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Sri Lanka has been chosen as the best country for tourism

By Manjari Peiris

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry is a worldwide rapidly growing business through which a country may derive much benefits. 2019 is a much beneficial year for this industry for exceptional gain as many international travel magazines and websites on tourism have chosen Sri Lanka as the best country for tourism, said Prasad Jayasinghe, Managing Director of Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Team.

However, if we are to obtain optimum use of this great opportunity, we must have the capability of keeping the tourists at least a few days in the country by properly organizing many creative things at village level experiences such as cultural and traditional musical dance shows, traditional martial arts, traditional cuisine, yoga training, meditation session etc. Of course they need proper toilets as well.

In this regard the media has an exceptional role of continuously enlightening and encouraging of people on the importance of travel, tourism and hospitality industry and as to how they should strategically act to achieve maximum profits by enhancing their skills in transacting with tourists, drawing the attention of grassroots level leadership of religious and political sectors, etc.

The Emotional Intelligence and Life Skills Training Team is performing an exceptional role in this regard. They are launching a successful social marketing campaign at village level by adopting traditional advertising methods and village level social mobilization methods as well as their own public relations strategies are being used in Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee, Batticaloa and Ampara districts in order to promote travel, tourism and hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. In this regard the district secretaries of the respective districts and other state officials are extending a great support.

Thus it has been possible to achieve success within a short period of time and already over 4500 people including women and, disabled people have expressed their willingness to undergo training in travel, tourism and hospitality industry. "We have the capacity to enroll more trainees", he said.

This program entitled Skills for Inclusive Growth is being activated by the Australian government in collaboration with the Sri Lanka government and the Emotional and Life Skills Training is conducting the Social Marketing Campaign since one year. They have been able to train 200 media personnel, 800 opening leaders, community leaders, 3894 state officials at village level. In the meantime huge LED screen shows, theme songs, TV advertisements, street dramas, bus-brandings, holdings, posters, stickers etc and TV interviews free of charge, social media campaigns have been used to convey this message through five hundred thousand people.

Prasad Jayasinghe explaining his experience says that much influence could be exerted to promote this industry through social media. Nevertheless, to bring these projects into a sustainable status, staff dedicated and with proper understanding of this industry should continuously engage in enlightening religious, political and public service until they are confident that the trainees are financially benefited as well as independent enough to proceed in this industry on their own.

Therefore, a project of this nature should not be limited to 12 months or so, but continue until they are established.

- Asian Tribune -

Prasad Jayasinghe - Managing Director
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