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Gratuitous compliments

By A Patabendige

The circus has re-opened and the clowns if not contortionists have returned with a vengeance. Their ‘golayas’ (bearers) with candle light protests in elite Colombo 7 reinforced their masters’ capers that madly bored SL. They entertained the western media for 40 days with copycat acts. Relieved by the Supreme Court’s decision, gratuitous compliments then flowed from them in the media, later called ‘black’.

Compliments were showered intriguingly on the Army too for reasons known only to the candlestick bearers. Neither was impressed. Neither performs to please debased politicians, west looking candle corps or anyone else.

The Supreme Court and the Army have a duty to fulfill. In the case of the Forces (only), duty has to be performed even at the cost of life - without question. Twenty-nine thousand (29,000) servicemen and police died in the 26 years of conflict (1983-2009). Candles were not lit then.

Why did these western oriented entertainers pass judgment on the performance of either, especially the Forces? Were they the van guard of the Bollywood sun glass wearing, black hooded, black overalls clad, Gucci shoes wearing fake storm troopers that later threatened selected media?

The media was previously and shamelessly dubbed ‘black’ in parliament by RW and the collaborationist JVP. It exposed an ingrained racist bias too. Why not call it ‘white’? What a crude response for reporting news. Had it something to do with announcements that Premadasa should take over as Maha Raja soon?

Where in the world, except in SL, does a section of the people, led by the well-padded and manicured NGO mercenaries, publicly congratulate and shower praise on the Supreme Court on its verdicts? Is it not in countries led by dictators, despots and stooges of the West?

People may however remember what happened to Supreme Court judges in the early 1980s when they gave a dissenting judgment. The UNP Government was in power then as now. With unchallenged Napoleonic executive powers, it went for ‘whiffs’ of grape shot. The judges’ houses were stoned. At that time there was neither praise nor applause from the same ‘golayas’. Fear gripped the land. Tens of thousands of government workers on strike were put on the streets. The shadowy co-regnum of the IRCs (Island Reconvicted Criminals) had begun. The race riots of 1983 and 100,000 deaths followed. No candles were lit.

It is unlikely that the present Supreme Court when it delivered a 7-0 verdict this time gave much thought to that particular bit of murky, unlit but hopefully not unforgotten Hulftsdorp history. Not a pebble was thrown. The UNP was temporarily out of power. The seven were hailed as heroes. The stone throwers were out of business – confused but on standby.

The judges had not been impressed that every man and his lawyer had for over a month been debating and proffering starkly conflicting interpretations in 3 languages on SL’s ‘sacred’ constitution. The constitution itself differed in its Sinhala version. It may have confused many but the judges by their verdict showed they understood it all perfectly and unanimously.

The Supreme Court had earlier wanted certain clauses to the 19th Amendment subject to a referendum. Their request was craftily out maneuvered by the rulers. The amendment was passed without a referendum. There were no bouquets or candle lighters then. Instead simmering dissatisfaction and confusion followed, leading to the October crisis. Did some look forward to ‘blood baths’ too?

The stooges also condescendingly congratulate the Army for keeping out of the deepening political muck. The army is not any different to that in the first week of January 2015. It does not meddle in governance however much those who threatened ‘martial law’ to combat terrorism in the 1980s will well remember. The candles were blown out then.

The Army’s only duty it knows well is to protect the country and its people, not ever to govern it or them. Of course if they ever did so they probably could and would have done a far, far better job than the charlatans who have utterly failed for 70 years of SL’s ‘independent’ existence. A fairly well educated citizenry appear now to look like incurable mutts. They have been deceived at every election and may repeat their stupidity at the next elections too.

But the Army will not cross the line despite any and all provocations including a complete government break down that was looming in late 2018. However, it should be remembered a handful of Army and police officers and a Government Agent attempted a ‘coup d'etat’ in 1962. Except for one, they were not Buddhists or Muslim. The UNP was out of favor at that time too. Had the ‘coup’ succeeded a sectarian conflict with unimaginable bloody consequences would have followed. It will never happen again whatever dreams the ‘blood’ brothers of 1962 have.

