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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

‘Blood baths’ -what happened?

By A Patabendige

Ranil W (RW) in October was asked to walk the plank by his own diabolical choice of President who RW thought was putty in his hands (when they were not in his pockets). His own Minister of Finance called the President a ‘pariah dog’ which even in a nearly 80 year disturbed ‘democracy’ was lavatorial. The same man even as conflict raged (1983-2009) said SL’s Army Commander was not fit to command the Salvation Army. What choices!

Parliament that under then Opposition leader RW once burned a CBK proposed constitution erupted. It entertained the country and the foreign media. The bewigged Speaker, concerned about his own fate, became agitated. He took off his wig and said at the beginning of November that a ‘blood bath’ was imminent. Nothing happened. It was a super ploy to get ‘white eyes’ crying in SL’s rain again. The natives preferred to watch the cricket against England.

What exactly is a blood bath? Western legends say it is a bath tub full of human blood that sadistic, cruel, sinister people bathed in. Maybe it was in blood sucked by their very own Dracula. Who has seen these ‘baths’? Where does one find people who would indulge in them? SL’s ordinary, common, normal people have no idea of such baths. Did the Speaker intend to tickle the IC (white eyes) only with his outbursts?

The IC (w) need many thrills to survive if not endure the 3rd world. They had robbed it for centuries before. RW, knowing the IC (w) being used to baths and other unhealthy habits would fall for it, echoed the Speaker on 5 November. He added that it might happen anytime now almost as though he wished it. Nearly 4 months have passed. Nothing happened. Both were out of joint. SL was beaten but not disgraced at cricket. Only one man’s blood was spilt – by a trigger happy ‘body guard’ of one of RW’s own 'ministers'.

One ambitious ex minister said that RW was not a bad guy especially as he was ‘well read’. Was this exceptional for a UNP PM? In an act of monumental bravado, a really silly minister with great parachuting skills then threatened to take on the role of a suicide bomber - if ‘democracy’ was stifled! During the war he like his ilk slept under their beds. He must have impressed his father in law who was apparently Jayampathy’s secret if not very calculating preference for UNP leader and PM. Another speaker determined to electrify a party rally said he was not afraid of ‘bayonets and artillery’. His late father, an ex President would have been ecstatic. When alive as C in C , he had treacherously gifted guns, ammo and dollars in truck loads to the LTTE. This included Rs 75 million after the Eelam conflict 2 began and SL soldiers were being killed. He had certainly bet on VP as his running mate to rule SL - with 2 armies less the IPKF. That’s when this ‘two’ phobia must have started. So we have had 2 PM’s and 2 Leaders of the Opposition at one time too. Was this an attempt at 2 countries in SL as well?

‘Blood baths’ must give RW guilt ridden nightmares. It must bring back memories of bloodletting, bloodshed, butchery, carnage, massacre, pogrom, and slaughter, whatever Ranil prefers to remember of Colombo in 1983. It led to about 100,000 deaths in 26 years. The dead included thousands of bus and train and over 50 airline passengers, villagers of isolated communities, priests, Tamil and Sinhala politicians, Muslims and Buddhists at worship, work and play (remember the entire basket ball team of a school being killed?), 600 Sinhalese and Muslim policemen ordered to surrender by the UNP government, over 1,200 Indian soldiers, a Japanese Buddhist monk and hundreds of Tamils and Muslims in the North and the East. There was also SL’s 9/11 when the Central Bank was blown up with over 150 dead and 1,000 injured and maimed in 1996.

India with their (later ill fated) untested paratroops assembled at Tiruchchirappalli, (Trichy), 30 minutes flying time from SL, ready to invade a friendly country. It eventually did so 4 years later with no protest by the UNP government. This year India with memory fade said its troops have only been deployed on UN tasks. The RAW rigged Maldives Islands adventure has also been forgotten. Ranil was then a junior minister and later PM. Never having expressed grief, sorrow or admitted responsibility for any of this, his saints are now wallowing and marching to the tunes of ‘Joys of Democracy’. Colombo’s elite, clad in black overalls and wearing Gucci shoes never felt the pain then. They light candles now even as there are no ‘blood baths’. The rest of SL agonized. They should never forget the act and the actors.

Both India, Pakistan and China if not the IC (w) will however remember the rivers of blood, tyre pyres and severed heads strewn about on the roads, fields, hills and forests in the South. Ranil was a minister under Premadasa’s government then in 1988-9. Sixty thousand (60,000) Sinhalese only, were murdered in 18 months. That works out to about 3333 a month or 288 a day. Had it gone on, there would have been no Sinhalese left to kill. It was an attempted genocide of the South. No candles were lit in Colombo.

