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Masthanamma: the oldest YouTube star passes away at the age of 107

Hemantha Abeywardena writes from London…

Masthanamma, 107, the oldest YouTube star, has passed away peacefully in her home state, Andra Pradesh, in India recently.

Masthanamma, a genius in traditional Indian cooking, left her legacy in one end of the spectrum of success on You Tube at a time, when a 7-year-old kid from the US is making his name at the opposite end, while becoming the biggest earner of the video sharing site by earning more than $25 million a year.

Masthanamma became a YouTube super star by showing the power of authentic Indian cooking with her no-nonsense approach against the background of real country settings.

With Masthanamma at the centre, her grandchildren and the rest of the loved ones set the stage for a uniquely authentic cooking show, punctuated by chirping of birds in the vicinity.

Although the Country Foods, the channel of Masthanamma, is just two years old, it became a global sensation with her massive fan-base stretching from America to Japan. Her videos are being watched by millions of food lovers in the world and in proportion to her success and mass appeal, she had attracted millions of subscribers from all corners of the world to her channel.

Masthanamma, without a tooth in her gentle smile and make-up, even set an example for any would-be You Tube stars by showing what a human being can achieve when someone does what he or she is good at.

The comments left by those who had watched her videos explicitly show how much they adored her as an individual as well a cooking sensation with no formal training in professional sense.

Masthanamma did not take hours to prepare her signature dishes; nor did she look for endless ingredients to make them – or make a show of it for its sake.

With what is at her disposal in her village, Masthannama, time and again, proved that cooking is both an art and a science, something that stems from the combination of passion, competence and of course, decades of experience.

Having made her dishes, Masthanamma did not hesitate to share it with her dear and near ones, often on banana leaves, often enjoying the spectacle as a passive observer keeping her humble dignity intact.

We learned quite a few tips from Masthanamma and prepared some of her dishes at home and they turned out to be really delicious.

For instance, we enjoyed her okra curry, known as lady finger in the West, shown in the following video and it was really tasty; in fact, it was taste enough to complement a dish of rice as a full meal.

Masthanamma displayed her expertise in many aspects of the art of cooking, ranging from preparation to mixing the ingredients in the right quantities without the aid of mechanical means such as scales.

The relatively-short videos were watchable to the end as she was fully immersed in them; she was relaxed throughout and her approach was pretty laid-back.

It was a challenge to be alive beyond 100-year mark in one’s journey on this planet; it was fairly Herculean to work beyond that age as if she was someone half of her age. Judging by what we hear, she has worked tirelessly up until the last few days before her death.

In short, Masthanamma will be proud of the legacy that she left behind when she looked down on the physical realm where she embarked on her earthly-mission.

When millions of fans mourn her peaceful passing, it is the greatest sign to signal her that her mission on the Earth has been accomplished, indeed.

May her atma attain Moksha!

- Asian Tribune -

Masthanamma: the oldest YouTube star passes away at the age of 107
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