatwa’. He says that the genocidal war in Yemen must stop in 30 days. He always means business. American legislators have also called on Trump to postpone action on the nuclear deal with the Saudis. Good Americans are still alive and kicking despite various pressures and Trump. They must prevail.

How will the 2 billion Muslim world react? It is no secret that many of them, fearfully, hold the Saudis in contempt, especially as lackeys of the West. Will there be a call for change of custodians of Islam’s Holy sites? What will happen to MBS? Will the USA, manoeuvred by Israel, attempt regime change in Iran to keep Saudi Arabian wealth flowing to the USA? What about SL’s Muslims? One has already protested. Will Turkey get to lead the Muslim world again? It appears it has the moral and physical stature to make a strong bid. It will have the support not only of the Muslims if they do. Will Trump become a spoiler and try to save the Saudis and keep international security on the boil to do so? Where do China and Russia stand on this issue? Will SL take steps to prohibit its women going into the Middle East as slaves called house maids? Finally and most importantly will there be justice for Jamal Khashogii and his fiancé?

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Abomination- Will Saudi Arabia pay for Khashogii’s death?
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