Those responsible were the UNP government and the deranged, comically bereted JVP. The JVP gave Pol Pot a close run after its warm up in 1971.The JVP and its ‘academic’ front men now wax unceasingly on the virtues of ‘democracy’ and the ‘rule of law’ and all else under the sun. Instead of fighting the invading Indian army it protested murderously about. It specialized in knifing and axing citizens, arson, and destruction of state property, court records and land deeds. It now wants to lead SL to ‘true ‘democracy’. Nevertheless it is now a trusted ally of RW. It dreams of taking over state power. SL will then surely have ‘democratic’ sessions with Committees of Public Safety, tumbrels and guillotines, especially for the 1988-9, Royal UNP.

Then there is the TNA.Were they not looking eagerly for the promised ‘blood baths’ in the South? They were then formidable trumpeters of the LTTE, purely for their own survival. Other Tamil politicians and insurgents had been assassinated for opposing the LTTE. The TNA stuffed votes in 2001 and supported the terrorist ban on voting at the Presidential election in 2005. The terrorists used children as soldiers violating international law. Women cadres were sacrificed too. They died in no small numbers. Did the TNA oppose any of that? Did they care? Having without any qualms, allowed the sacrifice of Tamil children and women apart from young men in thousands to death in battle, they now preach on the need for ‘democracy’ to the IC (w) and any western quack that butts into SL. They persist in attempting to fool the Tamils. They have been dissected by their very own Northern Chief Minister ‘Wiggy’ whose supporters unfortunately suffer from the very same ailment.

The stealth patrols by the IC (w) to Diyawanna reminded the old and bold of the WW2 ditty that was sung as white soldiers approached villages in the South. It went ‘Tara Tara bumbiye, Sudda envo nangiya, Dora wahapan maliey (the whites are coming younger sister, close the door little brother) Tara Tara bumbiye’.

Despite the calculated attempts and eager expectations of English speaking ‘white eyes’ like Dauris and Teplitz, SL knows there was no chance that ‘blood bathers’ would appear and ‘suicide bombers’ would ever be spawned at Diyawanna. Colombo 7 lit candles to impress its ‘fair and lovely’ cousins in the IC (w). It thrilled the western media.

Ranil a little while later called the IC (w) and confided in them that ‘democracy’ too was at stake. The IC (w lapped it up. Did Ranil actually mean ‘save me’ not ‘democracy’? The IC missed it. No matter, this was none of their business. RW had forgotten who prevented Provincial Council elections for 2 years and also burnt CBK’s draft constitution ‘democratically’ in parliament.

Is Ranil not actually crying for himself? His choice of Governor of the Central Bank, a SL born foreigner but close Royal family friend, stands accused with other school friends and a host of MPs to have benefitted from the ‘Great Central Bank bond robbery’. When asked about it, Ranil giggled calling it ‘James Bond’ and tried to wriggle out. No one was punished. He didn’t stop similar heists from highways, power and contracts for selling land to foreigners for rata cadju (peanuts). Self preserving constitutional experts ensured an open season for anarchy.

The country’s people, their lives, homes, jobs, schools, economy, ecology, fauna and flora, environment, development and most else were hit for six after six. Who wouldn’t have had persistent nightmares of “blood baths” especially one who bats at number 11, never bowls or fields (his hands are in his pockets anyway) and believed he had a installed a puppet as captain?

RW believes SL has had democracy since 1931.He said it was under threat only when he was sacked. The law courts are good only when they give favourable judgments. He has forgotten the 26 year old conflict and the agony of ‘democracy’ in SL. The nearly 90 years’ ‘democracy’ he evokes had nearly 200,000 murdered by 2 groups of terrorists and political goonda gangs in 26 years. Now for the third time in 40 years SL is close to Armageddon again.

Ranil will do well to remember that there are at least 3 ex ministers who are looking cross eyed at him while he avoids looking them straight in the eye. They would like to have him for breakfast- as power hunger grows as it did pre 2015. They will strike only when he is floored, floor test or no. SL is not pre revolution France or Russia, yet. Blood baths will never happen unless the two 1989-90 firms scrum down again.

One of RW’s very close confidants and minister had in 2009 written a pamphlet on the terrorist war called ‘The Charge of The Lion Brigade’. In it on page 16, it is stated, “Having come to power Ranil Wickemasinghe showed his inherent hatred towards the Sinhalese and especially the Sinhala Buddhists. Anti Buddhists elements were making hay while the sun was shining.” This was about Ranil as PM in 2002-5. In 2017 both were seen on Wesak day walking together to the Gangarama temple wearing pristine white. If they scruples they must be extremely weird. They make strange bed fellows now.

Ranil at 69, in the guise of Defensor Demokratos (people force/power), now wants citizens to think about the future of their children. He can’t. He hasn’t any! He sheds elephantine tears instead.

Who will start the ‘blood bath’ then? Ask Karu. He said it first. The people not sunshine politicians will look after SL and democracy. The rapacious IC (w), deprived of promised ‘blood baths’ of natives are silent now. They have China on their eye lashes as they protest they have SL’s interests at heart. They too, like SL’s own politicians, stink like Meethotamulla.

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‘Blood baths’ -what happened?
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