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Politicians at buy - one take, two free!

By S.H.Moulana

Politicians in Sri Lanka have become very cheap and now they are made available at the promotional offer of 'buy one take two free'.

We can see new faces in the media who have got cheap publicity through their alleged accusations of attempted assassinations or fraud etc.

Please take my word these personalities will be in the field during the next elections through some party or other.

Therefore, what is going on now is preparing a base for it by finding a place in the media through their fake news.

It is said that a politician thinks only of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation.

Don’t we read always in the media politicians talk only about elections and how to grab power or
to bring the party in power down?

Who shows any concern about the three evils which have gripped our country like cancer; violence,
drugs and corruption. We need all communities to unite to fight these three evils.

Analysis shows crimes in Sri Lanka keep increasing for the last three years. The same study shows that the safest country on earth is tiny Singapore, which is home for 5.3 million people.

The next best is Luxembourg and this super rich country is one of Europe’s smallest nations. Venezuela did little better than war-torn countries like South Sudan or Afghanistan in terms of real crime and to be close behind the latter two.

On the other hand, despite having one of the most expensive criminal justice system in the world, Britain remains a high crime country.

More than four million crimes – almost a quarter of which are violent – are recorded each year. Only half of the public trust Britain’s criminal justice system to protect them from criminals.

We need courageous people; however small they are to fight crime in our country as it is said ‘It’s easy to stand with the crowd but it takes courage to stand alone'.

This courage is normally seen in statesmen and not in cheap politicians who are only worried about the next election. Let it be 'our country first' before anything else!

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Politicians at buy -  one take, two free!
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