Unlike the blood bath of 1988/9 when the UNP and JVP together murdered 60,000 Sinhalese at will, no executions followed the 1962 attempted coup. In fact, at the first ‘Coup’ case, the trial judges held with the defence that the trial at bar ordered by a Minister (Felix D Bandaranayke?) did not conform to existing law. It voluntarily wound up that court. The judges’ houses were not stoned then as the UNP was not in power. Neither were there any gratuitous broadsides after the dissolution as massive guilty conscience prevailed.

The judges’ decision however was hailed in the Commonwealth if not worldwide. At that time in the newly independent ex colonial countries, arrested coup plotters were shot at dawn the next day. The British too after declaring ‘martial law’ (no such ‘law’ exists), shot many Sinhalese national leaders in 1915. One British officer ate his breakfast daily while watching the executions. Nearly 200 years before in Uva Wellassa, the British committed genocide too. This time the British envoy with others from his part of the world was a stalwart of the Diyawanna watch.

This is the same army that defeated the LTTE but under a different dispensation. It brought peace and initiated reconciliation and rehabilitation. Nothing better ever happened in SL. This was despite many acts of treachery by SL Presidents and Prime Ministers. The battle winning Generals of 2009, feted as heroes were however offered as a sacrifice to the UN in Geneva by the new government in 2015. Did some consider them a danger to the empire they thought they could conjure up? No candles were lit.

Did some mischievous lady spread the word in late 2018 that Thavaperuma’s bête noire (old JF) should rejoin the colours? Desperate people were hatching diabolic plots being willing to back even the devil to return to power. Did the candle lighters know that a plan ‘B’ was being discussed in Colombo7? However there wasn’t a chance of a snow flake in hell that the Army would have followed anyone but its Commander.

The Bond scam cost the nation a loss of many billions in rupees about 4 years ago but the main culprit lives a charmed life abroad. No candles will be lit as the ‘democracy’ that is ‘protected’ is not people power but greed. Is it a wonder that the country’s economy is in peril?

Where were the candle lighters when 288 odd people were being killed every day for a year by the JVP and UNP death squads in 1989/90? It only stopped, after 60,000 Sinhalese had been murdered when they realized that there would soon be no more to kill. Neither partner has apologized for their bloody atrocities and attempted Cambodian type genocide of the Sinhalese. Instead and incredibly they are now in the vanguard to ‘protect’ democracy and patch up constitutions.

Not one candle was lit when 600 policemen in the East, ordered to surrender by the UNP government were butchered in 1990. It was then in treacherous alliance with the LTTE. It is in a death embrace with the LTTE spokesmen now. The LTTE ordered the policemen to dig their own graves before gunning them down. Some policemen were buried alive. No one responsible had expressed any regret.

Not a single candle was seen in Colombo 7 when over 150 Buddhists pilgrims were massacred by the LTTE while praying at the sacred Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura (1985). Neither was there even a flicker of a light when nearly 100 Muslims at prayer were killed by the LTTE at Kattankudi in the East (1991). The TNA did not declare its new found love for ‘democracy’ and a North East merger with the Muslim dominated east then. It was too tightly tied to the genocidal LTTE.

2019 will be worse than 2018.Not all the candles and gratuitous comments will help. In the North the poor, restless and cheated will be ready not with candles and silly comments but probably with stones- for the TNA. The South will not be cheated again despite ‘experts’ attempting to surreptitiously sneak in ‘Orumitta (Tamil) Nadu’ to replace ‘unitary’ in the constitution.

- Asian Tribune -

In fact, at the first ‘Coup’ case, the trial judges held with the defence that the trial at bar ordered by a Minister Felix D Bandaranayke did not conform to existing law.
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